Modern Blocks Add-on

Make your world looks more modern, build and design your modern house, buildings, offices, bedroom, wardrobe and any other structures with these new decorative modern blocks. Craft modern furnitures with different variations, tiles with different variations and each variation consist of different pattern, build roads with all things you’ll need and much more!

Modern Blocks Addon added 400+ modern blocks in the game including modern bookshelf, cabinets, drawers, tiles and each have 16 different colors, wooden furniture that comes in all wood types etc. Some blocks are customizable, like you can add different pattern in Tiles using Tile Pattern, change where furniture is facing using stonecutter and more!

Where To Find Recipes?



Different tiles are added in the game for better flooring in building structures.

There are 150+ different tiles added in the game. A tiles have 16 different colors and each can add 5 different patterns, There are also another types of Tiles: Porcelain Tiles which has a rough texture good for flooring outdoor; Wooden Tile that has a wood texture; Checkered Tiles which have 16 different color; Pool Tiles and Bathroom Tiles

This pool is made with pool tile and pool liner in the border of the pool

It looks more realistic pool right?

Plastic Blocks

Plastic can made a variety of blocks which have different colors, mostly furnitures. Note that anything that is made with plastic can burn.

Before crafting plastic blocks you need to get Crude Oil. So you must enable Education Edition in the game for recipe of plastic blocks.

Hence Chemistry Table in the game isn’t craftable so you can’t get crude oil in survival, so I’ll add recipe for them. The recipes are same in the add-on I also created called Uncraftable.


A wooden cabinets and drawers are decorative block that is good for decorating rooms, offices, wardrobe and etc. There are also a plastic version of cabinets and drawers.


New wallpaper blocks that have 4 different designs and each design consist of 16 different colors

Road Blocks

Road Blocks are added in the game to make a better roads or highway in your builds, there are also different kinds of Road Blocks which you’ll really need in building highway. White or Yellow Road Blocks can be used in making broken line in middle of road or use it to make pedestrian lane, use roads with line for making solid line in edge of your highway and more!

More Blocks

There are more hundreds of blocks not shown in this page, download now and check the recipes in UI to see all of available blocks

Watch Showcase here:

Terms of use

  • Do not repost in any website or apps
  • Do not steal any textures in this add-on and add into your own project.
  • If you want to make a video showcase of this add-on atleast credit me and put the proper download link in MCPEDL

Changelog View more
  • Now Wooden Tiles have different wood types variant
  • These new tiles can also add different pattern
  • The previous Wooden Tile is now Wooden Acacia Tile and smoothened it's texture
A total of 98 blocks are added
  • Camouflage
  • Chevron
  • Gingham
  • Plaid

"Each wallpaper have 16 different color"

-New Types of Plastic Blocks

  • Smooth Plastic Blocks
  • Brick Plastic


  • Bathroom Tiles
  • Speaker Block


  • Tweaked wooden hopscotch tile
  • Tweak recipe image in UI
  • Reorganize UI

What's New

  • Modified How To Play UI to provide recipe list of blocks
  • Added 14 new different colors of Tiles
  • New Wooden Tiles
  • Each Tiles added have 5 different patterns
  • Added White and Yellow Road Blocks
  • Added Road Blocks with White/Yellow Line

Updates & Changes

  • Floor Tile renamed to White Tile
  • The previous Blue Tile is now a Light Blue Tile
  • Recipes of Tiles, Porcelain Tiles and Road blocks has been change and it is no longer recipe shapeless so you can get back the bucket when crafting these.
  • Crafting Tiles, Porcelain Tiles and Road Blocks now give an output of 4 instead of 1
  • The texture of all Palazzo Tiles has been updated
  • The texture of Road Blocks has been updated

For full changelog you can see it in the addon

Added and Changes:
  • Change the texture of wooden drawer and wooden cabinet and its now have all different wood types
  • Wooden Drawers and Cabinets can change where it is facing using stonecutter
  • Added Fridge - Change the direction where it is facing using stonecutter
  • Added Crates that have different wood types
  • Added Gate Light
  • Trashcan now has a function it deletes item on top


  • Fixed a bug where blocks drop nothing when in survival
  • Fixed where Porcelain Herringbone Tile can't craft

-Fixed the wrong info description about recipe

-Fixed Reverse button of download link

-Lesser destroy time of Checkered Plastic Tile

-Added New Blocks:

  • Porcelain Tile - You can add Tile Pattern in it.
  • Wooden Drawer


  • Experimental Gameplay isn't required to use the addon
  • Requires Education Edition to toggle on for the recipe of plastic blocks. But you can still see all added blocks and items whenever it is not enabled


Supported Minecraft versions


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  5. You should add 3D block models. Like in 1.12.0

  6. Slain576 says:

    when I downloaded it was an exe file I don’t trust exe files

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    dude, on ipad u straight up can’t download this cuz even when u watch the ads and click on the links it wants u to, i doesn’t take u to the media fire site. i feel like adfly would be way better

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    The Addon itself is great!
    But the Link is over linkvertis… and i need to download a app to get to the mediafire file, and thats the problem! It doesnt work! So please go back to the adfly link

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    Change the link back to adfly plz(This is machine translated)

  10. This is an awesome addon! I see that a lot of people want to merge this with my Modern Decoration and Modern Architecture addons. Is it okay if I merge them and post it on MCPEDL? I will credit you.

