Published on November 15, 2020 (Updated on February 02, 2021)

Minecraft Upgrade (Beta 1.2)

Minecraft Upgrade it's a addon that adds a lot of new things of the old Minecraft updates (like the nether update) exploring the concept of the upgrade topic and remaking some things of the update

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Man this mod is AWESOME! But, I do have one criticism, the cyan flower was called the Sesame flower
I love the mod but i will love it more in 1.18
I loved this add-on add-on but now I can't play it because it's not on 1.18 it would be amazing if it was on 1.18 and it had more features because everything could have more there's always room for improvement
Pls, update the addon to 1.17 is one of my favorite addon
Does this still work in the newest update?
Por favor arrume a compatibilidade do addon! Nao posso usa-lo em um addon-pack por causa de bugs graficos nas moitas da selva e outras coisas irritantes
Hey May I use this for a modded smp (gonna be public in 1.17)
I'll credit and stuff
Oops sorry forgot to rate
Incredible addon but Ima give a bit of constructive criticism some of these names could be a bit better so I thought up a few examples to help ya out of you need them like:
Pyroball to Pyrocharge
Cyan flower to Blue Rose
Dead infected to Decayed or Fallen infected
Bisumtuh to Bismuth
Advanced gold sword to Pure Gold sword
Golden fungus to Glistering Fungus
Molten soul to Condensed soul/block
Basalt chiseled to Chiseled basalt
Dead creeper to Zombie creeper, Undead creeper or Zombified creeper
Nether redstone ore to Basalt redstone ore
And finally
Quartz key to Quartz activator

The name of things really changes how they feel by alot this makes them sound a bit more interesting and a little bit more vannilla than before
I agree with most of this, but some of it seems slightly unecessary to change like the molten soul block which is perfectly fine
I would download but I'm playing in 1.16.201 and I do not want to corrupt my world again by downgrading to 1.16.100 it's an awesome addon tho
i really love this mod/addon would be very very nice to see slabs and stairs of the new blocks.
Hope you respond and see this, stay safe and stay home <3
Hello. I really love this mod. But there is one thing, this is a new ore that replaces iron, can you return the old crafting of iron items and use the ore to craft armor from your other armor mod
Ohh sorry i not dowlond this mod
ISAAC PAUL VILANA GUACHO December 12, 2020 at 2:02 am
Hello i want make one complain about this dont work with nay shaders why please you need make it possible =( i want it with shader, do you can?
ISAAC PAUL VILANA GUACHO December 12, 2020 at 2:03 am
Dont work with any shaders, if you want to know, please read me this is important i think
The addon is great, but is there a setting that you dont want those new textures for the piglins and wants to keep the vanilla feeling in your minecraft world?
ISAAC PAUL VILANA GUACHO December 12, 2020 at 2:01 am
You need go to archive game and inside press resourse and press minecraft upgrade go to texture-blocks find the texture you dont want and delete that and end, enjoy vainille iteams =)
Amigooo, esto es hermosoo
Thanks for The Addon!
The Textures and Models are So Good!?