Published on January 26, 2020 (Updated on April 26, 2021)

ReTold - Minecraft Story Mode Add-On

The purpose of this add-on is to bring story mode exclusive features to your Minecraft world. It is an add-on that will add new entities, blocks, and items that will make your worlds more enjoyable or challenging.

DISCLAIMER: This Minecraft add-on is not approved by or associated with Microsoft, Mojang Studios and/or Telltale Games. 

This add-on brings the following features


This hostile mob can blow you up and it rarely spawn underground at night. The explosion is bit stronger than the creeper. It can also climb walls. Can be charged.


Prison Golem

It behaves just the same as the iron golems. Spawns underground. They have a red variant.


Prison Zombie

Withered prisoners. Inflicts wither. Doesn't burn in sunlight. They spawn underground.


Prison Slime

Just like slimes. They spawn underground.



They behave just like vanilla wolves. They spawn in villages.


Icy Spiders

These mobs spawn in cold biomes. They can inflict slowness status effect. Also have jockey versions. Drops icy shards and icy cores.


Icy Ender Creeper

This mob can teleport and explode. They can't carry blocks (add-on limits). They spawn in snowy biomes. Can be charged.


Icy Golem

They look like iron golems but hostile. It throws snowballs and will use melee attacks when closer. They spawn in cold biomes.


Icy Golem (Boss)

Large version of the icy golems. It has a health of 500. It has stages. Projectiles and explosions doesn't do much damage to it.


Magma Golem

Has a slightly higher minimum and maximum damage than the iron golem. Currently spawning in the nether. Will turn into cobblestone variant when touched by water. Can not be spawned by placing magma blocks and a pumpkin.


Giant Enderman

A giant version of the enderman. It has a health of 500. Can't pick up blocks. The behaviour can no longer be improved due to addon limits.


Prismarine Foes

These mobs have the same health as the golems. They have prismarine weapons that rarely drops. Not spawning naturally.


Giant Ghast

This three headed ghast is a boss. It shoots fireballs that can still hurt you even if you have fire resistance. It can also summon multiple ghasts. They rarely spawn in the Nether. 


Prismarine Colossus

A large animated prismarine statue. It has a health of 500. It is immune to knockback. It drops prismarine blocks.


Wither Storm

Players can spawn it by giving a wither a command block. Command blocks can be obtained by fishing or looting mansions.

It will transform in to its next stage after a few minutes.         

In this third stage, it shoots wither skulls that deals high damage and can set everything in fire.

Fourth stage



Prismarine Blocks

Can be crafted with prismarine/dark prismarine in a stonecutter.


Prismarine Runes

Can be crafted with a blank prismarine rune in a stonecutter



Polished Terracotta

Can be made with an uncolored terracotta in a stonecutter.

Other Polished Terracotta Blocks

Crafted with polished terracotta in a stonecutter.


Generates anywhere in the overworld. Up to four pebbles can be placed in one block space. Can be thrown. Crafted with a cobblestone in a crafting table.

Dark Cobblestone, Smooth Stone, and Stone Slab

Crafted with a black dye and their respective blocks.

Blue Nether Bricks

Crafted with two nether bricks and two warped roots. Crafting shape is similar to red nether brick recipe.

Ice Tile

Can be crafted with four packed ice in a crafting table.


Ice Lantern

The recipe needs 8 icy shards and a icy core. Ingredients can be obtained from an icy spider.


Paper Lantern

Crafted with sticks, papers, and a torch. Can be dyed.


Colored Redstone Block

Crafted with a redstone lamp and any dye.


Framed Tinted Glass

Crafted with sticks and a tinted glass. Also has normal and hardened glass types.


Custom Bookshelves

These bookshelves can only be crafted with an empty bookshelf and 3 books. Vanilla recipe with other wood types will only result to an oak bookshelf because the recipe is hardcoded.

Book piles can be crafted with three books. No specific shape.


Seafoam Green Dye

Crafted with a lime and white dye. Can be used to color wool, redstone lamp, etc.





There is an overlay pack that changes models and textures to look similar as what can be seen in Minecraft Story Mode.

Without the accurate overlay pack:

With the accurate overlay pack:


Special thanks to RobotPantaloons for giving me permission to make a Bare Bones overlay in my addon.

Here's a link to Bare Bones

Special thanks to JujuStyle7 for the wither storm. 

Also to LugiaGamerYT for some tweaks.

