Mob Hider V16 (New Mobs Added!)

Mob Hider is an addon for those who want to become mobs and monsters in Minecraft PE.

You mainly cannot become mobs and monsters in the vanilla version of the game. Would you like, for example, to become Creepers, Enderman, Witches and other monsters? Just download this addon to get this opportunity. Remember to turn on Experimental Gameplay Mode before you use this addon. The addon is made for fun only, I hope you like it, download and enjoy.





Following mobs you can be:




Iron golem:

Wither skeleton:

Armor Stand:

Zombified Piglin:

Piglin Brute:



Zombie Villager:









Wandering trader:


Snow Golem:




Cave Spider:




Zombie Horse:

Skeleton Horse:




Magma Cube:




Polar Bear:


















Elder Guardian:


Sea Turtle:






Here is a video on how to use my addon 


If you are going to use this addon in your videos you have to do the following:

-Provide me credit in your video description

-Your not able to make your own custom links to this addon

-Your not able to make a direct download link to mediafire

-You have to make the download link to this page ONLY

Important notes:

All mountable mobs have the correct point of view a.k.a first person Because you pretty much become the mob, that’s why the seating positions are weird

You will have better first person experience if your FOV is set to 64.40

Endermans teleporting power has been disabled so you won’t be going to places you don’t want to go to and so it can be more easier to tame

Parrots require seeds to be tamed in order to have better control when mounted on

Ocelots, Wolfs, Sheep’s, Pigs, Chickens, Horse’s, Skeleton Horse’s, Snow Golems, Vex’s, Zombie Horse’s, Mules, Donkeys, Husks, Zombified Piglin’s, Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Villagers and Armor stands don’t require tame to be mounted on

Tame Tips: 

Get a bread from creative or survival and go to the mob your able to mount

-Press “Tame

-After your done taming the mob Press “mount” or “Ride” then your done

Upcoming Mobs:




-Goat (Wait until 1.17)

-Warden (Wait until 1.17)

-Glow Squid (Wait until 1.17)

-Axolotl (Wait until 1.17)

Changelog View more

What's New?

-Changed the featured image

-Changed some information on the "Important Notes" section

Addon Update:

-Fixed the zombie from not attacking player's, Villagers, Wandering Traders, and Iron Golems

-Added the Zombie Villager

-Added the Villager

What's New?

Addon Update:

-Bug Fixes

-Changed the husk to the correct size

What's New?

-Changed featured image

-Changed some information on the important notes section 

Addon Update:

-Fixed Cave Spider from not being controlled properly 

-Fixed Dolphin from not being controlled properly

-Fixed Spider from not being controlled properly

-Fixed the code on the way foxes, creepers, Husks, Zombies, and Zombified Piglins work

-Zombies, Husks, and Zombified Piglins now sink when in water

What's New?

-Changed featured image

Addon Update:

-Fixed the Panda first person hight level to the correct size

-Fixed the Salmon first person hight level to the correct size

-Fixed the husk name tag from not always showing

-Fixed the Magmacube from not being able to be named

-Fixed the Wandering Trader from not being able to be named

-Changed the Piglin family from "["car","pacified"]" to "["monster","piglin"]"

-Changed the Piglin Brute family from "["car","pacified"]" to "["monster","piglin","adult_piglin"]"

What's New?

-Changed the featured image

-Removed older information that no longer supports this version

-Updated some information in the "Important notes" section

-Fixed highlighted error on the "tame tips" section

Addon Update:

-Fixed Bugs

-Mobs that attack can now attack 

-Each mob that can be tamed with bread now have attack abilities

-Fixed panda first person

-Fixed strider first person

-Each mob has been recoded 

-EnderDragon is still in work in progress 

Removed the discord link from this page because it was pretty much in the way

Added my discord server so tou can contact me there

What's New?

-Changed featured image

Addon Update:

-Fixed bugs

-Added a strider


-The EnderDragon will be receiving lot's of bug fixes and updates until further notice

What's New?

-Changed the featured image

-Updated the upcoming mob list

-Updated the non tameable mob list

-Removed the all mob spawn eggs image

Addon Update:

-Fixed bugs

-Added the EnderDragon

-Added the Squid

-Added the Vex

What's New?

-Changed featured image

-Updated information in the Important notes section

-Updated Information in the tame section

-Updated the Polar Bear image

Addon Update:

-Bug Fixes

-Added a Llama

-Added a Horse

-Added a Zombie Horse

-Added a Skeleton Horse

-Added a Mule

-Added a Donkey

-Added a Sheep

-Added a Pig

-Added a Chicken

-Added a Zombified Piglin

-Added a Husk

-Added a Zombie

-Added a Snow Golem

What's New?

