Published on June 19, 2017 (Updated on June 25, 2017)

Mini Mobs Addon

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Please god dont use AdFly

Do you know how many viruses and popups they try to install?

My computer keeps getting hundreds of popup ads and crap and 30-something malware alerts

Just from using mcpedl and adfly for a couple of weeks
can this work on windows 10
Amazing mod, I love it. But one thing, I bred 2 wolves and the puppy was bigger than the adults, so maybe could you add it so the baby mobs shrink aswell? Much appreciated
Amazing addon! But why not the Parrots? You can just make them a tiny bit smaller. Thanks!
I love this mod! I think since the mobs are tiny, they should all be leashable! :)

oh they are small by the way........
That exactly what i was looking for , i have a baby player addon and i need small mobs
Every time I try to get it it doesn't work, but don't blame the mod, it's just my dumb iPad.
Amazing, but can you miniaturize other entities like tnt, lightning bolts, fangs, splash and lingering potions, and all projectiles PLEASE?!!
Wait a second. Why'd you change the Vex? I mean I know it's your add-on, but after scaling down the other mobs, the Vex is roughly the same size. It's almost impossible to kill anyways, so now it's like trying to kill a mosquito that got hit with a shrink ray. Just saying. Aside from this, amazing add-on. Maybe someone could make a mini adventure map using this add-on and that add-on that scales down the size of the player. 9.9/10
if you dont like it, unzip the .zip (or if you have .mcpack, rename it to .zip, theyre the same) and open entities, then find Vex.json text file. Open it and set Scale Max and Scale Value to 1.0

There. Fixed.
This are me addon he have copyed it
Can't wait to see ended dragon now!! Ps creator, you should make the elder egg smaller since it comes from the small ender dragon