Published on May 13, 2022 (Updated on May 15, 2022)

Minecraft Lost Votes

I have browsed through many websites and forums I have yet to find a COMPLETE Addon Pack that showcases every lost Mob & Biome vote into one. Like many others, I too was disappointed when my vote was rejected and had to live knowing I would never see that biome or mob implemented into the game. Henceforth, I present to you the Minecraft Lost Votes Addon.

This addon brings the Mob and Biome votes that were rejected and/or forgotten to your game. Feel free to enjoy the various mobs, biomes, blocks, items, and structures in your survival world. The goal of this addon is to finally bring everything in the Minecraft Voting Vault to players.

The purpose of this mod is to not only bring these forgotten ideas to players, but give each aspect a specific purpose to enhance playing ability. Meaning mobs have special properties that change overall gameplay. New items can be found anywhere from villages, shipwrecks, or end cities. New blocks have special properties that are intuitive and immersive.

I will not be adding any extraneous recommendations. This Addon is purely based on what we’ve seen in trailers and images. However, if you do find a bug/glitch or I have missed something from any of the previous years of mob/biome votes, please feel free to let me know so I can add it to a future update.

I am not a professional game developer, this is a contribution of passion, so I try my best to bring this Addon with devotion and dedication to the Minecraft Bedrock community! Every aspect mentioned is fully functional.

Code composed on Txt - Plaintext Editor.

3D models composed on Blockbench.

Textures composed on Pixelmator.

Structures composed and exported with the help of This Pack.

Important information:

PLEASE DON’T repost this addon on any other websites or applications for MONETARY purposes.

HOWEVER, feel free to share this Addon with others.

I put this Addon together thanks to the ideas brought to you my Mojang. I DO NOT condone the distribution of addons solely to make a profit. Especially, when utilizing those Linkverse/Adfly sites that give people viruses. (Like SOME folk on this site…)

Badlands Vote 2019

Spoiler title



Vultures are neutral mobs that spawn predominantly in Mesa and Plateau biomes. They can occasionally spawn in Savanna biomes. Careful while roaming said biomes during the night. They are not hostile by day, yet by night they attack you or undead mobs, and if you‘re killed, they will consume your items. Not to worry though, you can exchange your items if you carry any type of raw meat with you and drop it in front of them. Or if you slay them =[ Upon death it will drop feathers and raw poultry. They cannot be tamed, ridden, or bred.


Tumbleweed generates in both Mesa and Desert biomes. They just stroll along the surface sometimes getting stuck within various crevasses. When broken, they drop sticks. 

Prickly Pear Cactus


Did you initially spawn in a mesa or desert and you're already hungry? Not to worry, you will find prickly pear cacti generated all across these biomes. When fully grown, they can drop prickly pear fruit. They only restore 2 hunger bars, so make sure you have bonemeal with you. Careful when standing on top of them though, they can be quite prickly and deal 1/2 heart of damage. If you come across a desert temple, there’s a chance of finding prickly pear fruit inside those chests. If you wish to farm these plants, make sure you have some dirt or sand with you. They also work as lovely decorations if placed on top of clay pots.

Desert Vote 2018

Spoiler title


Meerkats are passive mobs that spawn predominantly in Desert biomes. They occasionally spawn in Mesa and Plateau biomes. They tend to scurry along the desert looking for food. Must be cautious when approaching them, they scare easily. They can be tamed with raw termites. Once tamed, they will follow you where ever you go. Make sure you sit them or they will get lost. Once you manage to tame one, it will try to find presents under sand or dirt in order to give to you. Please don’t be harsh with whatever they find, they’re trying their best. You can expand your meerkat family and help the younglings grow with prickly pear fruit. 

Palm Trees

Palm trees generate across Desert biomes and beaches. They can occasionally be found next to desert oasis. They are constructed out of jungle wood and jungle leaves. (I refrained from implementing custom woods because Mojang never specified if they were going to be created out a new wood type).

Savanna Vote 2018

Spoiler title


Ostriches are passive mobs that spawn predominantly in Savanna biomes. Although, you might encounter one chasing a termite inside a Mesa or Plateau biome. They love eating termites. Do let them be though, they tend to scare easily when threatened and hide their heads under ground. If you so wish to start an ostrich family, you can breed them with raw termites. If you’re a heartless monster and slay an ostrich, it will drop raw poultry and at times an ostrich egg. This egg can be used to hatch another ostrich.