And to dakonblackrose for the armor templates.

Select version for changelog:



  • Armors of the new and old Order of the Stone
  • Viking helmet
  • Associate and guest outfits
  • Enderman suit
  • Eversource crown
  • Eversource chicken, lays spawn eggs of most mobs
  • Mob controller headset, no function
  • gauntlets
  • pebbles
  • new skin variant for the horse
  • empty and filled bookshelves
  • clean glass, can be crafted from hardened glass, has stained variants
  • framed glasses
  • stained redstone lamps
  • plywood, all wood types
  • dark stone slab
  • blue nether brick slab
  • obsidian slab
  • formidibomb, activates when placed
  • super tnt, acts like a normal tnt but stronger
  • wither storm flesh, can be crafted to glow with a glowstone dust
  • tall fires, currently not animated
  • wearable white pumpkin
  • custom doors, bugged
  • wandering warrior, spawns rarely in villages


  • version 2 is now an overlay pack, named "Accurate" (bad name)
  • Bare Bones textures are now in another overlay pack
  • Main packs now has custom blocks
  • added a ribcage texture to the giant enderman
  • giant enderman and the prismarine colossus now stomps the player 
  • full armors are now separated
  • changed "Baked Clay" name to "Polished Terracotta"
  • changed magma golem texture
  • changed prison golem textures
  • prismarine tools model and texture, now twice the size
  • prismarine foes are now twice the size 
  • colored bricks are move to random things addon
  • humans can now pick up any item
  • changed creeper and creeder texture
  • creeper, icy ender creeper and the creeder now have flashing textures
  • changes to some textures


  • Zombified piglins no longer appear as zombie pigmen
  • Player no longer breathes infinite oxygen, removed player.json
  • custom golems no longer swing their legs too far
  • held items by humans now renders
  • forgot what else I fixed


You need to delete the old version.


  • Retold_1.1.1.mcaddon (4.79 MB)
  • blocks.mcaddon (813.89 KB)
  • random_things.mcaddon (604.39 KB)

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Sorry for the late reply
I've been thinking of not working on the wither storm after the update I'm planning
It's because working on the wither storm unexpectedly gave me a lot of stress
Jujustyle's wither storm will probably get updated in its own page
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are you gonna add the giant magma golem too?
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how to download the wither storm
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Hey, as of 8/31/21 I have a request : Could you add normal clothing like the human mob, and add crafting recipes for everything. And some custom world generation for some of the storymode stuff. If able todo so Thanks!
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Bruh it doesn’t work. It just adds new mods that aren’t even from Minecraft story mode, thanks for wasting my files
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I mean it does work, dunno what your on about
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Is the story mode armors and items craftible and if so what are the recipes if not are they obtainible in survival like from mansion or buried treasure
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i think both prismarine colossus and the giant enderman should have 3000 health and 120 damage
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Hey, I like this mod and I've had it before. But I can't download it anymore, like I can't import it. When I put it into MC Addons Manager, it just disappears. I REALLY like this mod please help.
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Delete the version yo have if you have done this already and it does not help i dont know
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I'd like to have the add-on but I'm just confused how to download it. Could you make a tutorial step-by-step on how to download it.
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Hi creator. When I equip the accurate pack above the default pack it crashes my game. I am on ios iPod Touch Gen6. Please fix this. It doesn't crash if i don'5 equip it. Thanks! And amazing addon!
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The add-on is excellent, with great ideas, but please, make it playable for switch players, and if it's missing some things, make a version that is playable for switch players
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Como puedo ver las armaduras? Ahi que fabricarlas? O con comando?
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The addon is great but the wither storm doesn't grow at all
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This is the best MCSM mod ever if I say so myself, but I would like to ask if you could add the Order of the Stones armor from Season 2 Example: Petra's S2 Armor, Olivia and Axel's new clothes, Ivor's Ninja armor (And possibly ponytail) ect, and I would also like to ask for some armor to not Remove any head piece that is already on my skin like for example, putting on any piece of Jesse's armor removes Gabriel's Helmet that was already on his skin, not the actual piece of armor, literally making him bald, and wearing Lukas' Goggles on Lukas removes his bangs, and more, so yeah, just asking for extra armor and some bug fixes
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Maybe even add prison radar's armor from E4, or maybe prison jesse's armor as it applies to all jesse's I think
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I can't find formidi bomb, super tnt, armors, and other items. How to fix it?
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Can this be survival friendly?
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