Mob Battle

After a while (August 2020) with no new map uploads, I am finally back with this exciting map! This map is made for two players, one as the fighter and the other as the "Wave Starter." Fight waves of mobs to make your way to the final stage. The question is: Are you prepared to beat this? With 20+ waves of mobs, access to the command blocks (some are under the floor), and bonus waves, the fun will continue on forever! If you are ever bored and want to play with a friend, this is the map to do it on.

The stages go from easiest to hardest. If you are the wave starter, make sure to give the fighter appropriate resources for each wave. Feel free to preview the waves before you start playing with somebody!!! Mobs will be spawned in the castle and will emerge to attempt to end your life, which you obviously must not let happen. Some stages are hard not to die on, so it is okay if you die multiple times in a row. Make sure to watch the entire trailer and enjoy the epic battles!

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Kind of a misleading title
this is awesome im glad its compatible for 2 players