MinePhone Addon (Brand New - MinePhone 2!)

Did you ever think, that Minecraft PE is lacking something? Something futuristic and out of your blocky world? Allow me to present you the MinePhone - the latest piece of redstone technology.

BRAND NEW MINEPHONE 2! Read more on that later


This is the first ever MinePhone device. Powerful as a diamond sword, it deals 8 damage to your enemies. But what's so special about it? You don't have to get 2 diamonds every time your weapon breaks - the MinePhone has a rechargeable battery! More on that later.

So, how do you get yourself a MinePhone? Unfortunately we haven't opened a store in your Minecraft PE world yet, so you have to make one yourself. First you need a command block. Yes. A command block in survival. This is how you craft it:

4 redstone blocks and 1 diamond block. Expensive, but it'll pay off in the end.

Now you can make the core of the MinePhone, the most powerful redstone technology the world has ever seen - an M1 processing unit (processor). Here's how you make it:

2 redstone blocks, 1 diamond block, 2 repeaters, 1 command block and 3 iron ingots.

What's the phone worth if it doesn't have a screen? Get yourself one with this crafting recipe:

5 iron ingots, 1 glass pane, 1 redstone lamp and 2 repeaters.

And now finally you can make the MinePhone:

6 iron ingots, 1 stone button, 1 M1 processor and 1 MinePhone screen.

As we've mentioned before, the attack damage is 8, which is the same as a diamond sword. Unlike the sword, you can recharge the MinePhone battery (fully charged (100%) battery is 100 durability) with a MinePhone charger! So how does it work?

Each time you hit someone with the MinePhone it loses some % of the battery. Be careful - if the battery is fully drained, the MinePhone will break! Before it happens you have to turn it off:

The discharged MinePhone has infinite durability, but no damage (like a stick or a bare hand). Now you have to charge it back. To do so you have to make a MinePhone charger:

And then place it in a crafting grid with the phone:

Voila! You device is alive again!


Introducing: MinePhone S! Better processor and more colors!

How do you craft it? Simple! The recipe is almost the same, as the original minephone, but you have to make a new processor (M2):

Just replace the repeater on the right with a comparator and the iron ingot in the middle with an iron block

The screen is the same as before, but the phone's craft is a bit different:

The only difference is that the processor now is the M2 processor and top two iron ingots are replaced with white/dark gray dye!

Also, you can use the same old chargers with your phone!

All the functionality of the phone is the same.


Even more power and colors! Also it's slimmer now, which allows you to have 2 of them in the same slot!

New Colors - White, Dark Gray and Light Gray

Slick dual color design

Wait! There's more!

MinePhone 2 Special Gold Edition! Even more powerful (but more expensive)

More power is achieved thanks to the brand new M2+ Processing Unit; Here's how you make it

All of your old chargers will work with the brand new MinePhone 2!

Info sheet:

The original Minephone is now discontinued

Also our first retail store is now open! Check it out by downloading a map!


Thank you for your attention! More devices are coming soon.

© MineCorp 2021. All rights reserved.


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  • Added a new model of MinePhone - MinePhone 2 (4 colors)
  • Added the M2+ processing unit
  • Fixed M2 processing unit crafting

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