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Published on February 09, 2015 (Updated on February 09, 2015)

NXUS City - Modern Architecture Series (19 Buildings!) [Creation]

cool map. i will use it in an youtube video
This is defiantly a very impressive map, I enjoyed taking shader shots while they still worked in MCPE.
Does this map have a school And food places ^-^ can anyone tell [email protected] plzz
The buildings are to big make them smalller
please next time use download thingy so i can download this in ipad and also i really interested about your worlds :3
This is amazing because I've downloaded it before, but now my Minecraft is acting up, or they have deleted the map file. What happened? Thanks! ^-^
Yay! It worked, thank you for the wonderful map! :3
Sorry for the late reply.
This map was established on July 18 2014, which is just slightly over a year old.
The progress has been quite slow, as I don't use world edit for my maps, and I design both the interior and exterior of buildings.
Hope you enjoy the map! :D
hoping for your next update for this map
Omg this is awesome sooo
How long did it take to build this!
Omg this is awesome
How long did it take to build this!
How do I download a map using just an iPad, without jailbreak? I want an awesome. Huge city map.
Go here to find a guide: