Minecraft Dungeons Replicas Addon (Beta)

What if Minecraft Dungeons is in Minecraft Bedrock? Is it fascinating, isn’t it.

Caution Beta !

This add-on try to replicate a Minecraft Dungeons as same as possible from the real game. There are mobs, furniture, and many more that could be introduce ! . It could summon things, Blow things, add a new challenge to you, fight with them, play with them, as long as you can. I very happy to introduce this add-on for many players !

 1.16.100 Compatibility & Revamped Update
This update revamped almost behavior that currently on Dungeon Replicas 1.0.5 and add some new addition to the add-on. Most of the behaviors are changed to make it more accurate and the new update fix many bugs that impact the gameplay. Dungeon Replicas has been delayed for a while A MONTH AGO due to i need to learn more things more about add-ons, i hope you understand. Enjoy !

Let’s see what i added :

Arch Illager

The Arch Illager, corrupted by evil, driven by vengeance. This who your searching for.
Health : 340
Ability : Summon a bunch of Vindicator, Pillager, or Redstone Golem at small chance
Shoot an orb

This are the illager with magic and ability. There are Illusioner, Iceologer, Enchanter, and Geomancer. Each of them have an ability that unique and dangerous to the player.
The armored pillagers that available. This are the armorer and buffed version of Pillager.


The variant of skeletons that are in the add-on.
Nameless King = A Powerful boss that have an ability to mirror itself and summon a bunch of Skeleton Vanguards.
Necromancer = A skeleton that summon a bunch of Zombie
Skeleton Vanguard = A skeleton that use glaive and shield.
Mossy Skeleton = A skeleton that shoot poisonous arrow.
This are the Vindicators variant, There are vindicator chef, royal guard, armored with purple and blue variant.

Leapleaf, Whisperer, Quick growing vine, and Poison quill vine. This are the mobs that will hunt you in the jungle. All the mobs are from Jungle Awakens DLC.


This are the zombies that added to the add-on.
Jungle Zombie : A jungle variant that could poison you
Frozen Zombie : Shoot you with a snowball

Piggy Bank

A piggy bank. This cute little pig will drop a chest when being killed. The chest come with a decent loot.


This are the chest’s the available in the add-on. There are common chest, emerald chest, mission loot chest, fancy chest, and obsidian chest.

Corrupted Cauldron

Corrupted Cauldron, the one who makes a potion for the Arch Illager. It’s dark, powerful, but not powerful as you expected to.

Health : 260

Area Damage : 5 with range up to 2

Ability : Summon a bunch of Cauldron Slime and set a fire in a pattern

Mob Spawner

Its the same as the normal one, but it only could summon a zombie. in this beta, there are still no particle’s or effect.

Health : 85

Ability : Summon Zombie

Redstone Cube

A minion who summoned by the Redstone Monstrosity.

Health : 24

Attack : 4

Redstone Golem

Make by the Arch Illager, raided the land, destroy all the village. in this beta, it could only attack.

Health : 340

Attack : 12

Ability : Summon a Redstone Mines

Redstone Monstrosity

Powerful monster who have a ability that kill you. You need a good armor and sword to fight him. The ability is still on progress.

Health : 515

Ability : Summon a bunch of Redstone Cube

Attack : 16 knockback damage


A ghost, ya it’s a ghost. It attack you and give a wither effect. in this beta, it could only attack.

Health : 24

Attack : 5

Key Golem

Sleepy little key that can open a door. Key Golem will drop a loot of itself, the item is wearable and summonable.
Artifact and Items
This are the artifacts and items that available in the add-on.


This is the sword that currently finish. But ( Sword ) it could only give an attack damage..

– The CODE, ANIMATIONS, ADD-ON ( DUNGEONS REPLICAS ) and SOME OF THE ASSETS that made by ME are licensed by CC BY 4.0,
– You cannot use the code,
– Do not publish it anywhere without my permissions,
– Do not credit me with Media Fire,
– Credit me as always by putting the MCPEDL add-on link or my twitter account,
– The CODE, ANIMATIONS, ADD-ON ( DUNGEONS REPLICAS ) and SOME OF THE ASSETS that made by ME are licensed by CC BY 4.0  ( ).


Changelog View more

1.0.6 & 1.0.61 ( 1.16.100 Compatibility and Revamped Update ) change-log :

The CODE, ANIMATIONS, ADD-ON ( DUNGEONS REPLICAS ) and SOME OF THE ASSETS that made by ME are licensed by CC BY 4.0

