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Published on June 18, 2016 (Updated on October 09, 2017)

ModernHD PE [64x64]

Old post guys look at the date don't expect it to work or don't expect the creator to respond.
Please showcase map please.
Hey! Can you please link the map for the showcase? I really want the map for roleplays with my friends! Thanks!
Completely unfunctional when I activate the texture pack it doesn't do any kind of changes in my world not a single texture is changed complete waste of time and data
Esta bueno el shaders
Wow this is really awesome and cool I give it and five ✨ WOW?????
Take it off your global settings if it is crashing by going on the file com.mojang and see if you can find global resources and delete it. then just put it in a world setting!
Applied it to the whole thing in settings…now it crashes
I love this texture, it is one of my favorites, but can you update it for 1.9?
Como se instala despues de descargarlo?
What Version can this work on?
Sirve para minecraft Pe Respondan plis
Very Cool. Pleasee, Update to New Version.
The Aquatic Update mobs didn't get retextured like the fishes, dolphins, the phantom and, the sea turtle.