Published on March 08, 2017 (Updated on March 08, 2017)

Mob Factions Addon

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I try to spawn the entitys with egg and summon command and it dosnt work
I know this mod is like 3 years old now, but looking back I think it would be cooler if the creepers had like a block of tnt on their midsection, like on their texture instead of just a red thingy
Great! I've always wanted a pet creeper that would not blow me up.
can you get me a .mcaddon file my computer dosen't suport the other ones other than .mcworld but thats for maps. Im still gonna leave five even though i was unable to use it
You could involve the player by taking part in one of the fractions
There is a bug that creepers won't explode if they get hit by arrow so please fix it but otherwise awesom!
I like war addons, plz more war addon. WAAAR
Stitch is amazing.
So is Minecraft.
And this Add-on makes it so much more fun!
And I also can't climb ladders.
You don't say endermans attack in pack like zombie pigmens.
Don't undead mobs die from health potions? Why is the witch harming them?
Thanks Sirconol for the info. I thought that in the 1.0.4 update you could edit the Ender dragon?
Hey can u fix this all water red sandstone and gravel looks wierd thanks if u can if u can't that's ok to ?
hey if you make any Addons PLEASE DO NOT make the hostile mobs kill peaceful mobs like the pig cows or chickens. every good addons I find does that and that's a major deal breaker for me. I like to keep a farm of animals.
What about vice versa? ;)