Published on April 17, 2020 (Updated on April 17, 2020)

Minecraft Graduation Resource Pack (Bedrock Edition)

Graduation in Minecraft? Due to unfortunate events graduation is being moved to Minecraft. Didn't you get the memo? Install this resource pack on your world to make this moment a bit for fitting.

Minecraft Graduation Resource pack

by Legopitstop

    Graduation in Minecraft? This resource pack changes some of the 

textures for your Minecraft Graduation! (world coming soon??!!)

Comment below on what else I should add.


-diamond armor = black gown tassel on the right

-golden armor = black gown tassel on the left

-iron armor = red gown tassel on the right

-chainmail armor = red gown tassel on the left

-paper = Graduation Diploma

-music disc 13 = Graduation Music (Needs work)



Bedrock Edition

-download the .mcpack

-click on the file

-then click copy to minecraft

-then go back to minecraft

-click edit world or settings

-go to resource packs/global resources

-then in the 2 dropdown you should find the pack

-click on it then click activate

-then click done and you have installed the resource pack.


  • Graduation-Resource-Pack-v001_1587074454.mcpack

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Hi, me and my friends are going to graduate in minecraft, and we were thinking of using this resource pack for the graduation, but since the update it (obviously) has stopped working.

so I was wondering if you could please update this to the 1.16 nether update.
thank you!
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It should work for 1.16, it just will not change the netherite armor.
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I think this is really cool, especially since I was actually really wanting to have school and everything in Minecraft! Super smart.
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This is too realistic of a theme man
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Who else is waiting for Orespawn for minecraft bedrock
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i am. but you know this has nothing to do with the resource pack.
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