Published on November 03, 2019 (Updated on October 15, 2020)

Mob Randomizer Addon

This addon adds up to 1000 new mobs to your world, each with varying speed, damage, health, loot, texture, and spawn rate. This addon will spice up your survival world and add more challenging enemies to face.

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The mobs have low spawn rate, but together it adds up. The less amount of mobs you have means less variety, but more vanilla mob spawning. If you want to download 3000 new mobs, then join my discord server.

This addon is not very resource-intensive, but it takes a while to download and set up due to the textures.

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+ Added a new youtube video showcasing the addon

+ Bug Fixes


Due to the nature of this addon, experimental mode is unnecessary.

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Pls add sounds to them
Hello can you add variations for Piglins, Illagers, Hoglins, Striders and Snowmans?
Very good mod, although they must fix that it also allows the generation of original Minecraft mobs, and a small report, they must improve the hitbox on large enemies because it is impossible to attack without taking half your life, so I recommend that you stop spawning the original mobs and improve the hitbox of big enemies. Although I do not know if it is the hitbox to do damage or those enemies have too long attack range that they do not allow to attack
Besides, I forgot something, many entities appear without skin and have the form of some Golem. I have no idea what causes it, that is, some error in the addon because I have everything active including the experimental mode and the golem entities continue without texture
Guest-4707985834 May 25, 2020 at 8:00 pm
Click the join discord
Where the giant join discord
This was a mistake........this........
Where is the discord?
Link caídos no sirve!! Quiero el de 100 mods porque no tengo un buen celular
Hey Can You Make it up to 9000? Lets see who can handle that much Hehe
Hey Does this work for pc? or Phones or Ipads?
A great addon, this is. Remind me of Binding of Isaac's monster champions, it does.
Could you make a Block/Item Randomizer?
Adds 1 block, but can drop every block/item in the game.
If you add too many more-
I don’t think my device can handle 4 1k more things-
Make them anyways-
Hey I'd really appreciate it if you could actually let me download the add-on, and please don't just say read the guide. I download add-ons all of the time... And I read your guide that doesn't even tell you what to do when it offers you to allow or block notifications and nothing happens when you press block...
bruh,skip ad and wait for the url countdown and never press allow, and i mean NEVER
or change the number in the url to 5
on the second step not the first step
You should make a addon pack one with mob randomizer and the other with the ore randomizer. Plus more biomes
Biome randomizer?
he already made one