Mob Armor Addon

This addon adds new armor that transform us into a mob (we can only transform into some mobs), armor can be obtained in survival with a craft, each armor will give us a skill, soon the armor of each mob will be added

to get the armor some crafting is used

This armor transforms us into a creeper and adds an item with its ability

Skeleton armor

Wither skeleton armor

this armor adds resistance to fire

kill a wither skeleton to get the wither bone or you can create it on the creation table

You can also return it to its

Stray armor

this armor adds water respiration

kill a stray to get the ice bone or you can create it on the creation table

we can also put on other armors

Zombie armor

Husk armor 

the crafting is similar to that of a zombie, you just have to put paper in the middle

Drowned armor

this armor adds water respiration

to get rotten meat you have to kill drowned

Chicken armor:

Enderman armor:

putting on the armor we will get a new item to teleport in a random place and 16 ender pearls

Wither armor:

putting on the armor we will get new items, one to fly and another to throw wither skull

Slime armor

when dying this armor releases a slime that attacks the players

Shulker armor

This armor allows us to use a giant shield that protects us from projectiles, mobs and players


we can find steve, who attacks us if we are close, when we die drop steve’s head

Steve armor

this armor doubles the hearts on the life bar

Alex armor

like steve’s armor, this doubles the life bar

Piglin armor

add 2 effects

Zombie piglin

add more effects than piglin

Piglin brute

add more effects

Changelog View more

Added Steve, Alex, piglin, zombie piglin and piglin brute armors with skills

Added Steve, Alex, piglin, zombie piglin and piglin brute armors

slime armor, shulker, shulker shield, shulker bullet and steve were added

Added chicken armor

Added Enderman armor

Added new ítem to Enderman armor

Added new recipes to craft armors

Added wither armor and ítems to fly 

Added wither skull

Add drowned armor

Added new ítems yo crafting armors 

Add crafting recipe


activate resource packs and behaviors

activate experimental game mode


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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153 Responses

3.67 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. ApolloHero78 says:

    where the shulker armor

  2. What’s the recipe for craft the shulker armor?

  3. SenpaiXS says:

    It only downloaded the BP and I downloaded 3 times to see if it would work, it didn’t.

  4. UrmyPiddlePack says:

    it’s stuck on about:blank and now i cant download it

  5. skeletongamer41 says:

    FUCK THIS…. i really wanted it but THE STUPID LINK VERSE.



    FUCK U

  6. RealsuperJK92 says:

    Download doesn’t work

  7. This mod is so very very very nice I love this mod
    I blown up my friend house using creeper armor hahahaha

  8. Pizza fuze says:

    This mod is awesome, really! The only things that need fixing is : Shulker armor texture, drowned zombie texture, chicken armor texture, whiter texture. I don’t know if its just me but I don’t understand how the skeleton armor works… thanks for letting me know if you see this! Eyes tan may bueno, me Encanto el mod. !

  9. Reeper231320 says:

    The new armors won’t show up pls fix

  10. Jon_Ethan_098 says:

    It’s very amazing thank you

  11. mincraft_dood says:

    i cant craft or use commands to get the armor and nether the creative inventory plez help

  12. Add Ghast armor, Charged Creeper armor, Iron Golem armor and Ender Dragon armor plz and even if u don’t add that still being good Add_On

  13. pavel1800 says:

    esto funciona en 1.16?

  14. Guest-2200494083 says:

    Can you please add ender dragon armor

  15. Guest-2611083756 says:

    Hola,me encantó el mod pero cuando pondrá otras armaduras? Está supero bacan porfavor respóndame

  16. Guest-6934742528 says:

    My favorite part was when I uninstalled it

  17. Guest-6429105367 says:

    Yeah for some of the armors its black and pink please fix this

  18. Guest-3673071608 says:

    And make it so when you’re a creeper and you explode you die. For those of us who want to troll our friends

  19. Guest-1250094201 says:

    And make it so if you’re a creeper or a skeleton dogs and cats will attack you

  20. Guest-8143684861 says:

    Could you please also make so hostile mobs think you’re one of them and make villagers scared of you when you’re a hostile

  21. Guest-8237285628 says:

    Could you please make it more realistic. Like the undead mobs except husk and wither skeleton burn in sunlight.

  22. Guest-8342728055 says:

    Show the crating recipe for the wither armor plz.

  23. Guest-2956423091 says:

    plz add bat


    remove the ()

  24. Guest-8558240314 says:

    What app you use to make it?Btw,cool Addon.I’ve been looking for skins and morph addons but none worked,then I saw this and tried it.And…it worked!!!Finally, it’s a dream come true for me.Hope you make players turn into the mobs instead of just looking like one and having superpowers.Example:Zombie Armor=burn in daylight,hostiles turn neutral,Enderman Armor=hostile turn neutral,hurt when wet.Pls accept.If you want,I can make Addon review on YouTube for you.Credits go to you.Its free.Subscribe to me @MCLEGEND14.