-Changed featured image

-Behavior Pack image is no longer the same as the featured image

-Changed addon name to "Mob Hider"

-Changed and highlighted more important information

-Added a list of upcoming mobs

Addon Update:

-Bug Fixes 

-Added a Magma Cube

-Added a Slime

nothing new here besides updating the video for better understanding 

What's New?

-Changed the addon name to "Mob Mounts V8" instead of "Mob Mounts V7"

-Updated download links

Addon Update:

-Bug Fixes

-Fixed Iron Golem first person

-Fixed Polar Bear first person

What's New?

-Changed featured image

-Moved polar bear image above the panda image

-Fixed the word "no beta" to "non beta"

Addon update:

-Bug fixes

-Fixed Iron Golem first person

-Fixed Hoglin first person

-Fixed Zoglin first person

-Fixed Blaze first person

-Fixed Fox first person

What's New?

-Updated the featured image

-Changed some information in the brief introduction and description 

-Changed text size of the mob names

-Put the very important note on the top of the description because everyone seems to be ignoring it

-Added some more important information on the important information notes

-Older versions of 1.16 is no longer supported

-Added support for version 1.16.201

Addon Update:

-Bug Fixes

-Fixed Ravager first person

-Fixed Wandering Trader first person

-Fixed Vindicator first person

-Fixed Evoker first person

-Fixed Witch first person

What's New?

-Changed featured image

-Updated some information on the addon page

-Removed addon support for older versions of 1.16

Addon Update:

-Bug Fixes

-Corrected more mob first person

-The player now turns invisible when riding the mountable mobs so no more invisibility potions required 

New Mobs:

-Added a armor stand

-Added a ravager

-Added a elder guardian

-Added a guardian

-Added a sea turtle

-Added a panda

-Added a cow

-Added a mooshroom

-Added a spider

-Added a cave spider

-Added a shulker

-Added a wolf

-Added a ocelot

-Added a parrot

-Added a dolphin

-Added a salmon

-Added a pufferfish

-Added a cod

What's New?

-Now this addon is exclusive to mcpedl so if you see this in other websites or apps report it immediately

What's New?

-Changed the featured image

-Changed some of the tame tip information

-Changed the download information

-Finally removed the resource pack

-Added Beta 1.16.210 support (Has been tested with no bugs found)

-Removed download links from mediafire from older versions of Mob Mounts

-File has been renamed to "mcpack" instead of "mcaddon" due to removing the resource pack

Addon Changes/Update:

-Bug Fixes

New Mobs:

-Added a Fox

-Added a Phantom

-Added a Bee

-Added a Rabbit

-Added a Silverfish

-Added a Endermite

What's New?

-Changed featured image

-Changed some information on the addon page

-Changed all images of mobs to their correct biome

Addon update

-Bug fixes

-Changed addon featured image

-Fixed more of the mobs first person view

-Fixed some mob behavior when ridden 

-Fixed Wandering Trader, Evoker, Vindicator, Wither Skeleton, and Iron Golem first person view 

New mobs:

-Added a piglin

-Added a piglin Brute

-Added a Hoglin

-Added a Zoglin

Added more beta support and non beta support and has been tested on each versions 

What's new?

Added a Polar Bear image

New mobs:

- Added a polar bear 

Bug fixes:

- Corrected all mobs first person

- Fixed Pillager from not having bubbles when drowning underwater 

- Fixed Wandering Trader first person

- Fixed Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Stray, and Drowned from not staying underwater

Changed some information and added taming tips just in case the video didn't help out much

Changed both zip and mcaddon download links to new ones

Updated the brief introduction and installation description

Nothing new in Mob Mounts V2 yet

Now fixed the download links of adding 2 (zip) versions of mob mounts v2 instead of 1
The Mob Mounts (zip) is name fixed with the correct link and name

Changed addon image to match the featured image

Changed experimental gameplay image to have beta and non beta images

Updated addon download names so now you can know which is the zip version and which is the mcaddon version

Updated the zip pack to the latest version of Mob Mounts V2 

What's new?

Bug fixes:

Fixed Pillager for not having water bubbles when drowning underwater 

Fixed Vindicator for not having water bubbles when drowning underwater

Nothing new here but I just added a support link to my channel 

What's new?

Changed Featured image

Updated the addon description

Added a video on how to use my addon

Addon changes

Fixed bugs

Changed the addon image

Fixed drowned from not staying under water

Fixed first person size on the wither

Fixed first person size on the evoker

Fixed first person size on the wandering trader

Added a video showing you guys how to use my addon

Changed the installation description

Changed the featured image  

What's new?

