Modern Blocks Addon

Make your world looks more modern, build and design your modern house, buildings, offices, bedroom, kitchen, wardrobe and any other structures with these new decorative modern blocks. Craft modern furnitures with different variations, tiles with different variations and each variation consist of different pattern, build roads with all things you'll need and much more!

Modern Blocks Addon added 1000+ modern blocks in the game including modern bookshelf, cabinets, drawers, tiles and 3d blocks furnitures, most blocks have 16 different colors and wooden blocks that comes in all wood types, customizable tiles that can add different pattern using Tile Pattern and so on!

Where To Find Recipes?


3D Blocks

Now we have different 3d blocks furniture that are added in this addon, those are chair, table, different light, kitchen stuff, present and many more!


Different tiles are added in the game for better flooring in building structures.

There are 260 different tiles added in the game and each have slabs type. A tiles have 16 different colors and each can add 5 different patterns, There are also another types of Tiles: Porcelain Tiles which has a rough texture good for flooring outdoor; Wooden Tile that has a wood texture; Checkered Tiles which have 16 different color; Pool Tiles and Bathroom Tiles

This pool is made with pool tile and pool liner in the border of the pool

It looks more realistic pool right?

Plastic Blocks

There are different kinds of Plastic Blocks that can made a different variety of blocks which have different colors also each type of plastic blocks have slabs type.

Before crafting plastic blocks you need to get Crude Oil. So you must enable Education Edition in the game for recipe of plastic blocks. Crude oil should smelt in Blast Furnace and it will turn into Liquid Plastic.

Hence Chemistry Table in the game isn't craftable so you can't get crude oil in survival, so I'll add recipe for them. The recipes are same in the add-on I also created called Uncraftable.

In this update I add new block called Plastic Extractor, an alternative way to get liquid plastic. Plastic Extractor filled itself a liquid plastic every 20 seconds and can filled upto 6 maximum of capacity, by interacting on it you can get liquid plastic. It can only place in nature blocks that can be found in world layer except ores.

One of the most thing the liquid plastic can made are Plastic Blocks, here are different plastic blocks below.

Picture Frame

There's also a picture frame in this addon in which you can install a picture in it. There are two kind of picture frame the first one is standing one and the second one is attached to wall.


A wooden cabinets and drawers are decorative block that is good for decorating rooms, offices, wardrobe and etc. There are also a plastic version of cabinets and drawers.


Wallpaper blocks that have 4 different designs and each design consist of 16 different colors

Road Blocks

Road Blocks are added in the game to make a better roads or highway in your builds, there are also different kinds of Road Blocks which you'll really need in building highway. White or Yellow Road Blocks can be used in making broken line in middle of road or use it to make pedestrian lane, use roads with line for making solid line in edge of your highway and more!

More Blocks

There are more hundreds of blocks not shown in this page, download now and check the recipes in UI to see all of available blocks


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Latest video update showcase:

Terms of use

  • Do not repost in any website or apps without using my link or mcpedl link
  • Do not steal any textures in this add-on and add into your own project.
  • Do not merged this addon to your addon.
  • If you want to make a video showcase of this add-on atleast credit me and put the proper download link from MCPEDL

Select version for changelog:



  • One Way Glass
  • Vinyl (normal)
  • Wooden Chair (all type)
  • Wooden Table (all type)
  • 3 new pictures added
  • 2 new function command added
  • Added recipe for Vinyl Tiles


  • Speaker Block no longer have speaker texture in all side and change its recipe
  • Update some images in recipe guide
  • Fridge recipe can now be found in Kitchen Stuff section
  • Modified all blocks which has no custom properties to be able to drop itself when destroyed without the help of loot table files, thus it reduces number of files by hundreds in which may optimized the addon.


  • Fixed a bug were White Road Blocks cannot craft
  • Fixed a bug were some blocks has no tag, meaning they can't be destroy faster with custom tools.


Require Experiments to toggle on:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Additional Modding Capabilities

Download both behavior pack and resource pack and install them both

Delete the older version first before installing this new update

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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BedrockMinecraftPro11 April 23, 2021 at 9:39 pm
ok for the peeps that dont know how to use linkvertise: First, click on "free access with ads. Next, add the extension (you can delete the extension later). Then click on read articles. Then wait 10 seconds. click on the X then continue and then you can install it!!!
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I have a suggestion.
It would probably be nice to credit the creators of the images that go in the picture frames.
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hi bro, do you have a picture with the crafting list? update minecraft and I no longer get the crafting.
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Hi I really liked this mod but… where is the 1.17 version?

I used to play the mod when we where on the 1.16 but now that I want to play it the 1.17 doesn’t support it :c

Pls respond me when it has the 1.17 versión
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Faz uma versão medieval com novas cores pra madeira
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Please please please do 1.17 update creative. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hoping for v 1.17 Thank you for your efforts!
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why are some of the textures bigger than 16x16? don't mess with texture sizes unless the whole game is the same pixel size
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Sorry for that, I'll make 32x pixel size for more details. I think there's no problem with that hence element block are also 32x while the rest is just 16x. And also others don't bother with that though.

Hence it's called Modern Blocks with 32x pixel size the will look more modern, and that's the aim of this addon.
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Minecra_Amphibia May 19, 2021 at 2:37 pm
I download this addon import it to my minecraft (minecraft android) and when i put it in my world i go to my world and it changes the orginal blocks of minecraft all the orginal minecraft blocks are fuzzy please do something about it.🙏🙋
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This might be because of low gpu which cannot handle more than 16x textures
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Can you make a functional electricfan and ceiling fan?
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Sorry I can't make that with blocks because animated models are only for entities.
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I've been waiting for it for days, I'm glad it's ready, relatively speaking, I'm in the process of testing it. Thank you.
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The version of Minecraft I have is v1.16.201 and it say missing dependencies for the behaviour pack
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After a lot of trying I finally managed to get the resources and, gosh, they are so heavy. But well, that's not the problem, the add-on is not bad. It needs to be optimized to avoid the resource memory problem. I look forward to the next update, and if it is possible to decrease those 25 MB of resources I would be very grateful.
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I could optimize the blocks. In next update I'll optimize it to reduce lag and to prevent that problem.
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