- Arch illager use the minecraft:angry mechanic
- Arch illager summon mechanic has been changed
- Arch illager will now drop mission loot chest or obsidian chest
- Arch illager health has been decreased to 340
- Arch illager will no longer summon Redstone Golem except the dificulty is set to hard
- Arch illager texture has been changed ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )
- Arch illager will now use float/hover behavior
- Arch illager no longer drop loot like emerald
- Arch illager now drop an Xp
- Banner red will now use a proper function when place
- Bedroll will now use a proper function when place
- Cauldron boss use the minecraft:angry mechanic
- Cauldron boss summon mechanic has been changed
- Cauldron boss will now drop mission loot chest or obsidian chest
- Cauldron boss health has been decreased to 260
- Cauldron boss now have an ability to set fire in a pattern
- Cauldron boss area attack ( damage/area ) has been decreased
- Cauldron boss now drop an XP
- Cauldron slime health has been decreased to 20
- Cauldron slime teleport chance has been decreased
- Cauldron slime projectile damage has been decrease
- Cauldron slime now have a shoot and hit sound
- Common chest is added to the add-on ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )
- Common chest will only opened if the player hit it
- Common chest will drop arrows and emeralds
- Fixed bug when Diamond Key doesnt have a sound
- Diamond Key will not drop diamond key item
- Diamond key health has been decreased
- Added Diamond Key item, you can wear it and place it
- Emerald chest is added to the add-on
- Emerald chest will now drop a couple of emeralds
- Emerald chest will only opened if the player hit it
- Added Falling Ice
- Added Falling Ice ( Player )
- Fancy chest is added to the add-on ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )
- Fancy chest will drop a random artifact and sword based on weight
- Fancy chest will only opened if the player hit it
- Swamp flower will now use a proper function when place
- Frozen Zombie health has been decreased
- Frozen Zombie projectile damage has been decreased
- Geomancer health has been decrease
- Geomancer Wall have a sound when spawn
- Geomancer bomb have a sound when spawn
- Added Gold key item, you can wear it and place it
- Gold key will now drop a Gold Key item
- Gold key health has been decreased
- Added Iceologer
- Iceologer will summon a Falling Ice
- Iceologer texture ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )
- Illager enchanter health has been decreased
- Fixed Illager enchanter doesnt give any effect to mobs
- Added Iron Golem ( Player )
- Large Pot will now use a proper function when place
- Added Leapleaf
- Leapleaf only have a normal attack
- Mission loot chest is added to the add-on
- Mission loot chest will drop a high tier loot
- Mob spawner health has been decreased
- Mob spawner now have a sound
- Nameless king texture ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )
- Nameless king use the minecraft:angry mechanic
- Nameless king summon mechanic has been changed
- Nameless King will now drop mission loot chest or obsidian chest
- Nameless king projectile damage has been decreased
- Nameless king health has been decreased to 300
- Necromancer texture ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )
- Necromancer health has been decreased
- Necromancer projectile damage has been decreased
- Obsidian chest is added to the add-on
- Obsidian chest will drop a random artifact and sword based on weight
- Obsidian chest will only opened if the player hit it
- Orb blue texture has been changed
- Orb blue damage has been decreased and no longer give knockback
- Orb green texture has been changed
- Orb green damage has been decreased and no longer give knockback
- Orb orange texture has been changed
- Orb orange damage has been decreased and no longer give knockback
- Palm tree will now use a proper function when place
- Added piggy bank
- Piggy bank will drop a fancy chest when killed
- Pillager Blue Helmet health has been decreased
- Pillager Yellow Helmet health has been decreased
- Added player_edited.json. This file is to define so the player doesnt get a damage from Falling Ice ( Player )
- Poison quill shoot projectile damage has been decreased
- Poison quill vine health has been decreased
- Fixed Poison quill vine collision box when hide nor has target
- Poison quill vine will now use a proper function when place
- Pop flower will now use a proper function when place
- Quick growing vine health has been decreased
- Quick growing vine area damage has been decreased
- Fixed Quick growing vine collision box when hide nor has target
- Quick growing vine will now use a proper function when place
- Redstone cube health has been decreased
- Redstone cube now have a redstone particle
- Redstone cube attack damage has been decreased
- Redstone golem use the minecraft:angry mechanic
- Redstone golem will now drop mission loot chest or obsidian chest
- Redstone golem health has been decreased to 340
- Redstone golem now drop an Xp
- Redstone golem no longer drop loot like emerald
- Redstone mine will now despawn if it summon by a command
- Redstone Monstrosity use the minecraft:angry mechanic
- Redstone Monstrosity will now drop mission loot chest or obsidian chest
- Redstone Monstrosity now drop an Xp
- Redstone Monstrosity no longer drop loot like emerald
- Redstone Monstrosity attack damage has been decreased
- Redstone Monstrosity summon mechanic has been changed
- Sack will now use a proper function when place
- Small Sack/Sack Small will now use a proper function when place
- Skeleton Mossy health has been decreased
- Skeleton Mossy will now shoot a poison arrow instead of normal arrow
- Skeleton Vanguard texture ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )
- Skeleton Vanguard has an adittion where the shield broke when it reach it limit
- Skeleton Vanguard health and attack damage has been decreased
- Small tray now use a proper function when place
- Added Soul Wizard ( W.I.P/May not function properly )
- Table Map now use a proper function when place
- Target dummy can be remove by hold/right click the dummy and it will drop it spawn egg
- Target dummy now use a proper function when place
- Teapot now use a proper function when place
- Totem of regeneration now is an item instead of a spawn egg
- Fixed Totem of regeneration not giving any effect
- Totem of Shielding now is an item instead of a spawn egg
- Fixed Totem of Shielding not giving any effect
- Villager Armorer has been changed to Villager Shop Keeper
- Villager Shop Keeper will now ( almost ) act like normal Villager
- Villager Armored Blue health and attack damage has been decreased
- Villager Armored Purple health and attack damage has been decreased
- Vindicator Chef health and attack damage has been decreased
- Added vindicator_edited.json to fixed a bug where pillager and vindicator are fight each others
- Vindicator Royal Guard health and attack damage has been decreased
- Added Whisperer
- Whisperer will summon a quick growing vine or poison quill vine
- Whisperer health and attack damage has been decreased
- Wraith health and attack damage has been decreased
- Zombie jungle health and attack damage has been decreased


- Added place mechanic for some entities


- Convert Axe, Broadsword, Claymore, Common Chest, Cutlass, Diamond Key item, Double Axe, Emerald Chest, Fancy Chest, Firebrand, Gold Key item, Golem Kit, Heartstealer, Highland Axe, Ice Wand, Ladle, Mission Loot Chest, Obsidian Chest, Totem of Regeneration, Totem of Shielding, Whirlwind, and wolf armor to item ( 1.16.100 )
- Added Ice Wand, right click/or hold to summon Falling Ice ( Player ). It has a cooldown
- Added Golem Kit, right click/or hold to summon Iron Golem ( Player ). It has a cooldown
- Totem of Regeneration is now an item, right click/or hold to summon the totem. It has a cooldown
- Totem of Shielding is now an item, right click/or hold to summon the totem. It has a cooldown

Spawn Rules ( NEW )

List of mob that has a spawn rule :
- Cauldron Boss
- Diamond Key
- Enchanter
- Frozen Zombie
- Geomancer
- Gold Key
- Iceologer
- Illusion Illager
- Leapleaf
- Mob Spawner
- Nameless King
- Necromancer
- Piggy Bank
- Poison Quill Vine
- Quick Growing Vine
- Skeleton Mossy
- Skeleton Vanguard
- Villager Shop Keeper
- Vindicator Armored blue and purple
- Vindicator Chef
- Vindicator Royal Guard
- Whisperer
- Wraith
- Zombie Jungle

- All particles are belong to me and licensed ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )

- All item icon except sword and artifact are licensed ( This assets are licensed by CC BY 4.0 and made by me )

1.0.5 Changelog :

- When entity spawn animation start, you will not able to punch or attack until it finish,

- Added Royal Guard,

- Added Redstone Monstrosity,

- Added Diamond Key Golem,

= Animation remake of vindicator armored and chef,

- Nameless King animation remake,

- Added sound for Cauldron Boss,

- Added sound for Wraith,

- Added spawn rule for some mobs,

- FIx Cauldron Slime look,

- Arch illager animation remake,

- Redstone Golem now summon redstone mine,

- Totem of regeneration will now despawn instead getting 999+ damage,

- Fix Poison Quill Vine shoot each other,

- Evoker given a boss title,

- Vindicator armored now with a better health and attack.

- Arch illager now teleport,

- Wraith now teleport,

- Redstone Monstrosity, Redstone Golem, Redstone Mine now glow in night times.

- To fight boss mobs you need a better armor and sword. It`s possible to fight them !

 Check out more upcoming sneak peek on my twitter !

- Use emereald to barter with the villager armorer,

- You can remove dummy using lava,

- Change link due purpose,

- Next update would be 1.0.5 not 1.0.4 or 1.0.3,

- Soon i will change all of the texture, for some purposes and to make the texture looks like vanilla minecraft.

1.0.2 Update :

- Added Necromancer,

- Added Particle for Nameless One and Necromancer,

- Added Key Golem,

- Added a few sword and one artifact,

- Added Enchanter,

- Added Pillager and Vindicator varriant,

- Added Barrel, Target dummy,

- Added Cauldron slime.

- Few mobs are changed to a better attack damage and health.

- Changed site on some purpose.

1.0.2 Update :

- Added Necromancer,

- Added Particle for Nameless One and Necromancer,

- Added Key Golem,

- Added a few sword and one artifact,

- Added Enchanter,

- Added Pillager and Vindicator varriant,

- Added Barrel, Target dummy,

- Added Cauldron slime.

- Few mobs are changed to a better attack damage and health.

Update 1.0.1 :

- Bug fixes

- Added Villager Blacksmith ( Still in develompent Mobs )

I will focus to Redstone monstrosity for the next update and mobs behavior


1. Extract the files,

2. Move it to you " resource pack " and " behavior pack " folder,

3. In Minecraft, make sure to turn on the add-on.

Turn on Holiday Creator Features and Addition of Modding Compatibilities !