Closed Beta version for Mob Mounts V2 for now

Now added a zip version of Mob Mounts V2

Removed Mob Mounts V1 

What's new?

Changed featured image

Changed images showing the mountable mobs

Changed all first person cameras from each mob to the correct sizes 

Removed mobs:


Puffer fish







Mobs added:


Bug fixes:

fixed Drowned

Fixed Evoker

Fixed Wandering Trader

The BETA version of Mob Mounts will soon be the Full release

Bug fixes

Corrected first person on witch, wither skeleton, Vindicator and Evoker-Only in BETA

Fixed First person on wither skeleton, witch, pillager, Vindicator, Skeleton and Stray when wearing a armored helmet-Only in BETA

Changed the featured image

Mob Mounts V2 BETA is now available for download

Only Mob Mounts V2 BETA What's New:

Bug fixes

Removed BEE - Only in BETA

Removed Phantom - Only in BETA

Removed Guardian - Only in BETA

Removed Elder Guardian - Only in BETA

Removed Dolphin - Only in BETA

Removed Cod - Only in BETA

Removed PufferFish - Only in BETA

Removed Salmon - Only in BETA

Removed slime - Only in BETA

Removed magma cube

Corrected all of the mountable mobs first person - Only in BETA

New Mobs:

Added BEE

Added Phantom

Added Guardian

Added Elder Guardian

Added Blaze

Added Dolphin

Added Cod

Added PufferFish

Added Salmon

Mob Changes:

Slimes and Magma Cubes no longer resist fall damage 


- Download mcpack or zip

- Use Minecraft 1.16 or 1.16 beta
- Tap/click on the pack when downloaded
- Activate this addon in the behavior pack settings
- Switch on the experimental gameplay mode
- Done


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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  1. Yexiin says:

    Sorry I forgot to add five stars lol

  2. Yexiin says:

    Love this addon but if you made it so we will be able to jump while in mobs this will blow up even more and also when I’m the parrot I don’t fly I just scoot across the ground but when I’m falling down I flap but don’t fly.

  3. YummyTeaOnichan says:

    Well this is a 5 star addon for me

  4. drew7662 says:

    also 1 thing i still use version 14 so can u make it for that to?

  5. Gamma Eaglit says:

    Add the Glow Squid and the Goat.
    They’re both in the beta for 1.16.210.
    Also, change the mounting mechanics, at least for some mobs. Feeding a pillager bread feels weird.
    Other than that, no complaints! 10/10

  6. drew7662 says:

    AMAZING ADDON. Say think u can make a mod with newer mobs and then this addon links to that addon so u can become the addoned mobs?

  7. BlessedPath877 says:

    Can I help with this Add- On, I want to add the different abilities of the mods.

  8. cAptive says:

    Incredible, imagine if we could go inside Beenest want you become an bee or maybe shoot dragon fireball when you become an End Dragon

  9. Dark Angel says:

    Amazing addon! And I was actually thinking that just the crouch button would let you get off and the jump button lets you jump. I think it would be cool to have the jump animation when you play as a fox.

  10. DaMemeBadr says:

    best mod ever

  11. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Still waiting at the ender dragon

  12. Shaykiller07 says:

    Good Addon. Why is my character so fast? Is there a way to make it the original speed or slower?

  13. Shaykiller07 says:

    Hey, why do I walk so fast as I’m riding a mount?

    • Sadly we are fast when riding a mob because that’s how each mob is coded and if i change the speed it also effects the mob itself making it super slow so there is nothing i can do about it unless mojang changes the code

  14. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Hey i just want to congratulate you on becoming a exclusive addon creator keep it up you are epic

  15. Can I suggest that all moubtd can be separated into their own single add-ons since some people like me find someone riding a pillager kinda weird maybe Ravager s and Phantoms,animals even The golem are reasonable but seeing someone ride a villager is pretty Cursed NGL XD

  16. Spyguy10078 says:

    Bro I am waiting for ravager It gonna be awesome keep it up

  17. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Hey bro please add the ridable wolf and the guardian it will be fun to bully some skeletons…..

  18. Can you add some pics of you riding them?

  19. Jon_Ethan_098 says:

    I love it riding mob

  20. Kijen says:

    Well,im back to 2016 the first addon i make!!

  21. EverythingGamesSamir says:

    Your mom

  22. Disgr_Ace says:

    Cool addon, Its really fun to ride everything

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