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Published on May 23, 2017 (Updated on May 23, 2017)

Mini Town [Creation]

Explore one of the greatest (and at the same time smallest) cities of all time in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Mini Town uses the Mini City Texture Pack which converts some of the blocks in-game to miniature skyscrapers and similar which then can be used as building blocks for creating mini cities. It's by far the best mini city (for Pocket Edition) which I have explored and it's definitely worth checking out.

Creator: Ishetsannie


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I can’t download it. My iPad thinks it a “MacBook” so I can’t get Mc mods no more, tell me how to fix this
I am making a GODZILLA roleplay out of this.
not in the blockman GO
I am using this great city for a clay soldier battle and it’s a minigame
The question is how do you disable the command block
*Ugh* I cant play it every time I try it crashes
that's a block design like a Mini Thing
I like to use the Toy Soldier addon with this. the tiny soldiers are small enough to look like people battling for the small city.
I can't find the command block I looked under their hill I can't find it
Nice It would be great if u add a clay soldier texture human pack on this :D
From the map it look like A town that guard from a titan xD.i can see it from the wall
Hey I made a YouTube video on this map check it out:
guys i found the command blocks. its under the hill with the single house uptop near world spawn. your welcome!!
Cool map. Such a great way too use this texturepack.