Supported Minecraft versions


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494 Responses

4.77 / 5 (175 votes)
  1. Stagenezz says:

    Where’s the Mooshroom Monstrosity, the hidden boss in Minecraft Dungeons

  2. I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding, there is some part of the text where it has to be change due to human errors.

    – Dungeon Replicas Add-on (code, animation, and some of the texture that made by me), are copyrighted by CC BY 4.0, all right reserved,
    – Some of the texture belong to MCDungeons,
    – Please give a credit 🙂

    The part of the text will be change when 1.0.7 come out, thank you for your understanding.

  3. netherens says:

    hay guy who made this mod will you add the new nether mobs to it fore the new nether dc fore mc dungeons

  4. Watch the sneak peek and progress of Dungeons Replicas on my Discord server !
    Invite link :

  5. ArcadeSpin says:

    This addon is amazing, it’s very well animated and the textures are amazing. Fighting the bosses are fun and opening crates afterwards is always pleasant.

    Are you working on any updates anytime soon? If so is there a sneak peek or discord server you keep your progress on?

    Thank you for this amazing addon.

  6. its a really good addon, however it doesnt work on realms for some reason

    • Black Entity says:

      Its because betas doesn’t work properly so it needs more updates or just wait until the full release however on my realms it works how come it doesn’t works on yours? Maybe you have some packs also activated?

  7. Progamer164 says:

    Ilosemypotato why are you not answering my message on twitter because that was a bad news

  8. Davopig says:

    I like it but maybe you can add howling peaks when 1.17 is released because the goat is there

    There are a few things you do need to add:
    1. howling peaks mobs, items, armor, and etc
    2. death animations
    3. more bosses pls (including the heart of ender)
    4. pls make the items ACTUALLY work
    5. maybe blocks
    6.add more attacks on the bosses and make them EVEN harder

  10. Progamer164 says:

    It’s good but I have a suggestion

    1 make geomancer wall solid.
    2 add jungle abomination,icy creeper and the mobs from howling peaks.
    3 can you make mobs death animation.
    4 actually heart of ender was in the addon but it’s a glitch and it can only spawn by command
    5 last feedback make royal guards shield destroy like the shield of the skeleton vanguard.

  11. EmptyCoso says:

    for the enchenter
    can you put then he give effects after finished his animation with the book
    and can you add it add the regeneration effect to them
    please put the effects with the particle invisible like the command
    /effect @e[type=] regeneration \ streight 100000 3 true
    that true can do particles invisible 😀

  12. Davopig says:

    Hey ilosemypotato your addon is amazing i hope you can finish it soon but maybe you can add the mooshroom monstrosity from the secret mision

  13. AMAZING WORK POTATO! Also recognize me?

  14. Cardkeewaykapow2356 says:

    This Addon is amazing

  15. Haydencraft2008 says:

    You people suck! Lol 😂 just kidding don’t take it seriously anyways could you add HEART OF THE ENDER!!?!?!?? Because I would like that please and thank you hope you read and do my comment (do my comment? XD)

  16. Mrcool says:

    Oh and the newest version is not working on the world i used on the previous version. the new items wont load (like the ice wand) but it did work when i made a new world. help pls

  17. Mrcool says:

    With your permission can i use this addon for a recreation of Minecraft dungeons map that i want to post?

  18. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    Hello, ilosemypotato! I want to make a request for the next update. Can you please add some death animations to the normal Minecraft mobs and also to the dungeon mobs as well? Just so it can make the gameplay a bit more… realistic. Thanks! I’ll make a review soon on my channel (AZGamer YT4387 ME mobile) about your addon.

  19. Kawaii Ken says:

    Get ready, folks. At any months now, he’s gonna publish an update for us to enjoy.

  20. The Orespawner says:

    Best minecraft dungeons addon I’ve seen so far. If you could change the damage values of the weapons and have them give effects and be enchantable and maybe add armor sets like wolf armour and thief armor that would be great.

    • The Orespawner says:

      Sorry for my uninformed request. I just learned of the armor added and how the weapons have damage values. Although i still would recommend more armors and to show the damage on weapons.

  21. BlueIcezen says:

    Can you make a separate mod in this mod thier is only the cute little key 🗝️ but made them in sexteen color from mc vanilla and can be tame and also can be pick and put in the back please do it do it please i will make this comment the longest so you notice me , I’ll make this the longest comment in here as possible please make it make it please I wanted it so bad please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 make it please make it please please make it please make it I’ll expect it before Wednesday please I’ll wait for it ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ please doit doit please I wanted that key I see it first in the youtube but that’s a mod only for java can you make my dream come true please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 make it make it please please I’m just gonna put it in our server and I’m gonna sell those to my friend 1 diamond per cute little keys 🗝️ please make please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🤗

  22. Black Entity says:

    Hey ilosemypotato if youre reading this please add this mob in the next update the mooshroom monstrosity and some functionality on royal guard’s shield

  23. Fnaf dude using tynker says:

    Awesome mod love the cute keys me and my brother farmed golden keys put them inside a fence connected to my house I got golden keys and one blue key and my brother farmed blue keys anyways you didn’t tell us how to find the arch iliger And the Redstone boss also 3% of your add on is corrupted and will not load it would stay at 97% when I try and extract it and that’s why most of the mobs don’t spawn

  24. 440172 says:

    you should add the Jungle Abomination

  25. Jus2goodAliboo says:

    Best mod ever on Pe GREAT JOB MAN cant wait until its

  26. (Please Read) Love the addon but I would love to see natural spawn or at less most of them spawn and make the bosses extremely rare spawns or at less the strong boss really rare and make the pillagers spawn in pillager outpost or woodland Manson or even make your own structure that are in Minecraft dungeons hop you add these thank you!

    • Black Entity says:

      Eh that is not a good idea because those spawns randomly then kill villagers on villages yes some people liked that idea including me but some others will be unhappy because bosses destroys everything and wandering traders will be killed my some vindicators

    • Black Entity says:

      Plus it will ruin our worlds because of their spawning only key golems should be able to spawn naturally i mean good but bad at the same time

  27. The floating projectiles bug in 1.16.100 is from the Minecraft it self.

  28. Black Entity says:

    Ok for everyone confused finding the weapons its on tje sword and axes section of creative menu where you choose from wooden to netherite axe or sword and those bug like projectiles floating in air its not from a bug its from your fps lag problems

  29. EmpKev6573 says:

    I’m really enjoying the update, the new necromancer model is awesome, but there are a few bugs with it, I’m not sure if this is an Addon bug or if it’s just a glitch created by the new Minecraft update (1.16.100) but projectiles don’t move, they get stuck in the air next to the mob. I noticed this with the Nameless One, Necromancer, and Illusioner. Also, sometimes when the Redstone Monstrosity attacks, it starts to slam, but I see the knock back particle early and the animation glitches back to its idle pose. The particle that appears early doesn’t do any damage either.

  30. Trxbxes says:

    I rated this 5 stars! But the items didn’t show up? Any tips for how to get them in my game?

