Published on April 19, 2022 (Updated on April 19, 2022)

Minecraft Miraculous Add-on - Only for Beta!

Minecraft Miraculous is an add-on that brings the amazing world of Miraculous Ladybug to the world of minecraft. Be a hero, a villain, make your story, play with your friends, anything is possible! 

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  • Added 7 miraculous, namely: Ladybug, Black Cat, Fox, Bee, Peacock and Butterfly.


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Ahem... It's not like I like it or anything 🙄

but this is fucking well done AHEM
I'm playing on 1.19.11 and I have a problem. The resource pack installed but the behaviour pack isn't.
Please fix behaviour doesn’t even go into minecraft
Peepss, esse seu addon é maravilhoso, irmão. Por favor, faça o resto dos miraculous, ele é muito BOM!! Parabéns, cara. Você merece.
Can you add the snake miraculous? His power is to make a check point and when you use your power again you get teleported there
Um idk if its my game or what but im in the beta and added the addon in minecraft but the game only read the RP it isnt reading the BP need help 😭
you say it's only for Beta but I play it on the latest version (not beta)
Also can you fix dussuu's eyes they look kinda
Also can you add the tiger miraculous it has a pretty easy to make "special power" its only like a strong lunch or something

And alzo the cow or bull miraculous named "stomp" he has a pretty easy power too it just make him invincible

Also the mouse one is really hard but jts soo cool!
You can multiply your self its called "MULTITUDE!"

it's power is called "borow" it's a magic portal that take you to a parralel dimension which inside you can travel trough time but in my own experience that is impossible in Minecraft especially the bedrock version
I found some BUGS! 🐛

it saids "trixx de transform" it's sopposed to be "trixx let's rest"

Also cat miraculous's "cataclysm" doesn't seem to work
It doesn't destroy anything
I tried using it on mob but to no avail

Ooo btw can you add some more mirage for TRIXX the fox quami
Like a mirage small house?
Or a 5 diamond blocks close to together
Can you add the feature that lets the butterfly miraculous holder
Akumatize a player

And can you please update this more?

Also can you add the snake miraculous?
It would be like a teleporter
It function like this!
Player:SazZ scale slither!
Player: *hold / right click* the lyre weapon ( SECOND CHANDS! )
and then when you hold or right click again you go back to where you last use the second chance
If possible make all the mobs go back to where they are when you click the second chance.

Also add The Dragon Miraculous:
Player: long bring the storm!
Player hold or right click the katana sword weapon thing
And you can choose whether to use LIGHTNING , AIR , OR WATER

WATER: Gives you water effects like conduit
LIGHTNING: summon lightning_bolt? Etc :p
AIR: turns you invisible and lets you fly but you emmit a smoke particle to portry an illusion that it's a wind

Also i found some bugs?
First : when you're gonna de transform from the fox miraculous aka trixx the chat saids trixx de transform
It's sopposed to be "trixx let's rest*

Also cat noire's caticlysm doesn't seem to work
I used it but nothing seems to break , i used it on mobs and nothing happened so umm yeah those are what i have found
how are you gonna akumatize a player? is it gonna just turn that player into a bot?
Nope. But when an akuma goes to a player,the player will have a Selection of akumatize villain you can choose from and then when you press it,you become that
Bro, the cataclysm must not be working because you are on the wrong version, I warned this several times in the descriptions...
I was just dumb , im so sorry!
It's actually working , I just didn't tap the ground LOL
I tought it would instantly work
Like destroy my surroundings
Bc there is no explanation on how to hse it..
for me it does work but it take forever so I just mine the block afterwards
Make a structure where theres a box that when broken will give a random miraculous
Is it just me or is the peacock thingy not working
I have been waiting for someone to make a miraculous addon for a while now cant wait to see what you will add to obtain the miraculous perferably make them uncraftqble and the only way to obtain one is to meet certain requirements and the requirements are different for each one just a thought
Alr so my little sister likes miraculous lady bug but she doesnt know how to install addons so im always looking for stuff she would like and she really loved playing this shes really excited for the new miraculous items
Ahem... It's not like I like it or anything 🙄

but this is fucking well done AHEM