Published on May 03, 2022 (Updated on May 01, 2022)

Money One Block (Awesome!)

You might have lately in 2022 seen many popular YouTubers play One money block. It is also called the millionaire block or billionaire block. In this map you have to survive on a single money block and complete the game! Who said money can't make you a pro in Minecraft?

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thanx bro, i like it and i hope you will keep doing something like this :-)
It's my pleasure mate! Thanks a lot for the response ❤️
this is the mod what im uploading right now, i didnt expec that Someone has already uploaded, I love this map. i saw this map from shadow apples.
Thanks mate, i guess our timing was pretty similar!
can u plss change the link to directer to media fire plssss
It's just mediafire man, all you have to do is click on the two tasks wait 10-15 secs then click on the cross on top tight corner (of the site not the browser) and you can download it easily. If still seems tough just search ok YouTube "how to open linkvertise link"
Thanks for the Review though! ❤️