  31. Wow This Addon Its So Cool!!

  32. Dream5707 says:

    Does this work on realms? I have the addon working on a world but when I try to add the resource and behavior to a realm it always says “initializing upload, exporting, some of the selected content could not be applied”

  33. Black Entity says:

    Uhhh yea this update is good but it has some more missing
    -the shield of a royal guard dont function as the shield of the skeleton vanguard it dosent even break first before we can damage the royal guards

    -the illusioner is bugged it only casts some bugged spells plus the mirror effect summons 10 entities

    Thats all when the 1.0.7 update comes out pls give a funtionality the shield of a royal guard

  34. Haydencraft2008 says:

    Hello Ilosemypotato I like some of your addons their ok but can you give some of your mobs the correct texture they use Kinda Like the iceologer and also illusioner needs improvement on behavior and you didn’t update the royal guard other than that nice Addon ? you did great and keep up the good work!

    • EmptyCoso says:

      he dont want to use the original texture becouse he thinks he csn get a copyright uff
      i alredy edited the addon for my self and i changed ALL mobs texture to be like the original game minecraft dungeons 🙂

  35. hey it’s great your plugin hey you can add to the skeleton and zombie variants in the dungeon plugin please ?

  36. CreeperSteve says:

    Can u make heart of ender

  37. Kurisuesu says:

    I absolutely love it, its great and in next updates pls add more mobs,item,weapons from mc dungeons , and if you can add a dungeon where the mobs can spawn but if its hard its okay but add a special effects on weapons and also more loots in chest

  38. CubePlayer928 says:

    Nice Addon I Very Love it so much thx for making it?

  39. NotSomeone says:

    For the next Update
    -Mushroom Monstrosity
    -Jungle Amobination
    -Heart Of Ender
    -Wretched Wraight
    -More Weapons
    -Redstone Monstrosity Ability
    -Cauldron Boss Glow Effect and Abilities
    Soon This Is The Update

  40. Master MV says:

    Can you adden Mooshroom Monstrosity and Heart Of Ender? I love this addon because i am fans of minecraft dungeons but i not have pc, Me have fun, pliss added more armor[fox and more]. Are you can created? I wait for this addon update. Thanks

  41. Communist Crusader says:

    Hey bro, listen, its got to be one of the greatest add-ons I’ve ever played, but there’s a bit of an issue which I’m hoping is only happening to me. So for some reason which I wish I knew, there isn’t any swords, and basically nothing drops stuff. Not even the chests drop anything. Do you know why this might be?

    • VolitiveDawn475 says:

      Did you turn on experimental gameplay, it might be cause you didn’t turn it on, turn on the holiday creator features and additional modding capabilities from the experiments section, if you still have problems, try contacting the creator of this addon cause he knows about this addon more than me.

      • Communist Crusader says:

        Hey, I have no idea how to turn on experimental gameplay

        • VolitiveDawn475 says:

          Just go to world setting and scroll down until you find the experiments section, the experiment section will have three options the holiday creator features option, the creation of custom biomes option, and the additional modding capabilities, you have to enable only holiday creator features and additional modding capabilities.

          • VolitiveDawn475 says:

            After that the game will ask you to make a copy of your world, agree to that and play on the world that has the experiments enabled, you can know which one of your world has experiments enabled because it will put an ‘EX’ beside your world’s name, now play on your world with experiments enabled and you should get all the addon’s features.

          • VolitiveDawn475 says:

            Remember turning on experimental gameplay and enabling experiments are the same thing.

  42. Meepbob says:

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  43. Chull says:

    Very beautiful!!!!! You know if one day you’ll finish it and in a good way, I mean that everything is already fulfilled and perfect, when would that be?

  44. JimVersusJeb says:

    Great addon! One question though, are the weapons enchantable in the 1.16.100 update?

    • Kurisuesu says:

      Yes i have tried it, thats why its great even though the weapons have no special effects as for now but you can enchant it, i have tried enchanting the heartstealer and broadsword with fire aspect and sharpness and it works the mobs burn when you attack.

  45. This Is Really Cool! Can I Please Use A Little From This For This More Illagers Mod I Am Working On? Thanks!

  46. OPTICAL_BLOX says:

    For the necromancer and nameless king the previous version looked more realistic I’m ngl

  47. Credit to Jura for the logo :
    And LugiaGamerYT for helping me a lot :

  48. VolitiveDawn475 says:

    Pretty cool update on the addon, keep up the good work!

  49. AwesomeGamer82472 says:

    Awesome update man, I love your work

  50. Martim Xu says:

    Good news Today or tomorrow the minecraft dungeons have update

  51. Black Entity says:

    Ilosemypotato I have a question, why is the weapons only appear on creative menu if you’re on beta rather than full release? And when the new update comes

  52. Swagboi7 says:

    I don’t mean to be annoying or anything, but since the new update allows for weapons to have damage (without editing the player json file) and for custom blocks to have custom models.

    The question is:
    Will you make the weapons have their own damage and for things like the villager statue to be blocks instead of entities in the current WIP or the next?

    • Skeletal King says:

      yo ilosemypotato can you do like when you defeat the arch illager he will like lay on the ground then you can take him with bread then when he is around you illager won’t attack you they will become passive I would like to see that features 💞💞💞

  53. Nicholo Rodel M Presco says:

    Ilosemypotato is the update is done i cant wait for the new update

  54. VolitiveDawn475 says:

    You know, you could have the ultimate mod pack if you use this MC dungeons add-on, Valhalla guards addon and the Iceologer addon.

  55. Black Entity says:

    Please add the sounds for the Redstone Golem it only uses the player hurt sound when being hit plus add the idle sounds for the iron golems

  56. I’m still developing this add-on 🙂
    For anyone who wants to see the sneak peek, come to my twitter account :

  57. Panek999 says:

    Don’t want to be mean, but I think you totally forgot about making this

  58. Nicholo Rodel M Presco says:

    Ilosemypotato are you gonna update this addon

  59. Adrian191290 says:

    Hi ilosemy you can update addon v.1.0.6 in 2021?
    Plis add
    Sounds for redstone Golem

  60. VolitiveDawn475 says:

    Are the iceologer and illusioner in this mod?

  61. Legacy_et says:

    The are to OP Can you please lower the health But I will download Meanwhile

  62. Legacy_et says:

    JRTOP blowers I held

  63. Can you change that you can’t see the particle “minecraft:knockback_roar_particle” / “ravager particle”. I can’t see this particle, please bring back this particle

  64. Mizific says:

    its just a stupid zip wtf

  65. Hi, I know you’re waiting for the next update. But right now, we’re busy because there’s so many things that we need to do. We’re trying to develop the update, from Jungle Awakens to Creeping winter. I hope you’re understand 🙂

  66. derpy dragon says:

    i tried to download the mc pack and it was just a zip pack under the mc pack link.

  67. odarmamx says:

    Hello bro, this is a great add-on but I have found that it greatly affects the performance of the game and also the particles of the monsters that disappear when dying and the roar of the ravager disappear.

    Hopefully you can fix it in your next update, thank you very much for this great mod.

  68. Akhdan says:

    Hey creators when this add-on was update?

  69. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    I’m HYPED for the Ender Boss at the end of the game to be added and also the Jungle Abomination and the rest of the Winter Wakening Mobs!

  70. When did update 1.0.6 come out?

  71. Can you change that you can’t see the particle “minecraft:knockback_roar_particle” / “ravager particle”. I can’t see this particle, please bring back this particle

    • Will you increase the health of the Redstone Monsterosity to 1500 and the health of the Redstone Golem to 750 and increase the health of The Arch Illager to 2000, I’ve used certain software and changed the life of the Arch-Illager in my world to 50,000 , it’s really challenging and so far I haven’t killed it. And I’d love for you to add The Heart Of Ender? And I suggest that his health will be 40,000.

