Published on January 26, 2020 (Updated on April 26, 2021)

ReTold - Minecraft Story Mode Add-On

The purpose of this add-on is to bring story mode exclusive features to your Minecraft world. It is an add-on that will add new entities, blocks, and items that will make your worlds more enjoyable or challenging.

DISCLAIMER: This Minecraft add-on is not approved by or associated with Microsoft, Mojang Studios and/or Telltale Games. 

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  • Armors of the new and old Order of the Stone
  • Viking helmet
  • Associate and guest outfits
  • Enderman suit
  • Eversource crown
  • Eversource chicken, lays spawn eggs of most mobs
  • Mob controller headset, no function
  • gauntlets
  • pebbles
  • new skin variant for the horse
  • empty and filled bookshelves
  • clean glass, can be crafted from hardened glass, has stained variants
  • framed glasses
  • stained redstone lamps
  • plywood, all wood types
  • dark stone slab
  • blue nether brick slab
  • obsidian slab
  • formidibomb, activates when placed
  • super tnt, acts like a normal tnt but stronger
  • wither storm flesh, can be crafted to glow with a glowstone dust
  • tall fires, currently not animated
  • wearable white pumpkin
  • custom doors, bugged
  • wandering warrior, spawns rarely in villages


  • version 2 is now an overlay pack, named "Accurate" (bad name)
  • Bare Bones textures are now in another overlay pack
  • Main packs now has custom blocks
  • added a ribcage texture to the giant enderman
  • giant enderman and the prismarine colossus now stomps the player 
  • full armors are now separated
  • changed "Baked Clay" name to "Polished Terracotta"
  • changed magma golem texture
  • changed prison golem textures
  • prismarine tools model and texture, now twice the size
  • prismarine foes are now twice the size 
  • colored bricks are move to random things addon
  • humans can now pick up any item
  • changed creeper and creeder texture
  • creeper, icy ender creeper and the creeder now have flashing textures
  • changes to some textures


  • Zombified piglins no longer appear as zombie pigmen
  • Player no longer breathes infinite oxygen, removed player.json
  • custom golems no longer swing their legs too far
  • held items by humans now renders
  • forgot what else I fixed



  • blocks.mcaddon (813.89 KB)
  • random_things.mcaddon (604.39 KB)
  • Retold_1.1.1.mcaddon (4.79 MB)

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Pinned comment
There will be new stuff but I think bug fixes took more portion of the progress
Only a few planned stuff are left to be added, I guess I can get it released this year
Scripting is nearly complete for blocks, but I haven't added scripts for items
Hey, i don't have link for discord cause expired, but can you give me a new discore link or the Story mode Banners + 3D crafting table addon pls? Cause these are nice and can't download cause discord expired. Or can i contact you? :(
can you please update this id pay for it to be updated at this point pleaseeeee
Oof I don't have a way to receive and store money yet lol
Jus checking back in to hear progress on the mod, is any new stuff going to be added to the update or is it just bug fixes for 1.21?
There will be new stuff but I think bug fixes took more portion of the progress
Only a few planned stuff are left to be added, I guess I can get it released this year
Scripting is nearly complete for blocks, but I haven't added scripts for items
Hello Qwerty! a while ago before this addon was developed as much as is now, i made some suggestions and i'm not sure if it was coincidence or not but you made my wishes come true so thank you so much. i've been a story mode fan since the first episode of season 1 and have seen the game through its prime and i wanted to give some detailed ideas for you to take inspiration from if you so choose to!

- Luna lamma (maybe her specialty is that you don't take fall damage on her or she can randomly kick you off of her back)
- Gauntlets causing more damage (also if this is even possible you could make the block the gold protocol was kept in and maybe the gold protocol can only be used 3 times by the player)
- mind control chips can be attached to mobs and make them friendly towards players but give them a slowness debuff
- Background details like banners, paintings, and maybe the enchant glint (the glint is different in story mode)
- Shields that belonged to the gladiators and radar (from episodes 8-S1 and 3-S2)
- You could make armor templates for each of the armor types for a way to get them in survival (i know these weren't story mode but i couldn't think of another way)
- Petras half broken armor from season 2
- Ivors Ninja outfit
- Ninja ivors long diamond sword
- the mob hats the underneath gang wore
- The giant enderman should be able to pick you up with one of its long arms and toss you into its mouth
- Jack's sword on his back (could be used as a chestplate piece and only for cosmetic purposes)
- Nerm could be a rare villager you encounter in a village or he could just be a copy and paste cartographer villager (because he is canonically a cartographer villager)
- Portal blocks to represent the portals in the portal hall (Can just be an animated portal block for building uses only)

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the suggestions! I may take some into consideration to be included for the update
why when I download the mod the mod called random things
Because Minecraft Story Mode is random I guess?
I think both of your problems are just because the resource and behavior packs aren't up to date with 1.20.60. I could be wrong but this might be why. We just have to wait for the addon to update to the most recent version of Minecraft. Hope this helps.
can someone tell me how to get the Minecraft story mode stuff because all it gave me was random stuff that are not from Minecraft: story mode
Can anyone help me with an issue?: when i add the re-told blocks behaivor pack to any world, the re-told blocks resource pack gets removed. And if i try to add re-told blocks resource pack when i have added the behaivor pack, it doesnt allow me to. I would really appreciate it if someone helped me
This is one of my favorite addons! Is it still being worked on? I know the pinned comment said it is but I was just wondering, thank you.
hi! im making a java mod (core of another modpack im working on) about MC:SM and was wondering if I could use some of these assets. (I will credit you of course haha) I think it'd be painstaking to make my own assets + I noticed some of these are directly from the original game. I won't publish the mod until I have permission. Thanks! :D
A strange thing happened with the mod, and I don't mean a bug or anything like that, and I want to ask you about it, my discord username is ragergamer if you want to ask me about it.
Can't you write what happened here?
it would take too long to type and I don't want to fill the comment section with a paragraph
Hey, just wondering if you're still working on this mod, if you are, then can you tell us what's been fixed so far?
It's still being worked on. It had trickles of progress everyday since my last pinned comment. All fixes were mostly made because of changes/deprecation of json components, this was done in most blocks and item, and some in entities. Had to fix some things in entities that already existed since the very first version too.
Also, the deprecation of some json features planned by Mojang will require me to learn Javascript (and/or Typescript? I honestly have no idea as I haven't tried learning it), which I'm planning to do this month
update the mod its so good its my favorite mod ever but it has to be updateddd
where can we download the latest version? Rn the items from the mod are showing up for me ingame about 30% of the time, other times it won't be in the creative inventory at all
will this mod be worked on again? Bcs me and my friends have this mod on a realm and have had lots of fun with it but the latest update kinda broke it.