Published on August 24, 2020

Mob YEET Add-on (1.16)

With the power to throw anyhting, you can reposition any mob in your path! This add-on adds an item that allows you to throw entities to long distances. Although they're damage won't be high, it'll be best to fix yourself up.


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great but do i need experimental gameplay idk how to get the gloves
Now i can be TNT Yeeter
The idea of the addon is just great!
But i found a glitch where you can make a mobless yeet
(Yes it damages and has the area effect)
Keep up the good work!?
Nice addon pls make this craftable because i want it in my world in survival mode or fun with friends
Please make this craftable , so i can play it in survival ,and make it so it can carry items players etc.... imagine ur freind low on health and mobs all round him and u come in and just yeet him into a safe place , imagine how easy it would be to move villagers , please dude if u want this addon to be my must have addon
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