  72. Could you add the Chillager? Please.

  73. Kawaii Ken says:

    Love the addon! Can you please add some new mobs from the Creeping Winter Update? If you add them, I will be so glad that you exist,

  74. yeetle beetle says:

    ilosemypotato if you are online hi

  75. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    The Team infinite minds has stolen some of the models from this and they used it from there own minecraft dungeons addon as well!

  76. yeetle beetle says:

    dude it was me on discord btw great addon

  77. The latest information :
    – I will finish this add-on soon as possible same with the others. when it finish and ready, I will publish it.

    You can see the sneak peek on my Twitter and for the latest information check my discord ( Twitter Included ).

    Please credit me using the MCPEDL link. It’s forbidden to credit me with the MediaFire link.

  78. Nogood says:

    Excellent addon five star rating! Just 1 request-can you please reduce how many illagers the arch illager summons? It’s a little op because of it

  79. Swagboi7 says:

    Can’t wait for the custom block models to be in a full version so things like the villager statue become blocks instead of mobs

  80. Panek999 says:

    This add-on is great, but there wasn’t an update for long. When is it coming? September or October?

  81. Please support the original creator, you have no right to download outside MCPEDL. There is term of service and licence. Or I will stop this add-on and will no longer have another updates !

    Information : – Progress is still running, Creeping winter has been released and I need time to make them. I hope you’re understand this 🙂

  82. RedTron3007 says:

    also put an chair in add on plz i need to sit

  83. RedTron3007 says:

    get the new jungle boss into game

  84. ExDrill says:

    Hey dude, is it ok if I use this addon for a map that I’m making in the future! 🙂 I really like this addon and it’s very accurate.

  85. Johhnyjohhny721 says:

    Can you also add enderman boss fight too?

  86. Mrcool says:

    Can you add chests?

  87. Martim Xu says:

    You can add corrupted cauldron a fire purple power and wraith a blue fire power?
    And in animation I found wraith fire (blue fire)

  88. Panek999 says:

    When is the 1.0.6 being released?

  89. RatoPower says:

    Vc pretende adicionar as dungeons pro addon, seria muito epico✌

  90. RatoPower says:

    Esse addon e incrivel, mas as criaturas não estão nascendo naturalmente no mundo

    • Santoigorlima says:

      eu tbm queria que ele colocasse as criaturas pra nascerem naturalmente. Mas acho que ele nunca vai colocar. O único jeito é colocar blocos de comando programado pra a criatura nascer naturalmente

  91. Panek999 says:

    I have a question and a note.
    Q: How did you added custom models and animations?
    N: The weapons do not work because of the armor. New armor doesn’t work in the new update

  92. Martim Xu says:

    I can use arch_illager.json behaviour pack for make my new mobs?

    (I am bad english sorry)

  93. Mrcool says:

    AMAZING ADDON!!! im making a minecraft dungeons game on bedrock and i tried to use the other addons for minecraft dungeons and didnt work. could you add drops to the enemies and abilities. Thanks!!

  94. MR.MUTANT PIGLIN says:

    Hey ilosemypotato, its me Mr. Mutant Piglin in discord

  95. MR.MUTANT PIGLIN says:

    Hey ilosomypotato, its me in discord

  96. Redtron3000 says:


  97. Mrcool says:

    Can you make the villager shop have a chance to drop custom weapons. and add a wandering trader drop totems, snowballs, fishing rods, and fireworks.

  98. MR.CREEPER YT says:

    Guys, the mobs that will be added is all the jungle awakens mobs and the main boss, so pls wait ilosemypotato is working hard with this addon??

  99. Martim Xu says:

    New update it’s in September?

  100. PhantomCraft says:

    when 1.0.6 update will be realised, and what new mobs will be added

  101. Swagboi7 says:

    Will you do replica addons of other Minecraft games like Earth?

  102. MegaBOOM2020 says:

    Hello,Please add these:
    Jungle abomination,
    Wretched wraith,
    Abomination vine,
    Mooshroom monstrosity,
    Obsidian Monstrosity (it’s actually a statue),
    Chillager and illusionist.

    • MegaBOOM2020 says:

      Five star!it’s super good(Also because it’s the only Minecraft Dungeons addon I could download.).

      • Hello, I a very big Fan from this Addon is the best Addon I see, and I wait so long for a update I know is very hard to make it, and Minecraft dungeons have many new Things.. (Creepering Winter, Awakens Jungles, Halloween etc.)
        but please say the Month for the next Update or the Progress.. from the things..

  103. KIQUESITO says:

    Please could you make it work in realms it would really be great, it would make me a great favor <33333

  104. Me gustaría que agregaran a el Heart of ender. En ingles.I would like them to add to the Heart of Ender

  105. EmpKev6573 says:

    Will the dlc bosses attack villagers too?

  106. WhisperDL says:

    Guys my theory is that the next update will be the DLC Dungeons Update Beta

    Illusioner? … Chillager? …

  107. MinecraftMaster99 says:

    Hey can i suggest something? Can you please add some of the unique armors form minecraft dungeons? Like the Titan’s Shroud & Full metal armor. Tysm & one more thing, this addon this good enough. You dont have to add the armor. Tysm again, & im out. Cya!

  108. VocalicSea67145 says:

    The mod is amazing but for some reason the sound effect for when the player is damaged was changed to the fortnite downed sound effect.

  109. EmptyCoso says:

    I have maked a video addon ahowcase and i give your mcpedl link ok? My channel is emptycoso 🙂

  110. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    so I found a way to extract the files by “Open in Minecraft?” but only the resource pack got imported, the behaviour pack was nowhere to be seen…

  111. EmpKev6573 says:

    Just a suggestion, I would recommend making the arch Illager weaker, like only 300 HP, but make the heart of Ender more powerful, and spawn after you beat him like the game

  112. Hi! I noticed that you have the illusionist of texture but it’s not actually added I do you know how to make an illusionist or so if you want to see it I will send you a link also can you make the Minecraft dungeons enities deaths?