Termites are passive mobs that spawn predominately in Savanna biomes. Sometimes you can come across one in a mesa or plateau biome. These tiny little creatures tend to roam around their nest. However, they do venture out of their colony to create larger nests. Specially if there’s wood around. Once must be careful when constructing with wood anywhere close to a termite. They will eat planks and logs, convert them into termite nests, and leave you a bit of sugar as a souvenir. You can utilize this sugar to breed more termites, if you‘re into that I guess… If bugs are not up to your standard, you can kill them and… well… cook them inside a furnace or smoker. They’re a good source of protein I hear...

Termite Nests

Termite nests generate only in Savanna biomes. You will find these dirt towers scattered all over the biome. Termites are drawn to these nests so it is wise to grab one just in case you‘re building with wood. However, they’re not full proof so build with caution. If mined with a hoe, the termite nest will occasionally drop a raw termite. Poor thing died while you were mining.

Baobab Trees

Baobab trees generate predominantly in Savanna biomes. However, you will come across them inside savanna mutated biomes, and -oh boy, what a sight to see. They are constructed out of acacia wood and acacia leaves. These monstrous beasts are scattered all over the biome, they make great tree houses. Although keep an eye for termites, they love wood! (I refrained from implementing custom woods because Mojang never specified if they were going to be created out of a new wood type).

Mob vote 2017

Spoiler title

The Great Hunger

The great hunger is a hostile mob that spawns predominantly underground inside lush caves. Don’t get overconfident though, you might encounter one up on the surface if there’s moss around. Don’t let it’s small size fool ya, it tends to sink into the ground, camouflages itself and consumes mobs & items with its huge mouth. This little fella packs once hell of a punch, although it cannot handle much of a punch itself. Do be careful though, it tends to like anything shiny. If it consumes your items, be prepared because it will not return your item without a fight. 

The Hovering Inferno

The hovering inferno, also known as the wildfire in some other universe, is a hostile mob that spawns primarily in nether fortresses. Don’t let your guard down though, there’s a chance a random blaze might turn into a hovering inferno. When facing a hovering inferno, make sure you’re properly geared out. It‘s self defence system prevents mele attacks when all of its shields are close together. Your best opportunity might be when it does it’s sonic booms, it is left vulnerable for a while. Although you might be preoccupied with it’s minions of blazes that are summoned around it. Once you have slayed the hovering inferno, it will drop its crown. The crown of a champion, it grants the user unlimited fire resistance, plus it is fire proof. 

The Barnacle

The barnacle, also known as the Monster of the Ocean Depths, is a hostile mob that spawns predominantly under Deep and Cold oceans. Keep your eyes peeled though, it tends to migrate to climate waters while on the hunt for prey. The barnacle is speed, if you’re not equipped with a boat or enchanted boots of depth striding, then you’re out of luck. Once it has its jaws have locked on its prey, it will drag it down to the depths of the ocean and try to drown it. If you’re fast enough, you might be able to slay it. Stay sharp, there might be another one close by. If you cannot make it to shore, try to approach a pod of dolphins, they are notorious for attacking barnacles. Once a barnacle is slain, it will drop a Barnacle Fang. With this item, it is finally possible to craft a trident. If you’re lucky, you can even find these fangs under buried treasure!

Mob vote 2020

Spoiler title


The chillager, formally known as the iceologer, is a hostile mob that spawns predominantly in snow-covered biomes. That can vary from snow plains, icebergs, mountain ranges, ice spikes, you name it. It‘s fond of chilly places. This mob can cause some real brain freeze. With its summoning staff, the chillager lodges large blocks of ice towards you. If you’re not properly protected, they can be fatal. Bob and weave and you just might be able to slay it. Upon its death, the chillager will drop several items: ice, packed ice, snow, snow layers, stashed jewels, or even its ice staff. This magical staff can be stacked and upon use; it will grant you the powers of the chillager. Use wisely, because it's quite a fragile item. Yea… it’s made out of ice…


The moobloom is a passive mob that leaves a trail of yellow flowers where ever it spawns either inside Meadows or Flower Forests. This cute and cuddly cow loves honeycombs and flowers. With honeycombs, mooblooms can be leered and reproduce to farm more cute mooblooms. Unlike its milky brotheren, the moobloom produces honey once you approach it with an empty glass bottle. The moobloom is a curious mob that seems to direct its attention to bees and bees nest when spawns or when it gets sheared. It likes to approach and be around bee nests & hives. It also likes to chase bees around. Though cows can be kind-of dumb so there’s a chance this might anger the bee. The inner machinations of a moobloom‘s mind are an enigma. You can shear mooblooms and they will drop their yellow flower. If you’re in a dire situation in need of food, you might need to commit the ultimate crime and slay a moobloom. It will drop meat, leather, and a yellow flower. I hope its drops are worth it and will not go in vain.