    • If your going to merge this addon into your addon I’ll lose income. Because if they want to download it they were supposed to download yours rather than mine. Maybe you or me should make a plug-in for combining the two addons so the user could still download yours and mine and no one’s textures will be used by others.

    • Vishal Gupta says:

      Thank you so much making this addon and please update modern architecture addon and make it compitable with minecraft 1.16 veraion

  11. woshimoran says:

    Your addon is good!Can I repost the addon in MCBBS( MCPEDL’s download link,and offer this link,just translate the sentences for chinese players ,thank you

  12. LUKISLOY says:

    Hi! excellent complement, I loved it. Are kitchen blocks such as drawers etc already useful?

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    You can’t remove crates
    If you don’t want remove then make it dark color

  14. Vishal Gupta says:

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    Is there a problem with adfly? It isn’t letting me download any addon. IT wants me to shrink a link…

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    Can you merge modern decoration and modern blocks addon into one

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    can you merge modern decoration,modern blocks and furniture mod into one addon

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    You forgot to put path stone in changelog

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    What can I do if it says “update” on a majority of the blocks?

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    Add these blocks in modern decoration addon

  24. Guest-9126450875 says:

    Add modern stairs

  25. Guest-9398033561 says:

    Is there a glitch on where the stone path isn’t craft able? If so, could you please fix that. I have both EDU & EX game play on with cheats.

  26. Guest-9984624873 says:

    I cant Create Tiles im using sand gravel and the water bucket the same way and it wont work but frames work

  27. Virtual TaTz says:

    incredible! finally cabinets!

  28. Guest-5282579370 says:

    Nice addon.But i know there still more custom blocks cannot be modelling,functions and others maybe we have to wait or tell mojang to add more feature about custom block so we can use it easily.

  29. Anonymatum says:

    Doesn’t work

  30. Guest-3739494704 says:

    Hi! I really love this addon,kudos! my only problem is that the compound creator won’t let me craft the oil needed for the plastic blocks, is there a reason why?

  31. Guest-2748212312 says:

    please add items like portable speaker mod things

  32. Guest-7391383235 says:

    This really good
    but can you add a function to the block for example the refrigerator can put food, and .
    Drawer can be opened, and others

  33. Guest-6986789209 says:

    can you pls add a command to get every mordern blocks

  34. Guest-5628318517 says:

    Dude can you make the drawer and cabinets functional pls

  35. Guest-7259249816 says:

    When i click the link and make all the things, a AD appears, pls fix the bug!

  36. Guest-8342035165 says:

    With the RES it says that the link has been reported unsafe, please fix this, anyone who got the link fine, please reply to this comment the link

  37. Guest-9716935556 says:

    How to make Porcelain Tilein minecraft 1.16

  38. Guest-9735123687 says:

    can you made another way to get plastic blocks? the game crash when you try to create the compound creator (in my realm)

  39. Guest-6779857551 says:

    I think that’s some of the blocks like the stone pebbles block and the road block are too detailed compared to the “minimalistic” Style that Minecraft has I think that you should change these textures, but other then that I love this addon definitely a building addon I will use for survival/creative building for years to come as long as it keeps getting supported that is.

  40. Minecrafterz says:

    I want to have more pool liner design. I wish you could add more

  41. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome addon dude like i love the design you did and making the education edition mode of minecraft more useful just did an addon review and yeah goodluck on future addons!!!

  42. Guest-3188620877 says:

    can you add new features such as not having to make the blocks again so they are directly in the creative inventory if you make them complicated again
    Sorry if my english bad

    • As of 1.16 custom blocks cannot add in creative inventory. Sorry if recipe for you is complicated because I want recipes to be balance (or survival friendly) and I want recipes that make sense. However all blocks are made for decoration and it only add a few items for recipe. You can obtain them with /give command.
      /give @p block:

  43. Guest-6116903086 says:

    Can u make some of the blocks functional cuz that would be really cool. I also liked that u made use of the educational mode. Thanks

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    can you make new links like mediafile

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    Can you make the cabinet and drawer work?

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    can you place down the new trapdoor and door?

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