Published on March 24, 2017 (Updated on March 24, 2017)

Minecraft Font Pack

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Супер! Всё работает. Наконец-то могу насладиться игрой на русском
The Mc.pack takes you to CurseForge which is Java only.
Finally! We can put the Да Нет screen in Minecraft!
are these: ű ő characters included? if not can you help me puting them in? In hungarian we use those very often and it would be nice to see the with thic characters.
There are Koreans in the comment section ;^; TAKE ME TO SOUTH KOREA PLEASEEEEEE
I am Korean THAT SOUNDS so cool!
Well, I'm Korean. It can be useful for me. Nice addon! :)
Kim Jong-On Arrest Him!!!
it's kim jong-un
Yes, because I think that Kim-Jong-Un is a complete idiot
You sound racist... You think Koreans are Kim Jong Uns and Communist, lol do you South Korea exist too?
Is a good game
lol We Chinese never speak Chinese like that. That sounds stupid. XD
You have to excuse me. I do not speak or write Chinese.
no i don't mean that. I was just glad you chose Chinese. Hope you love China.