  113. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    plz make the files into .mcpack or .mcaddon it will be MUCH easier, and also add in the final ender boss (tip: after kill the arch-illager in the addon he transforms into the final boss

  114. AlanWong says:

    Dear Creator. Is me again XD. And I have found some other little bug and get some suggestions.
    Geomancer sometime not attacking and too weak to protect himself. So I think it maybe cause by “runtime_identify” used “pillager” identify. I think we should change it to “runtime_identify”:”evocation_illager” would be better. And also I suggest add evoker’s defense mode to geomancer. For example when player too close to geomancer. He would summon wall to block player. (Because I remake your work to test the geomancer. Sorry for that but I am an illager’s fans XD)

  115. EpicMan123 says:

    Hello do you mind if I use this addon to create a minecraft dungeons map? I will put a link to this page and give credit to you

  116. OGMrGamer4 says:

    Hey I think you should make it so that weapons don’t have durability in 1.0.6

    • PhantomCraft says:

      I live in Russia, please, understand me, this modification is great, but, please add 3 mobs in update 1.0.6: moshroom monstrosity, heart of ender and whisperer, and please add spawn
      all mobs in world on survival, and please add blocks from minecraft dungeons

      • y fiel que también agregar ala monstrosity de obsidiana

      • Thank you for your feedback. DLC Mobs are coming in the next update 🙂

        • Endermanmansukh says:

          Hello here is some review:

          Add sound for the necromancer

          Add sound for redstone golem

          Add structure from Minecraft dungeons

          Retexture some mobs to match dungeons like pillager

          Add armoured zombie and skeleton

          Also add jungle abomination

          And also make enchanters attack you when you attack them

          Ps add the chillager and illusionist to

        • Watchmycash says:

          Love the addon as usual. but there are a couple bugs and suggestions for you.
          The pillagers, when spawned by the arch-illager, are not hostile and will not attack you. The blue and gold varient of the pillagers take a long time to load their crossbows and sometimes don’t shoot and arrows. Some suggestions involve the mobs. The Redstone Monstroisty should move slower and not spawn in so many redstone cubes. The cauldron slimes shouldn’t teleport around it is a little annoying. Overall with all bugs and features added this will be the greatest addon that I have ever downloaded.

          • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
            – I still do a research how fast the mob is,
            – I will reduce the amount of Redstone Cube
            – The Cauldron Slime teleport ability to make Cauldron Boss harder.
            – I will balance the mobs attack and damage since armor are coming in the next update.

  117. The Best Gamer Ever12345 says:

    Hello I tried the previous versions of this addon and it is super good, however I cannot download 1.0.4 I tried all of the listed solutions and the google drive but without success, I think for it to work just do what was done with the previous versions, make it a .mcaddon and .zip file I think another issue is that there is a space between the . and the mcpack/zip

  118. EmpKev6573 says:

    Will the nameless one and skeleton vanguards attack villagers again?

  119. KIQUESITO says:

    Hello beautiful creator, I have a little problem when trying to load it in my realm, just add fornite sounds hahahaha, is it possible to use your add-on in realms or am I doing something wrong? help please (sorry for my english)

  120. GoodDude 123 says:

    The solutions to downloading the addon did not work

  121. MinecraftMaster99 says:

    Hey dude can i use this addon for my map im making? I promise I’ll credit u :D. & also the download wont work. Plss fix it.

  122. AlanWong says:

    I Love this mob and animation too much!!
    But there are some little suggestion I feedback to you dear creator~(Sorry for my low English level)
    I think blue helmet pillager can change name to Diamond helmet pillager. And gold helmet pillager is the same way.
    And vindicator has a “Novelty” sounds in Dungeons when they swing the axe. I think you can try replace the line “minecraft:melee_attack” to “minecraft:delay_attack” which sounds formula used by ravager json file when they bite. I think we can put Novelty sound to vindicator file and change to delay attack. (I make myself a addon of testing this)
    There are some little wish I have. I hope creator you can fixed a bug “MCPE-42373”. It is a annoying bedrock edition bug when pillager shot missed arrow to vindicator and evoker they would attack him back. Because their json file lost “minecraft:behavior.hurt_by_target:……” (Pillager and ravager have this code except vindicator and evoker). This bug make illager so navie and too easy to defeat. I hope creator you can put this feature back to MCD addons. please…

  123. For people who have an error issue :
    – Try to change the files name from .mcpack to .mcaddon then import both,
    – Or move the .mcpack files to resource pack and behavior pack,
    – If it keep error, download the zip one instead and move it to your Minecraft folder.

    FAQ :

    Q = I see a models/textures/animation on the folder will they come in the next upcoming update ?
    A = Hopefully yes.

    Q = Will this addon get an update after my upcoming project release ?
    A = Yes, this addon will get an update until all mobs has been added to the addon.

    Q = Do they spawn naturally on world ?
    A = Some of the mobs already have a spawn rule and some of them not, i will try to add it soon as possible.

    Q = When is the upcoming update ?
    A = 1.0.6 is still far away, check out the upcoming feature in my Twitter !

    Q = Will i be able to use code/animation/animation controller in my own use ?
    A = You can modify the files, but do not upload it on public . You can’t use code nor animation

  124. Pakill26 says:

    are the textures of the illusioner and the chillager will you add these mobs in the next update?

  125. GoodDude 123 says:

    Download link is not working it says failed to extract

  126. MCDFAN2000 says:

    i can see a texture of the leaper whisper and jungle abomination in jungle monsters file

  127. Bernkastel Wannabe says:

    Love this addon, 5 stars for ya…
    Will you add the Heart of Ender in the future?

  128. ValeriyBro12 says:

    I can’t download the addon I’m playing on ios. please correct the link so that I can download it on ios.

  129. joe847802 says:

    doesn’t work. No mobs spawn and none are as eggs in creative. One question, why are some of the potions fortnite textures and why are some of the sound effects fornite related? The death sound gives a fortnite sound effect.

  130. Yoshi1632 says:

    Im Not gunna lie this is the best addon i’ve ever downloaded..its so good but it does have sum glitches but its fine

  131. Camperito says:

    The addon it’s even better, but I have one question, do all of these mobs spawn naturally on a world?

  132. GoodDude 123 says:

    Neither of the download links work for me, i extracted it but it says failed to import

  133. EmptyCoso says:

    Hi i played with this new update and i found some bugs
    -the pillagers when they are wvokwd by the arch illager they are peaceful ._.
    -the geomancer wall are not solid
    ._. I can trapass then 😐 they are similar to a ghost ._.
    Plz fix these bugs 🙂

  134. AZGamerYT4387 says:


  135. CreeperGamingVN69 says:

    Please add Redstone Monstosity

  136. Creador antes de cambiar las texturas agregen un mob como el the royal guard illager

  137. Juanse12 says:

    Can you add the Obsidian Monstrosity and that gargoyle from Obsidian Pinnacle please

  138. You Koala says:

    Hello good man. With due permission and if you wish. I am making a map of DUNGEONS and wanted to add their addon, obviously they will have the accreditation of the addon

  139. MR.CREEPER YT says:

    When will the update released?

  140. Chungui23 says:

    Here is the rating

  141. OGMrGamer4 says:

    This is the best Minecraft: Dungeons addon 100% suggested

  142. Camperito says:

    Hey dude, your addon is amazing! It just needs some little details like natural spawning and balancing the enemies and its perfect!

  143. Cuando se va a actualizar el complemento de Minecraft dungeons add-on v:1.0.5

  144. Guest-8828220464 says:

    Nice work! I hope soon all mobs will have sounds)

  145. I’m so sorry, this addon will not be updated or continue for a while. Until the problem that i has is gone, i will continue the addon. Thank you for your support guys !

  146. Guest-8292393599 says:

    Hi can you add the Obsidian monstrosity that appears in construcción un Obsidian Pinnacle please

  147. BRUTE PIGLIN says:

    In the next update, pls add the chillager, And pls add the custom animation of the necromancer, nameless king attack animation just like the in minecraft dungeons, And the New attack for the nameless king that he summons clones of himself and attack you as well, pls add this, this would be cool if add this custom animations (:

  148. joe847802 says:

    why is there fortnite noises and retextures?