Mob vote 2021

Spoiler title


The glare spawns predominantly inside lush caves. Although, you are able to find them in large open areas if caves or mountains. The glare is quite fond of the dark. It will try to hide behind the shadows. You can bring it out of the dark with some glow berries. Feed it s few and you will tame it. Once tamed it will display flowers around it and will show you dark areas you should check out! You can breed glares with a bit of bonemeal. 

Copper Golem

The copper golem is a passive mob that is summoned when you have constructed it. With a bit of redstone, some copper ingots, and a copper rod, you will be able to craft a new companion. This golem of copper is interested in only one thing. Pushing buttons. Once a copper golem is brought to life, it will roam around trying to look for buttons to press. They can be quite a little helper to automate farms. Although its lifespan is quite short. Since they are made out of copper, copper oxidizes and hardens. This process affects copper golems and once the oxidization process is complete, the copper golem will become a statue. Its soul is forever trapped inside an unmovable body, unable to interact with buttons for all eternity. If you wish to save your buddy from this torment, make sure to save some honeycombs so you can wax the copper golem. This will allow the copper golem to move freely without the fear of being oxidized.

Forgotten/Rejected Ideas

Spoiler title


The ruby is a jewel that generates between y=30 to -60 under mutated biomes. They can be mined only with pickaxes or they will not drop. You can create a ruby block, and it give quite the sparkly sound when placed or stepped on. You can utilize rubies to trade with wandering traders. Their trades have improved by incorporating all the new blocks and items into their trades. If you’re lucky, you can find rubies inside villages, end cities, or while caving. 


The bundle is a small pouch that lets you travel with items in a breeze. It’s a small bag but it does honest work. It can only store up to 16 items. It can be crafted with leather and simple string. Bundles can be found inside leatherworkers' chests or while fishing. Be careful around great-hungers or vultures because they will consume your bundle. It will safe once it is recovered and your items will not be lost. Your bundle can be placed on your offhand for safekeeping. 
(HOW IT WORKS: Press and hold on to the bundle in your inventory, arrows will appear indicating it's open, then simply click on the item you want to store, and it will disappear into the bundle. To take your items out, either right-click while holding your bundle in your hand or do the same process as to store your items just in reverse). 
(CONTROLLER PLAYERS: to use the bundle, (1) grab the bundle inside your inventory, once the bundle is floating wherever direction you go, (2) hover ontop of the item you want to store inside, and (3) press. Do this for every item you want to include. To remove an item from the bundle, simply repeat step (1) and press on an empty slot in your inventory. 
 (IMPORTANT does NOT work on multiplayer).


Archeological artifacts belong in a museum! And you can finally build one! Throughout various lands, you might come across archeological dig sites. Sites are well equipped to dig up a special kind of dirt and gravel. Utilizing a brush, one can uncover commonly known ores, jewels, or even ceramics inside these clods. There are 6 Ceramic Shards, which can be incorporated into Clay Pots to make hardened painted clay pots. To craft a clay pot, you need some clay. I’m sure the archeologist has dug up some for ya. Once you have morphed your pot, you can cook it as is or decorate it with ceramic shards. Proceed with caution though, these artifacts have a magical sequence that will only decorate the pot in a specific pattern. (A - C - J - T - H - S) Follow this ”encryption” and you will have a fully decorated pot. Or you can stop halfway, that’s okay too. You can harden your pot by cooking it under fire (NOT campfire). It should be ready within a few moments. Now you can decorate your home, or collect various pots for your museum! 
(NOTE: Because of these newly introduced brushes, your shield is lowered when placed off-hand. Did my best to fix it, and will give an update when/if is fully fixed).


The crawler is a passive mob that spawns mainly in Basalt Deltas. This six legged bug likes to roam the hot biome in search of warped fungi. With your help, you can lure a crawler with warped fungus or a warped fungus on a stick. If you’re carrying a saddle with you, you can mount the crawler and sail the nether together. The crawler can be bred with, you guessed it, warped fungi. 

Birch Forest

A new and improved birch forest. This biome holds various new blocks and terrain generation. In this biome, you can find birch trees taller than in regular birch forests. There are birch trees infested with fungi sprouting out of their sides. Some trees might have some moss grounding on them. Within these forests, you can stumble upon mooblooms, bees, and fireflies. The surface of this biome is covered with an abundance of flowers including new types of flowers. You can utilize these flowers to lure in mooblooms in your direction. This forest holds a mystery though. At nightfall, the ground begins to decay, and you can hear something very hungry in the distance. Try your best to keep the forest always lit with sunlight, or else the decay will spread. 
(NOTE: Creative lore on a Bugrock bug that occurs when modded blocks are placed under grass, tried fixing it).


