Published on March 03, 2017 (Updated on July 24, 2018)

Modern Tools Add-on

what's all music name?
I don't think it's working for me because I'm on a Kindle Fire. I don't know if this is is supposed to work for this or if it's the mod. If it's the mod, could you please try to update it or something to make it work for that? Thanks for reading.
ps: you always need experimental gameplay
or it wont work
TheGreatSauce1234 June 10, 2020 at 10:27 am
oh btw it was me who posted this
the site lagged and i was not loggged in
Am I missing something or why is it not working in realms?
what update do u have
My Anti-Virus program; Norton, says that the website to get it from is a threat. Are you trying to make us download bad software on our stuff?!
No, he is not. See, because addon creators spend a lot of time making their addons, they like to make money of their addons. However, they’d also like their addons to be free. So, they use a service called to run ads on their download link. The way it works is that when you click on the download like in mcpedl, it will take you to the page. This page will have a bunch of ads, and some of those ads will try to install viruses. However, so long as you don’t click on anything, you’ll be fine. After waiting 5 seconds a skip ad button should appear in the upper right corner. Click on that and you’ll be taken to the media fire page. Just click on the download button and nothing else and you’ll be fine.
*vigourous clapping* nice explanation!
how do we spawn the postman?
and the pc does not work
can you fix it? thinyou!
I downloaded it but I can’t place down anything it’s so bad
Spawn a shulker in the ground and put the tools on it easy
you have to use the spawn dl box
Needs more furniture needs to rotate needs ALOT of things
can you ad a working tv? thanyou!
Song works fine but I can’t place nothing or use please fix for iOS.
Pretty Good Addon Just needs to be able to rotate or something like that to get all 5 stars
Please make it rotate, it only faces 1 direction so please and I am giving 5 stars for making the coolest addon yet
Doesn’t work downloaded recourse pack and behavior pack and this sucks
???? omg how it is sooo s so so so soooo asome
How do you download add-ons?
were it says beafer paks and resorts packs:)
Can you add more songs please?