  25. Guest-8879888443 says:

    When I try to equip the armor all I can do is eat it???

  26. Guest-5289508718 says:

    can you add iron golem armor. or can you make villager armor

  27. EricGamer877 says:

    Yes Enderman and wither now just have to wait for herobrine

  28. Guest-7270077294 says:

    umm how to craft the wither armor

  29. Guest-5019066005 says:

    Hello. It also doesn’t work for me.

    I had a fresh Minecraft install today to the newest version released. Other mods are working. I made sure experimental gameplay was enabled and verified in the settings once the map loaded. I checked to make sure the resource and behavior were active. I also tried redownloading, removing, reinstalling it. Nothing so far.


  30. Guest-2511037012 says:

    Excuse me but I have a question can you make it for the nether update so my textures aren’t error

  31. Can you remove the beta tag? 1.16.0 is now fully released.

  32. Guest-7630885201 says:

    Is not 1.14 🙁

  33. Guest-6456325606 says:

    can you make it avaliable for 1.14?

  34. UrmyPiddlePack says:

    How do i craft it i tired and it did not work so i tried the give command and it still didn’t work

  35. Guest-7662746445 says:

    Can you add an enderman?

  36. Guest-7941968989 says:


  37. Guest-2914002442 says:

    Please add more vanilla mob armor plzz

  38. Guest-1313743005 says:

    How to use it?

  39. Guest-1291298732 says:

    I can’t craft it 🙁

  40. Guest-1581057688 says:

    I can’t craft it and when I use the command to get one I can only eat it

  41. PC1364 says:

    Pls help I have beta but it not work i put it on the world but it not work i killed drowned it dropped rotten flesh when i spawn im invisible im on windows 10 version if that helps all i could do was summon armor:explosion

  42. P1xe1at3d says:

    Also maybe Wither?

  43. P1xe1at3d says:

    Add enderman or ender dragon pls.

  44. Guest-4446497453 says:

    Does it work in realm?

  45. Guest-2319194681 says:

    I like it

  46. Guest-5801375188 says:

    Could u please make it for 1.14.4 cause idk how to get beta

  47. CGA35MCPE says:

    Hello This Add-on is awesome but can you add an enderman? Thank you for creating this add-on keep doing your best?

  48. JesHer says:

    to download the current version click download

  49. Guest-1193241999 says:

    Please I know it’s a bit late for this but can you make the villagers arms connected? If they aren’t it would kinda ruin the immersion of being a villager or atleast have one where the arms are connected and one where they are separate

  50. Guest-7082217462 says:

    How will you do mobs with multiple skins, like cat? And when is wolf coming?

  51. Guest-2452454046 says:

    I’ll install it now to test it on 1.16 because I doesn’t work for 1.14 because of a bug in the game but it’s actually really good so far. Do you plan on adding more Mobs?

  52. EricGamer877 says:

    Can you add herobrine armor

  53. Guest-3647810224 says:

    Idea: to get all armors use the command /funcion mobarmors

    A good idea?

  54. Guest-9071919781 says:

    I really wish this worked without the beta I hate uninstalling minecraft, and getting it again thats why I never went on betas ever so I wish it worked for 1.14.60 (Well everything does work but the things are purple & black for 1.14.60).

  55. Guest-2673488475 says:

    Hello, This addon have a bug, the skin of the creeper and the stray its broken, you can add the hogglin?

  56. Guest-9427516302 says:

    Minecraft steve armor

  57. Guest-3839619605 says:

    Doesn’t work.

  58. Guest-7759095102 says:

    is there a way that it can work on

  59. Guest-9188455673 says:

    You should add iron golem armor

  60. Guest-4855704057 says:

    I love it, but can you please add a wither boss armor and drowned armor?

  61. Guest-2293962429 says:

    Ya and me to

  62. Diamondplays says:

    Cool addon. Pls add villagers

  63. Guest-9493629112 says:

    Dude it doesn’t work

  64. Guest-8104431948 says:

    Can we have an ender dragon armor

  65. Guest-4810378786 says:

    Make it support 1.14 plz

  66. Guest-2325796482 says:

    I am in version 1.14.60, the newest version currently, and whenever I put on the armor it’s black and purple! Idk how you can fix this, but it’s a bug….

  67. Guest-6057872464 says:

    can you add more mobs?

  68. Guest-9517002611 says:

    really good work

  69. Guest-1657634848 says:

    Hi nice addon

  70. Guest-5374194841 says:

    I gracefull i first to tell you its broken i play beta but it not working it like pink and black skin.nice work i hope you fix it i like the explore

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