Yet another aspect has been removed by Mojang. Realism, ya huh. Anywho, fireflies are an ambiance particle that spawns at night in swamps, mangrove swamps, mega taigas, flower forests, meadows, birch forests, and lush caves. They disappear in daylight. Frogs will not eat them (because of reasons). If close by, you can even hear fireflies buss throughout the night.

Cave Storages

Below y=0, you might stumble upon abandoned cave storages. These storages tend to have barrels filled with raw ore or wool. Remnants from a previous mineshaft perhaps? Or the start of one before something went wrong? The questions are endless. Maybe it was a way to hide from the demon of the depths. Take the wool found in these storages if need be, it may come in handy. 

(It does replace player.json file - for those that ask that)

P.S. Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this add-on!

P.P.S. With Mojang making literal ground breaking changes to the game, (not a compliment), you‘re obligated to use Block-Geo Fixer.-addon thanks to TazaMakeThings so custom blocks don’t look glitched/bugged. (Make sure to place this on top of resource packs)

Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed Moobloom animation.
  • Updated firefly texture to match it to it’s trailer counterpart.
  • Completely changed ostrich model.
  • Tweaked vulture model & animation.
  • Snow golems now attack custom hostile mobs.
  • Iron golems now attack custom hostile mobs.


I added both .Mcpack and .Zip files. If for whatever reason, the .Mcpack fails to work, use the .Zip files to extract the Addon folders and move them to their respected folder. You can easily find tutorials on how to do this on YouTube for all consoles.

Supported Minecraft versions

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If you have any additional feedback, report bugs/glitches, or have any questions/concerns, feel free to contact me over at the Lost Votes discord. You can also find early releases of the Addon here. (Remove the space & paste).

Si tienes notas adicionales, reportar problemas, o tienes alguna pregunta en mente, puedes contactarme en el servidor de discord de Lost Votes. En adición, podrás conseguir actualizaciones del Addon temprano ahí. (Borra el espacio adicional y pega el link)

ht tps://
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nothig to see i just read it
If you have any additional feedback, report bugs/glitches, or have any questions/concerns, feel free to contact me over at the Lost Votes discord. You can also find early releases of the Addon here. (Remove the space & paste).

Si tienes notas adicionales, reportar problemas, o tienes alguna pregunta en mente, puedes contactarme en el servidor de discord de Lost Votes. En adición, podrás conseguir actualizaciones del Addon temprano ahí. (Borra el espacio adicional y pega el link)

ht tps://
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can u please make a medifare file for it not everyone knows how to use zip and with the google drive thing u need acses it would be greatly appreciated if you could this seems like a brilliant mod and it also seems fun to get all those mobs lost back
I see that there’s a percentage of folk requesting media fire. I’ll make a link for them on the next update 👍

sorry for the link typo
The wildfire /mob d already has official sounds, Check at hrrps://
Much appreciated! ⍢ I’ll add these sounds on the next update!
SpinotroniC Official May 17, 2022 at 9:53 am
He de decir que este addon me encantó, siempre he estado buscando un addon de este estilo pero nunca lo encontré, muchas gracias por hacerlo!
Desafortunadamente, el addon tiene varios bugs, aunque no arruinan la experiencia en lo absoluto.
A continuación, una lista de los Bugs que encontré:

- El gran hambriento tiene su animación de Inactivo aparentemente desaparecida
- Al moobloom le faltan sus animaciones
- Las estatuas de Golem de Cobre no tienen textura ni modelo
- Las nuevas flores y hongos no tienen modelo aparentemente
- El Mounstro de las profundidades a veces se queda paralizado y no ataca ni se mueve (no estoy seguro si esto sea un bug)
- También hay un coso de musgo que no tiene textura ni modelo
- El nido de terminas aparentemente no existe
- Algunas palmeras se generan con hojas de árboles que no les corresponde

Estos son los Bugs que recuerdo, así que a continuación una lista de las sugerencias y/o cambios que me gustaría ver:

- Cambiar el sonido de las luciérnagas, debido a que cuando se generan muchas se vuelve molesto
- Hacer al Gran Hambre un poquito más grande, para que se pueda apreciar bien
- Agregar brotes de los nuevos árboles, aunque no tengan madera personalizada
- Las votaciones de la versión china
- Ideas de los desarrolladores que no llegaron a nada (Ej. Hámsters, ballenas etc)
- Un servidor de Discord o algo similar para reportar los Bugs de una forma más sencilla y menos tediosa

