Published on May 16, 2017

Missing Color 2 [Parkour]

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Hey the did I fool you sign did not fool me I am on Minecraft leaderboards
hey i loved this map i have mcwin10 and it works like mcpe butyou use a mouse and i hope you can make more maps like this one just with color and like a castle one not parkour oh i have to go...! i love minecraft mcpe and mcwin10
Just a never ending circle at the end and I can't go anywhere it's making me mad
Hi Joa, just letting u know I tried posting all three of my skins on Mcpedl so if u wanna download my Chicken Nugget skin just search for NuggetOfDoom212XBL OK dood?
Peace Out!
Hi agen Joa! I liked this map EVEN MORE than the first one cuz I actually BEAT IT! Lel....
Anyways, keep up the good work and I hope to see a Missing Colors 3 next time I check this website!!
Good maps keep up hard work ?
theres this level that i keep walking in a circle or something. How do i beat it?
Turn around and I'll see a door
Best PARKOUR map I've ever seen?
Its very great and tricky its like a rubix cube but a little easier
Could someone explain how a Minecraft map is "protected under copyright" as the creator claims? I believe he is incorrect but correct me if I'm wrong.
Any file, in any format, is by law automatically protected by copyright meaning no one can upload my map without my permission onto for example their website. I made people aware of this in this map because the last one got stolen several times and I don't want it to happen again.
Eh....was very hard to move around. If you wanted to make it with no color, then at least make there a button so if people couldn't do the parkour, they could go to creative. Didn't get the best experience outta the map. Played better maps than this...
It's supposed to be hard... That's the point. It's for experienced people.
I actually kinda like this map. For some reason, the black and white textures makes me feel like I was swallowed into a old retro arcade game, or is that just me?
Did you make this because someone asked you to in the first. Also I'm still waiting for 1.1 for mcpe. So when's 1.1 plz
How many levels are there?