Published on February 16, 2019 (Updated on January 27, 2020)

Modern Island Mansion [MAP]

Come and explore our private island mansion in the middle of an ocean far away from the rest of the world. With its own helipad, guest house, beach, and more, it is the perfect map for role play and exploration. This is the second update. For more information join our Discord:

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Changes include: 

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Hello, I have not been on here in a while im just now seeing this I think it is awesome and it is currently downloading, have you done like the updates you said you were gonna do though (just so ill know or not) but yea thats all im wondering! thank you for reading if you did, creator.
My Game Crashes When I Join The World. Can You Fix The Crashes Please. Thank You!
guys the download works, it's a great map!
Your link doesn't should we think that this map is plagiate of map that doesn't exist?!
Well, it’s true. It brings up a page that just has links to scam websites. None of the things that say download or continue work.
VaderGuy: Untrue
CrackedCubes: True
Follow the instructions for downloads. Over 70k have managed it.
This map is the original. Any other copies are illegitimate. This link is to a map taken straight from ours and was published two months after this one. Absurd. Evidently the creator can build, so why not build their own content...!?
Your link doesn't should we think that this map is plagiate of map that doesn't exist?!
This took forever to download but it was worth it ?
This is took so long to download but it worked ?
I mean Bunker
wow, astounding, but when would the next update be? I've been waiting for it for a month.
How you all dounload it always bring me to lazada
This better work
Mine does not download. Waste of my time.
This map is come before that map even the map creator is said that
Hey it crashes when I play please help
Me too it doesn't let me enter the world bc it crashes
Old device problems solved
Hi! I need help with something,,,,, Why does my mcpe crash Everytime I load this map? I tried restarting the mcpe but the same problem still occurred, I even re-download the file but same problem still happened. I really want to open this map. Hoping for your response......
Probably because of the texture pack. Try removing flow’s and it should work a lot finer.
Your platform might be outdateD.
Hey i was wondering if you had an estimate of when the whole project will be completed?
At this current time, this is fairly back in the schedule. I have a lot of more ambitious projects underway and once they have had their releases, attention will be given to this map.
Hey do you have any idea when the other rooms are going to be done? I saw in the description that you were going to start in March and was wondering about how long everything will take? Its a beautiful house btw :)