Published on June 21, 2022 (Updated on June 24, 2023)

Weather Addon V1.16

Have you ever wanted Tornadoes inside of Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Well, now you can! Hi, I'm Jeremiah and I introduce to you the Minecraft Weather Addon. This add-on has been my dream project. However, back then, I didn't know how to do everything I can now. This addon has been a learning curve and, taught me much about what I can do as a creator. So I hope you all enjoy this add-on, especially all you die-hard Minecraft weather fans.

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-Added EF0 and EF1 Fire Tornado Variants!

-Added EF3 Tornado!

-Added died-down (descending) versions of all of the storms!

-Added more names for a majority of the mobs and items!

-Added the ability for "agp:player_movement" to be given levitation when being picked up by the tornado!

-Added cumulus clouds! (For the waterspouts)

-Added a new item called "Tornado Item"! (Not the same as the original item)

-Added Tornado Siren Block!

-Added Tornado Radar Block!

-Added GUI for the Tornado Siren/Radar Blocks! (to open up the menu, just simply crouch and left-click the block, this only works in survival however)

-Added 3 new modes for the Tornado Radar Block: Classic, Realtime-Tracking, and Visual!

-Added Tornado Siren Block Crafting Recipe!

-Added Tornado Radar Block Crafting Recipe!

-Added 3 New EF0 Variants!

-Added "agp:indicator", "agp:decoy_siren", and "agp:decoy_radar" entities!

-Added the ability for Waterspout-type storms to spawn naturally!

-Added new options for the forms GUI script!

-Added new form GUI for spawning tornadoes!

-Added the ability to transfer ownership of the settings item, to another player!

-Added "Performance Menu" GUI to allow you to decrease the particle amount of storms in-game!

-Added new mob "agp:tornado_dead" for the new and improved supercell limiting feature!

-Added new custom commands: !wa pos x and !wa pos z

-Added new sound "WindRoar", which will play when near a tornado! (doesn't play for the EF0 tornado)

-Waterspouts can now pick up sea life, boats, rafts, and cows!

-The tornadoes can now drag you if you're underground!

-If the player has five blocks above them, and is not near an entryway, the tornadoes will not drag/pick up the player!

-The tornadoes are now limited to only 3! (W.I.P)

-The EF0 and EF1 can now pick up leaves! (W.I.P)

-Firenadoes and the entity "agp:decoy_fire" can now burn you and other mobs, when near them!

-Decoy Blocks now limit properly to 30 entities!

-EF0 now spawns from the sky, and slowly descends downward!


-Removed "agp:player_air", "agp:player_air2", and "agp:player_drag"

-Removed /function reset

-Removed player.json file, the addon now uses tick.json, which can be used for any addon! (This does mean, however, that certain features won't be the same)

-Removed the functions "blocks0", "blocks1", "blocks2", and "blocks3"!


-Changed the damage path of the tornadoes to have an improved block-list, of things they can destroy!

-The EF2 particle now has its own unique design, and are no longer just a scaled-up version of the EF1!

-Changed the particles for the EF1 fair-weather waterspout to have more of a wavy style!

-The siren now has new sounds! (entity version)

-Changed the siren textures and model! (entity version)

-Fixed the storms not going to the next stage!

-EF0 now uses timeline-event, to determine when to change paths! (No longer uses a timer, due to bug)

-Certain items such as: "grass", "dirt", or even "planks". Will no longer be instantly turned into a "agp:decoy_block" entity, the tornadoes now spawn the entity in the correct location instead!

-Changed the way "agp:decoy_block" entities function, when they're falling down!

-"agp:decoy_block" now uses properties, in order to get the correct textures! (no longer uses variants)

-"agp:decoy_block" can now pick up all leave types! (the leave textures, will change for each version like normal, however, depending on the type of biome it's in, it can also change its texture, to match the colors of the leave blocks around it)

-/function reset is now replaced with /function ResetFlight, which runs multiple functions, all at once! (No need to run this yourself, it always runs in the background for you)

-Village structures, will no longer spawn in the addon. If you still want a village, I dunno, in a flat-world, then just use the command "/structure load Village ~~-1~"

-Replaced "agp:player_air", "agp:player_air2", and "agp:player_drag" with one new mob named "agp:player_movement", that runs all the same functions instead!

-Storms now spawn into the world, with a delay!

-Changed the particle amount for most particles in the addon!

-The credits menu on start-up is now changed from /say to /title @s actionbar!

-Changed the EF1 Firenado particle, to match the height of the EF0 Firenado particle!

-Changed the name of the item called "Tornado Item" to now be called "Tornado Menu"!

-Made most of the sound files .ogg instead of .wav to save space! (100MB difference)!

-Updated the Tornado Siren Sounds to have a less choppy sound mid-way through!

-Updated the Tornado Siren Mob Functionality to not spam-play the sounds!

-Died-Down Supercells will play their particle sequence in reverse!

-EF0 by default will now be only visually viewable around 350 blocks unless configured through the settings item! (This only occurs, if the closest player, is more than 350+ blocks)

-The siren now spins when a tornado is nearby! (entity version)

-The EF1 can now move in different directions like the EF0!

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed the tornadoes breaking blocks they weren't supposed to underneath them!

-Fixed the particles of the supercell not spinning in the right direction!

-The storms can now make the sky color different based off of real life!

-The supercell has a 0.03% chance of spawning an EF1 inside of the game!

-Fixed an issue where the storm and supercell would both die if underground for too long. Due to not having the proper health amount!

-Fixed the settings item, to open up the original GUI via scripts!

-Fixed storms that are transforming into their next stage, not consistently not showing their particles!

