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Published on November 28, 2020 (Updated on November 28, 2020)

Moblins Update v1

Hi I'm Hiro, and today I bring you one more of my Addons.

Today's Addon is an addon that promises to extend the breed of Minecraft mobs Lins! the Moblins.



Sheeplin, chicklin and Cowlin

Sheeplin, as the name implies, are sheep men or something like that.

Life: 20

Damage: 6

Bow damage: 6

Biome: plains

Same generation system as a normal sheep, does not attack players.

Equipament: Gold boot, Crossbow, bow, Long Gold Sword

Drop: bow, wheat, raw and string


Life: 20

Damage: 1

Biome: Beach

Attacks Creepers, Drowned and endermans

It has a small chance of generating 

Equipament: Stone Pickaxe, Torch, Stick, Fishing rod

Drop: feather, seeds, wheat, books


Life: 75

Damage: 10

Biome: Forest

attacks horses, Husk and ravagers, Skeleton, slime, spider and villagers

Bow damage: 4

Equipament: Crossbow

Drop: Crossbow, Arrow, beef and gold

Goblins and Goblins Fears

Goblins are raised in packs, they are quite aggressive


Life: 50 

Biome: Forest

Damage: 8

Attack players, zombies, witches

Equipament: iron sword, iron axe, breastplate leather, Leather pants

Drop: Horse diamond armor, Bread, Gold and Gold nuggets.

Goblins Fears

Life: 16

damage: 5


Biome: Forest_hills


Equipament: iron axe, Chain boots

Drop: fishs, gunpowder, iron nugget, Fishing rod

stridlin Wild, Stridlin, Stridlin brute, Stridlin Wise, Stridlin cold

Stridlin wild

Life: 10


Biome: Nether, NetherFortess

Equipament: Fishing rod warped, warped fungus

Drop: Strider hull

Variant: Stridlin Cold, Raised after lightning strikes the head of a wild Stridlin


Life: 15

Biome: Warped Forest, Nether

Damage: 2


Prevents: Blazes

Drop: warped fungus, iron nugget

Equipament: Long Iron sword, Flint and steel, Netherite pants, iron pants

Stridlin Brute

Life: 100

Biome: warped Forest

Damage: 7

Attack players, endermans, blaze, whiter and skeleton

Drop: Gold pants, wool, iron nugget

Equipament: netherite axe, iron axe, chestplate iron, iron boots

Stridlin Wise

Life: 16

Biome: Warped Forest

Damage: 5

Drop: scrap, string, chains

Equipament: Chains Armour, Iron Axe

Borlin, tortolin, skeleton piglin


Life: 50

Biome: roofed Forest

Damage: 4

Attacks Husk, illager and pillagers

Avoid wolves

Drop: Leather

Equipament: wood sword, wood Axe, Stick


Life: 20 

Biome: overworld ALL

Jump enemy nodes, attack hostile mobs, traders, chicken, fish, vindicator

Skeleton piglin

Life: 16

Biome: soulsand valley

Damage: 3

Drop: Bone


Taurlin, enderlin Boss, piglin Necromancer


Biome: Savana

Life: 250

Hud range: 500

Damage: 10

Drop: Armour diamond, diamond, Long diamond sword

Equipament: diamond sword, diamond Armour

Enderlin Boss

Biome: the end

Life: 100

Damage: 8

Drop: ender tear, Enderlin eye

Equipament: Long diamond sword.

Piglin Necromancer

Dano: 4

Splash potion: damage

Attack speed: 3

Can invoke vex

Drop: Wither rose, nether wart, soul Amulet

Enderlin, enderlin brute, enderlin warrior


Life: 16

Biome: end

Drop: ender tear

Enderlin brute

Life: 70

Biome: end

Damage: 5

attacks enderman, players

Avoid shulkers

Drop: Long Iron sword, ender pearl

Equipament: long Iron sword, ender pearl

Enderlin Warrior

Life: 75

Size : 1.2

Biome: end

Damage: 5 

attacks enderman, players

Avoid shulkers

Drop: chorus fruit, Shulkers Shell, Long Gold Sword

Equipament: Long Gold Sword

Piglin Husk, Piglin Drowned, Enderlin zombie

Husk Piglin

Life: 10

Damage: 2 + hunger effect

Biome: desert

Attack players

Avoid ironGolem

Drop: Rotten, paper, iron nugget

Piglin Drowned

Life: 25

Damage: 4

Distance damage: 6 + throw trident

Drop: trident

Equipament: trident

Enderlin zombie

Life: 12

Damage: 4

It only appears if lightning strikes an enderlin

Drop: bone, enderpearl

New piglins

Withered piglin, Withered brute piglin, withered warrior piglin

Withered piglin

Life: 16

Damage: 4 + Wither effect

Biome: nether

Drop: coal

Equipament: Stone sword, Gold Sword

Withered brute piglin

Life: 50

Damage: 8 + Wither effect

Biome: nether

Drop e equipament: Gold Axe, Gold

withered warrior piglin

Life: 50

Damage: 5 + Wither effect

Biome: nether

Equipament: Axe

Drop: Axe 

Piglin Warrior

Life: 90

Damage: 9

Drop: Axe

Equipament: Axe

Biome nether


Life: 40

Biome: roofed Forest

Damage: ~~~ 

Damage rain: 16

Attack players

some items


Souls, Heat soul sand in a furnace to get souls, used to make a soul charm

Soul amulets, are very powerful items, in addition to being quite stylish, use some save it, it will give you Absorption effect 4.

Nether fungus blocks can now be undone, as well as its blue variant

Use the skin of a dead boar to make a very stylish piglin outfit, don't you think? Boar are found in the roofed Forest.

Have you always wanted to eat bread and ham in Minecraft? Well you still can't, but now you can eat fresh ham! After killing a wild boar

Have you always wanted to have an elytra without having to go to the end? Well now I gave you this chance, try to find or make your own wanderer chest, after dead it drops any game item

Kill some Stridlins, or kill some toxicstriders, and get their remains, the beautiful Stridlin shell gives a nice fireproof helmet, and what about a green boot? 

good could not miss new weapons is not it long swords don't seem like a bad idea different from common swords the damage is greater, q than a normal sword, that is, if the damage of the normal is 6 a in a a will be 7 ok?


it is now possible to heat netherrack in the blast furnace

Crimson and warped mycelium blocks are cutable

Select version for changelog:


- version 1.16.100

- Strider bugs With one leg

- 500 Shared loose version with blocks and New Nether biome!


- activate the game in exl modes

- thanks!!

Drive link!


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or a boss fat linn its like so cool
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you can add a bosslinn or a dimensionlinn???
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Could you please make it another way to be downloadable?
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Is there another way to download it?
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Hey man this looks cool! Very creative ? I'd suggest adding custom models to some of the mobs, like the cowlin and taurin. They look like they're missing their horns. You can use blockbench to edit existing models without too much difficulty ?
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oh it seems like a great idea, maybe in a future update
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