Published on January 19, 2022

Minecraft On Wheels

welcome to dream pixel's minecraft on wheels addon! this addon adds in 12 new and unique cars to the game. it features trucks, vans, commercial, emergency, and many other types of vehicles. its perfect for just about any minecraft world. unlike some other vehicle addons, the cars featured in this mod aren't heavily detailed, so this addon wont lag and it works great on mobile devices.



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Uh The Truck Cabin Is Inverted Please Make The Truck fixed. THE RIDING THE FRONT INSTEAD OF BACK CAN YOU FIX IT.
Really like the style, v cute
My only "complaint" could be the texturing on the general parts of the car, but even then I like it.
Overall, great job
pls added more car and motorcycle bc it so cool actually
These cars was so nice keep it up and try improve some
Dude İt's nice but add some more cars
Pls make it craftable on survival
Tires are so big lol.
They look like off-road vehicles