-Tornadoes EF0 and EF1 can no longer die due to being in blocks that can harm them! (An example would be the cherry bush)!

-Adjusted the way that you fly in a tornado to be less laggy in case of breakage! ("agp:player_movement" will despawn if the player is too far away)

-Disabling credits now works properly!

-Tornadoes (EF0) will no longer visually disappear upon it going on a certain mountain type. But will now visually disappear if it's in that specific mountain-type, and if it's at a certain altitude!

-Tornadoes (EF0) will do the same sequence as spawning in the world (Slowly descending down) After crossing the mountain!

-Fixed Tornadoes Not picking up mobs, if there are more than one tornadoes near a specified area! (Mojang changed this feature since 1.19.40 or 30 was released)

-Fixed NPC_Tagger and NPC_Options Functions not working!

-Fixed a bug that would make it to where the tornadoes, would think that planks, for it to destroy, were actually dirt!

-EF3 now can now pick up double the number of decoy blocks!

-Fixed a few issues where players wouldn't be launched properly from tornadoes!

-"agp:player_movement" mobs will now only grab the closest player near them, with the right requirements! (not just within a certain distance)

-Behavior Subpacks were removed and replaced with in-game support instead!

-Moved Start-UI feature to main files, which no longer requires the sub pack for it in Resources!

-Start-UI will only play one time, upon your first load-up with the addon on that world!

-Start-UI can be disabled for new players that join the world for the first time!

-Sattelite and Tornado Siren mobs are now purely decorative, and will not be craftable whatsoever!

-Addon manifest has been updated from 1.19.40 to 1.20.0 to make use of new execute commands and features!

-Firenadoes or Decoy Fire entities causing fire damage are an optional feature, and can be enabled/disabled through settings!

-You can now change every individual thing, about all the tornadoes particles, when it comes to displaying them or not!

-Changed the Storms particle textures to match the cloud mob textures!

-Changed the name of "agp:storm" from showing "Storm Clouds" to "Storm"!

-Changed the title of the addon to be called "Weather Addon V1.16"!

-Tornadoes no longer sink below water when first spawning!

-Waterspouts now rise to y-level 63, if underwater!

-Waterspouts now have a storm entity!

-Waterspouts now properly display cloud particles!

-Breaking an active Siren/Radar block will now activate deactivated Siren/Radar blocks near it!

-Having other players in another area, with a Siren/Radar block will no longer interfere with one that's near another player from far away!

-The died-down EF0 can now be seen on the Radar!

-Getting launched no longer spawns more than one mob!

-Fixed an issue where Siren/Radar blocks weren't activating for players!

-If you're already flying in the tornado, it will no longer spawn in more "agp:player_movement" entities! (if it has been doing so already)

-"agp:decoy_block" will now only damage you if you're flying in the tornado! (This is a good change, especially if you're getting dragged, and you're stuck in-between a wall)

-Tornadoes can now pick up "agp:player_movement" from 160 blocks instead of 125 blocks! (This should make it to where you don't get stuck floating as much)

-"agp:player_movement" will now despawn if it is 60 blocks away from the tornado! (if it's in its dragging state)

-Renamed "agp:watercell" to "agp:cumulus" to match real-life!

-Fixed some waterspout-related storms not having the clouds above them!

-Fixed died-down storms not having cloud layers above them!

-Improved the normal/died-down tornado icons for the radar!

-Fixed some custom sounds that were not working!

-Tornado Siren/Radar blocks now filter out light properly!

-EF1 Firenado now no longer has dirt, spiraling up the funnel!

-When the player is launched from the tornado, you will no longer be damaged!

-Tornadoes can no longer pick you up, in spectator mode!

-Players that are being Dragged, Launched, or Flying due to the tornadoes, will now have their movement locked, and will no longer be able to spam out of tornadoes!

-Increased the size of the paths, that the tornado leaves behind, to match their actual funnel size!

-Fixed a bug where the tornadoes paths, when going a certain direction, would not stay the same size!

-Players that are already riding a mob, will no longer be forced off of that mob, with the new system!

-When being picked dragged by the tornado, you will no longer clip into blocks!

-You will no longer get launched from a tornado, if you're underground!


Installation Guides

hey can you add like hurricanes and floods ans stuff like that
Can you update it for 1.0.50 the gui is not working.
why is the tornado spawner and tornado menu disappears from my inventory every time put them on my inventory, pls tell me how? (i enabled all the experimental settings) im using android btw
You probably should read the discription. It says that if you are not a operator in thw world, it will disappear.
How to open the gui cus I'm using 1.20.40 render dragon and I long press the tornado menu it won't work plus how to get the visuals on the radar?
I'm currently working on an update to fix this; the scripts broke again. So, I have to make a patch.
when will this patch come out
when will you add the ef4 or ef5
The EF4 is technically out, on a separate version for my discord server members. However, it will be in the next update, which I do plan to release sometime next week, or the week after.
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Hello nice addon👍🙂
pls tell me why i eat THE SETTINGS
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This comment has been removed
nvm i just wasit in the right mc versoin
What version does it work?
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it doesn’t work?! every time I try to put the tornado spawner and the tornado menu in my inventory they disappear, please fix this so I can see tornadoes
Make sure to have all of the experimental toggles enabled
can u tell me why i eat he settings and how do i get more partacls in the tornado btw nice addon keep up the work
Also, use the settings item first, it will fix that...
I right click and the settings don't appear
u should make the siren block redstone compateble so u can do siren tests
I am planning on doing something like that
When you first import the addon it says "unable to import *addon name* invalid zip archive" I can't tell if I can manually fix it or not. Its not the main addon but it doesn't import for some reason