Published on July 19, 2021

Mining Stick/Wand Addon

This addon adds a new magical item in the game. It is a wand called mining stick. You can mine anything using this stick, even bedrock. You just have to right click the wand and it will mine 3 x 3 area around the player. You can use this stick to find diamonds and ancient debris. Also mining takes no time at all, its just like insta mine.

This addon is very useful for those who don't like mining. This addon will generate interest for mining. You can just insta mine stuffs.

You can mine any thing like stone, iron ore, gold ore, lapis, diamonds and anything, even wood.

Also the crafting recipe for this stick is very easy, just 1 blaze rod and one diamond pickaxe.

Also this stick can mine bedrock.

Note : Trur on Experimental Settings for this addon.

That's it, if you like this addon, share with your friends. If you found any bug in the addon, definitely let me know in the comments below. Thankyou..!


  • Click on the download link and follow the steps and download this addon.
  • Now double click on this addon, now the game will automatically import the addon
  • Now go to world settings then activate this addon in your behavior pack and resource pack.
  • Now enjoy the game.


Installation Guides

Pinned comment
If anybody of you were facing invalid zip error, it is now fixed, download again and you are good to go.
This is a great mod! Do you mind if I showcase this in a Youtube video? I will credit you and link this mod in the description of course. Keep up the good mods.
If anybody of you were facing invalid zip error, it is now fixed, download again and you are good to go.
This seems cool, complaints i have about it though is that the crafting recipe doesn't really suit a staff, it seems too easy to craft aswell (especially because it breaks bedrock). Also, mabye get rid of the bedrock breaking ability? I think making something be able to break bedrock is a really bad idea.
Oh, ok cant do anything about the bedrock thing but definitely gonna change the recipe. if you can suggest any then it will be very nice
a diamond block in the top right, a stick on the bottom left, a blaze rod in the middle and 2 sticks to the left and bottom of the diamond block would be a good start.
thnx, will definitely look at it.