  149. Guest-9495041555 says:

    I have an idea for some features, if they arent already in development.
    -minecraft tools that appeared in minecraft dungeons as weapons. (basically, the diamond sword in dungeons is REALLY strong, and has its own texture, but in this addon it doesnt replace the original)
    -have normal pillagers that spawn with the pillager axe
    -have zombies and skeletons that don’t burn in the day, (because for some reason they don’t in minecraft dungeons)
    -new armor
    -boss themes (I WOULD LOVE THIS)
    -chest pigs
    -key doors (that you unlock with the key mob)
    -geomancer’s pillars actually blocking you

    and lastly, a heart of ender form for the arch illager!

    and thats it. thanks!

    • OMARBURGER says:


  150. OMARBURGER says:


  151. Guest-5891931556 says:

    Tengo el skins de un montón de Minecraft dungeons es la monstrosidad de obsidiana el que lo quiera agregar en el complemento de Minecraft dungeons de la actualización del complemento 1.0.5 del monte el que responda se los dejo en e

  152. Guest-1454227360 says:

    En la próxima actualización 1.0.5 por favor agrega a monstrosity de obsidiana y los illager que falten:
    -royal guard
    -arch illager
    Y la monstrosity de Redstone y de Mooshroom y la abomination jungle

  153. Kirby420 says:

    Hmmm, you said sword in the weapons area, but none of those is the sword. The first one is a broadsword, a legendary version of the sword.

  154. MinecraftMaster99 says:

    plss add dungeons armor & the redstone monstrosity

  155. Pakill26 says:

    Will you add the missing illagers in the next version?

  156. Guest-4371845642 says:

    What about the jungle monstrosity and then redstone monstrosity and then the all the mobs in minecraft dungeons

  157. Its_Not_RonBon123 says:

    how to summon in survuival

  158. PenguinAddonz says:

    The Pillagers Dissapear whenever i spawn them

  159. ValeriyBro12 says:

    Please add new mob in the update 1.0.5 Redstone Monstrosity boss.

  160. Guest-4943119931 says:

    Add mobs like:
    Royal guard
    Skeleton horsemen (two types like one is using bow and another one using spear or sword)
    Armored zombie
    Armored skeleton
    Mooshroom Monstrocity

    And I love your ADDON?

    But How did you make addons like mobs

  161. Hello creator of the addon I can use this addon in Dungeon battle since to give it a touch of mobs of Minecraft Dungeons

  162. BRUTE PIGLIN says:

    Pls add the chillager from the Minecraft dungeons creeping winter, (:

  163. Guest-3425526884 says:

    I want to learn something about making AddOns from you,do you have Wechat

  164. Guest-6741210754 says:

    What a beutiful addon, seriously, you should make a java edition mod, would be soooo cool.

  165. The link change is still pending. Hopefully the updated one get accepted by mcpedl.

  166. Guest-5649378820 says:

    Probably he forgot to add it to the list.

  167. Guest-2331707329 says:

    I was looking through the resource pack textures and saw one for wolf armor how do I get that in game it doesnt appear in the add on item list

  168. Guest-8675312036 says:

    maybe the key golem can open iron doors without buttons, pressure plates, and levers.

  169. Guest-8948672771 says:

    He literally says he is going to add the redstone Monstrosity!!!

  170. I was able to download the old version, considering that fact that it had no Adfly, but now… I would give it 5 Stars, IF IT WAS DOWNLOADABLE.

  171. BRUTE PIGLIN says:

    Pls add this following: piggy bank, second phase of the archillager redstone monstrosity, weaked wraith this mobs is in the minecraft dungeons, and this following mobs is in the jungle awakens: Leaper, whisperer, and the jungle abomination boss, pls add this mobs if you don’t want to add this mob that’s ok, i will wait (:

  172. Guest-4518530276 says:

    What other addons will you plan to make. After this amazing minecraft dungeons addon updates.

  173. The next update, will be no update again. I convince to change the link for some purposes, so no Adfly. Have a nice day.

  174. Guest-4725340384 says:

    Please change the links. Adfly constantly shows me malwares not worth it. Adfly and linkvertise are just spamware and other forms of malware all the time – plus if your making money of this then your mod might be copyrighted… change the link without risking the safety of everyone downloading these mods. Or, don’t be greedy, put it on mediafire or give the direct download.

  175. Guest-6962046091 says:

    Hey creator Please remove the adfly link..I really dont want your godlike mod to be deleted you dont own the charecters

  176. Guest-8434843306 says:


  177. Guest-1010357400 says:

    Dude remove adfly you don’t own the charecters

  178. Guest-8306133688 says:

    Dont comment for no to like it is the end of humanitybecause this guy is doing his best for us so here is a tutorial
    1.skip ad
    2.if it ask’s for notification
    3.keep choosing deny and block all pop-ups then here we are in mediafire
    4.if your device is not supported by redirect click {CLICK HERE}

  179. Guest-3523503130 says:


  180. Guest-2228787382 says:

    PLEASE remove the because,
    1. You don’t own the characters, so you must not make money with them and
    2. The link is not working for me, neither .zip nor .mcpack

  181. Guest-6377470694 says:

    Can you not use adlfly please

  182. Guest-3465088520 says:

    Why adfly you dont own these characters mojang does

  183. ferchoPortal says:

    good keep improving, because this will spice survival mode, make them spawn in survival in different biomes

  184. Guest-1460104072 says:

    Change the link back to mediafire because adfly is horrible

  185. Guest-9627463769 says:

    Me gusta este addon pero no he visto que los monstruos se generen en el mundo en modo supervivencia, o no se puede por favor alguien que me responda por que me gustaría añadir esta dificultad es excelente.

  186. Guest-3523575382 says:

    Me gusta este addon pero no he visto que los monstruos se generen en el mundo en modo supervivencia, o no se puede por favor alguien que me responda por que me gustaría añadir esta dificultad es excelente.

  187. Guest-6942733499 says:

    Oh come one the freaking creator put a adfly..

  188. Guest-1585398768 says:

    Hey i like your addon but can you add sound effect death,soundtrack please . And animation when the boss death oh yeah add Jungle abomanation thanks

  189. Guest-5396790323 says:

    Omg please change the link to mediafire i dont want to be in that other one!

  190. Guest-9263274619 says:

    Muy buen mod me encantan los mob muy bien diseñados

  191. BRUTE PIGLIN says:

    Why is the new update 1.0.3 is not working it says 1.0.2, pls fix it (:

  192. I’m so sorry for the zip files link error,
    Here’s the link for Zip version 1.0.2.

  193. Guest-1923207202 says:

    Can you make a tamable version of the key golem? It doesn’t have anything to do with it I just think it’ll be a fun feature

  194. Guest-2393864778 says:

    can you please add the food table from the vindacator chef

  195. Chungui23 says:

    Hello there, can you please add the mooshroom monstrosity, a secret boss of a secret level that you can unlock finding the runes, also add the royal guard.

  196. Guest-3337606742 says:

    Also can you make phase 2 for the illager

  197. Guest-9405380626 says:

    One thing can you add all the bosses here example redstone monstrosity jungle monstrosity

  198. Guest-2730189984 says:

    Oh my god Not have I ever downloaded a mod this godly before I really think this is the best addon in mcpedl Its SOO GOOD

  199. Guest-7492192582 says:

    Why did u forget The Royal illager Guard 🙁

    That’s My favorite But It’s Ok thanks again I Really Really Reall like Your Add-on The Best Thank you for the illagers that’s my Fav my fav illagers and Villagers

  200. Guest-8970996306 says:

    Next update fix jungle zombie, mossy skeleton and winter zombie. Because when I spawned it in it disappears, thanks.

