Published on October 26, 2019 (Updated on November 26, 2019)

Mob Masks Add-on (1.13+)

This add-on adds new mobs masks to your game! There are 30 new attachable and craftable masks that you can make on your survival and have fun. These masks are crafted with ink dyes. You will see on this page all the crafting recipes from mob masks! Use /function mob_masks to get every mask at once.

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  • Behavior and resources pack manifest updated to the 1.13 format version.
  • Changed the size of the following masks to match the models of each entity: Iron Golem Mask, Pillager Mask, Villager Mask, Wandering Trader Mask and Witch Mask.
  • Two new masks were added: Fox and Arctic Fox. The add-on now has 30 different masks in total.
  • You can now equip masks on armor stands.
  • You can now equip masks on skeletons and zombies (using /replaceitem command).


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Can you add wither skeleton mask?
Yo thanks this is really cool!
The only issue is that, what exactly is the purpose of this Addon? Do the masks have any functionality?
It's actually a additional items for Minecraft dude
ther ar errors fix it plz tanks for your mod
Guest-9712015321 May 19, 2020 at 2:15 am
I WOULD like this, but you said it was mediafire. Its simly not. Its a stupid website I’ve been to before called “likfertise” that doesn’t let you download anything.
"linkvertise" and it works, just ask the creator for a video on how to pass the website, known as "linkvertise"
If you can please add panda and ocelot masks
The Masks Should Have Effects EX: Blaze, Fire Protection
Iron Golem, Reduced Fall damage
Good. but in next update, pe users can wear. Ok! So stop complaining
how to make addons in minecraft pe
I forgot to warn you in the description, but you can also get all masks with the following command: /function mob_masks.
How can I add this to my world? I would absolutely love to add this but it’s not coming up as a valid zip file in game. Any help would be appreciated.
Click on the Mob Masks Add-on.mcaddon file, and after installing the add-on in the game, just install it in the world.
How can I add this to my world? I’m on iOS if that’s makes a difference.
This addon won't work for you (yet).
The beta isn't accessible on iOS so you will have to wait until the official release of 1.14.
Beta builds are only available on Windows 10, XBox and Android.
I can't equip them!!!! I only see some particles and that's it!!!
can you make it to 1.13 ver. of minecraft?