Eso sería todo, muchas gracias nuevamente por hacer este increíble addon!
Estaré pendiente a las próximas actualizaciones.
Gracias por tu detallada observación! ⍢
- Las animaciones del varias entidades ya fueron arregladas para la próxima actualización.
- El monstruo de las profundidades se paraliza cuando esta fuera del agua. (Si a eso te referías)
- Palmeras y otras estructuras se generan sin bloques o incompletos, este es un Bug de Minecraft Bedrock, gracias al motor de juego Render Dragon. No hay nada que pueda hacer al respecto.
Con respectó a las texturas de bloques como la estatua, las flores, y el hongo, tienes que utilizar el paquete que aliste: Block-Geo Fixer por TazaMakeThings. Este paquete lo colocas arriba de Lost Votes en tu mundo y revelara los modelos y texturas de los bloques. Mojang hizo muchos cambios después de 1.18.30 ósea que todos tenemos que utilizar este paquete adicional para que Addons funcionen apropiadamente.
Raptop, the velociraptor omolsake May 16, 2022 at 12:00 pm
Add red dragon a overworld dragon that IS tamable
Raptop, the velociraptor omolsake May 16, 2022 at 12:02 pm
And crocodile (It was in a vote for wich mob tô add in Minecraft and the Winner was panda) and make It neutral
After doing some research I can’t seem to find this crocodile vote you speak off. Not even in Minecraft’s blog posts. Can you send me a link on where you found this? Thank you [=
Whenever I play with this add-on my avatar turns into the default Steve. I've seen this problem before with other add-ons so if someone knows if there's an easy fix I'd be extremely greatful. But it seems like an add-on bug. Anyone else has this problem? Playing PE. (Also, do you prefer spanish? Bcs I'm mexican lol)
(1) Are you sure you have allow trusted skins turned off on your profile settings? (2) I don’t seem to have that dilema and I also play on a smart-phone. (3) Does it just happen when you enter the world or you still can’t change your skin after that when you pause the game? (4) Yo también soy Mexicano xD
This mod uses player.json so custom skins aren't useable. You can use classic skins. and if on a realm youll be sonic due to geo fixer
Are these custom skins from the market place or third-party sites? Because I use a custom skin I made on my own and it works on Addon worlds and servers ⍥
Jeff the SeaSerpent May 15, 2022 at 9:44 pm
You should add the red dragon under forgotten/rejected ideas.
I’ll look into that rejected idea. Thanks ⍢
Hello, love the Add-on, it has a lot of potential, but it would be cool if there was a separate option when instead of jungle wood, it could be a new sandy colored wood. It would make it more dynamic and actually give the player a reason to get the wood.
I could create a separate download option with custom wood types. It may take a while to put together though :Þ
My minecraft crash, i can't play with this addon...
Can you help me with my problem?
Bueno veo que respondes en español, así que para ser directo...
Estoy usando el addon en consola (xbox one)
y a la hora de entrar al mundo con los addons todo se crashea y mr saca del juego...
Hay algún modo de poder usar el addon sin que eso pase?
De cualquier manera veré si puedo solucionar el problema por cuenta propia pero si puedes darme alguna ayuda lo agradecería mucho...
Ya que le quiero dar sus merecidas 5 estrellas a este addon...
Por favor.
Que versión de Xbox estás utilizando? El Addon solo funciona con 1.18.30 y arriba. Podrías darme más detalles, que ajustes tienes encendidos en configuraciones? Si solo sucede cuando creas un mundo nuevo, o también te sucede en mundos ya creados? Estas descargando el archivo .zip o .mcpack?
Moobloom's legs doesn't move when it walks tho
My apologies, I had forgotten that I matched the Moobloom animation with my custom resource pack. I’ll make sure to fix that in the next update.
Bundles are not forgotten item, if you watch “ask mojang" in youtube, they said they still working on it but there's a problem on mobile player 😑
If you read the notes I stated that the feature doesn’t work on multiplayer. I’m aware it wasn’t forgotten since the code is present and I was able to bring the bundle to light. When they bring it to an update, I’ll remove it from here. However, 1.19 is about finalized in terms of new content.
SteveeCraft12345G May 14, 2022 at 9:08 pm
Oh yeah, there's no Pigman yet, add it if you don't mind and you can trade with Pigman using Rubby