  201. BRUTE PIGLIN says:

    Pls add that the necromancer and the and the nameless king that when they attack they swing there orb thing, and add that the nameless king another attack that is summons mirrors that can attack you as well, pls (:

  202. Guest-2244604859 says:

    No ios oh mannnnnnn

  203. Guest-7550757140 says:

    when are u going to release redstone monstrosity?

  204. Guest-2068605159 says:

    Does this work on realms?

  205. Guest-9226301307 says:

    Amazing work this mod is awesome, but can you make them spawn naturally ? Keep your good work 🙂

  206. Guest-4798415384 says:

    Ta top o addon, espero que venham as dungeons na proxima atualização

  207. I forgot to tell you once again. To remove the dummy use Lava bucket, place it. For the villager armorer barter using an emerald : ) .

  208. OMARBURGER says:


  209. odarmamx says:

    It would be amazing if you do a Realm compatible version, no recipes, just mobs
    I can help you if you want.

  210. Guest-8462467938 says:

    The addon is amazing, but the mobs should spawn naturaly in the world, like vanguard in deserts, plains and stronghold, redstone golem in bassalt deltas and montains, something like that

  211. Guest-1718427312 says:

    Not forcing you and everything can you add everything in Minecraft dungeons that are not in Vanilla Minecraft. If not, thats okay. Also good addon!

  212. Guest-3676343191 says:

    Idea:can u add redstone monstrosity:health 1020
    Abilitys:can summon the redstone minions can roar causing a knock back
    Hope you can include him

  213. Guest-1855821038 says:

    hey can you give me permission to add to the redstone golem in my addon please i will leave credits of the model or texture please T_T

  214. Guest-3374481265 says:

    agrega a redstone montrosity

  215. Two-Coops says:

    This Addon is awesome! Do you plan on making structures for the bosses to spawn in?

  216. Guest-3174581839 says:

    Is it possible to make the swords and artifact look more minecrafty?

  217. Next beta update release today, hopefully. Added a few new mobs, weapon and, and currently one artifact. Also say hi to The Necromancer !

  218. Guest-5051972820 says:

    Ok i do BE

  219. Guest-8886362834 says:


  220. Guest-7138564014 says:

    HOLA tengo los modelos de arch illager,redstone montrosity,key,etc tienes discord???

  221. Swagboi7 says:

    So what other features are planned?

  222. EmptyCoso says:

    For the new update of this addon
    Can you add the wandering trader?
    And the illager family?
    Cook vindicator
    Armored pillager/vindicator
    Royal guard
    and a little thing for the geomancer wall
    Can you made then more solide
    beacouse the is a wall but i can pass
    GOOD JOB 🙂
    YOU GREAT!!!!

    • Guest-5254666346 says:

      Es cierto lo que dice el quiero que hagreges más de estos complementos de Minecraft dungeons sobre todo la familia illager guardia real illager vindicadores blindados y saqueadores blindados geomancer y arch illager por favor siii??????

    • Guest-7433765972 says:

      Uhhh wandering trader is already in the real Minecraft

  223. iwasamistake says:

    I love the animations and all.
    Can I ask permission for recommending this addon for my friends on discord because on our server we need permissions from the owners before we send this addon via mcpedl

  224. Redtron3000 says:

    how do i make mods easily

  225. Please don’t post my addon on different website without permission. And please give credit to the author not the MEDIAFIRE link. I will change it for purpose and will using adfly or other websites. #StopMilkingOurAddon

  226. Guest-4661537111 says:

    I love this addon
    Very much
    Good job for the update

  227. Guest-3865316245 says:

    plss make an RP

  228. Guest-4351014186 says:

    It is litteraly mediafire
    ● ●
    I will walk in a desert full of shattered glass for this

  229. OMARBURGER says:



  230. OMARBURGER says:


  231. Guest-8862391023 says:

    Do they spawn naturally or only in creative ?

  232. Guest-8508985464 says:

    PLEASE HAVE MC ADDON VERSION it wont work for me on my pc

  233. Guest-3442104809 says:


  234. Guest-4505285054 says:

    Cool addon and the animation is so good

  235. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome addon dude!!! i like the twist with the Nameless One also i just did an addon review on my channel good luck on future addons!!! 😀

  236. Guest-9280051581 says:

    Download link doesn’t work for mobile

  237. Wow this addon are awesomeaybe in your next plan add some illager army or the arch illager thats it. im not rushing you to do that. Just waiting

  238. Guest-6332945332 says:

    Do the skeleton Vanguard’s have the same shield mechanics as when other players use shields? , like if we use axes or arrows.

  239. XeoMaker says:

    This addon is amazing, a few suggestions i could make are about a few more of the mobs from minecraft dungeons like the heart of ender, or the new boss from the dlc. Maybe even some weapons that already have enchantments on them because custom enchantments aren’t possible to my knowledge. And another thing, maybe structures like actual dungeons with lots of mobs to fight, but otherwise than a few more improvements i think this addon could be great!

  240. Guest-3944664197 says:

    also next time make the redstone monstrosity and the arch illager as a boss battle please

  241. Guest-9826530835 says:


  242. Guest-2885634365 says:

    Can you add the whisperer and the new boss when you update this addon pls

  243. Guest-3633874640 says:

    Îmi place foarte mult acesta, este foarte bun

  244. Guest-2876478116 says:

    Tera baap

  245. Salpaca53 says:

    Make a normal download

  246. Guest-7788172880 says:

    Can you add the hud as well

  247. Guest-7181047862 says:

    yes nice can you fix the other mobs becuz there invisible pls fix it

  248. Guest-8286168850 says:

    For the many weapons in mcdungeons, you could make them as drops from mobs.
    Now, because you can’t normally enchant custom items, what about making enchanting scrolls that spawn in loot chests and drop from bosses?
    You could combine enchantment scrolls with a compatible weapon in the smithing table to make enchanted weapons, such as:
    Hammer + thundering enchantment = the hammer we saw at that minecon trailer

  249. joe847802 says:

    do they have any drops?

  250. Guest-7464200068 says:

    make mcaddon version

  251. Guest-7859259013 says:

    Can you add redstone monstrosity and arch illager?

  252. Guest-9596220833 says:

    Epic addon hope u add more to this looks amazing keep up good work

  253. Guest-1330296643 says:

    Can you make a mcaddon version please?

  254. Jozue says:

    Please make updates please dont forget this addon in the future

  255. Jozue says:

    Please make updates please.

  256. Kennethjohn1406 says:

    Good addon but .mcaddon files work fine on my pc

  257. Guest-7784152081 says:

    You make the mcaddon version, please?

  258. Guest-2727807608 says:

    This addon is super cool but one problem for me is that the jungle zombie jungle skeleton and frozen zombie don’t work
    But it’s still an awesome addon

  259. Guest-3228163063 says:

    does it replace any entities, just becade am working on making crazy craft…

  260. I’m excited on the full release of this.

  261. Guest-2182213010 says:

    incredible update more would be cool if you put decoration that are manufacturers

  262. Guest-3853429088 says:

    nice bro

  263. M.M.16 player says:

    Cool I love your addon but you should add more mobs and some weapons from minecraft dungeons

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