Published on January 12, 2022 (Updated on December 01, 2022)

Monsters Lucky Drop Add-On

Welcome to this addon that adds better loot for monsters in the game, more than 1000 items from minecraft itself that can be dropped randomly when they die, including rare items.

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- Added 3 new monsters to the addon, including: elder guardian, evoker and hoglin;

- Added 100 more items for random loot of all monsters in the addon, including the new ones;

- Changed the chances of all +1000 items to the game and added enchanted items;

- Works in the new version.



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Is there a way you can make it with out using holiday features and modding capabilities because I’m on Minecraft edu and I don’t have the option to do that? Btw this mod looks really awesome
Also just a quick thing maybe get rid of creepers dropping loot so not only is it annoying but it makes a little more sense as they can't really hold any thing.
This is actually over powered and you can get an elytra without going to the end. Now that's pog. Keep up the effort man!
All items are balanced according to the rarity of each one, so an elytra will be a lot harder to find than other items like an apple, but I'll still be fixing this to make it more balanced. Thanks for feedback
Oh and 🤮 For the amount of effort and uniqueness you actually put into the add on
Want to download an ad on that is going to make the game so easy you get bored of the game 5 minutes later and just don't want to play Minecraft ever again... Well then get the add on that goes out of its way to let you be in creative mode without being in creative mode...... But no seriously this creator literally waste in everybody's time to to create 0 content because the game has creative mode brother why are you gonna literally create a cheating add on it's sad that people can't actually make a survival friendly add on that they have to create an add on that makes the game so easy for them I don't even want to freaking play the game... I guess if the baby mode add on isn't easy enough for you this should work Such wasted potential though people create Cheating add ons that disable your trophies when you can do the same freaking thing by going in creative... Hello my name is soggy and I'm a Minecraft add on critic and you have been critiqued
It's hard to realize that there are people who think differently than you. So this addon is just not for you, a lot of people downloaded it and I thank you all for that, but those who didn't like it won't make any difference to me. Thanks for wasting your time criticizing, but it won't make any difference in future updates. 🙂