Published on February 25, 2021 (Updated on August 31, 2021)

Miner's Dream Plus [1.17 Update]

This is an addon that adds some new consumable tech/spell things inspired by 'Orespawn' and its miner's dream addon. Note: none of the items in this addon use textures from the orespawn mod, nor do they function exactly the same.

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I have updated the miner's dream to now destroy 1.17 blocks and it also places torches to light up your area!


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Love the consideration you put into letting BE players get authentic mods like orespawn. Mods like these are a diamond in the rough in MCPEDL. Not only did you remake the mechanic, but you personalized it as well. Great take on Orespawn, keep making great addons.

Why I like this addon
1) It's vanilla friendly (doesn't feel to cheaty*)
2) Diamond rates are unbelievably lower in PE (Unverified, from my experience(
3) It's balanced (Still have to kill creeepers, get redstone, and smelt stone)
4) It has great synergy with other add-ons, (More ores, More tools, Minecraft but,)
5) It gives redstone a better use.
6) It's safe. (it prevents common death from lava while strip mining)

And that is only the Miner's dream... :)

Overall great survival addon that makes grinding resources in MCPE less tedious and more rewarding.
Does this support 1.17.10?
finally an update :D
i love this addon it make the mine so much easier but you can update the miner dream? so it could break deepslate too, thanks
I've tried installing this addon from both links and neither versions display the items in creative or survival inventories.

Would love to use this addon, I have Advanced Machinery working well so I don't get why this addon doesn't show up.
The addon should work, please make sure you have ALL experimental gameplay options on the world. If you need help installing the addon, there is a video in the page above with a full tutorial.
Also make sure you have BOTH the behavior and resources on the world.
Plss give these crafting recipes like in ore spawn great addon 5 stars
They have recipes, they should show up in survival or you can watch the video
Good thing i download this addon before it release to the mcpedl

Spydderock im a fan🤩🤩🤩
does this addon remove custom ores?
No, custom ores should work perfectly fine.