Published on January 04, 2022 (Updated on October 14, 2022)


MOOBLOOMS is a complement that adds to the game 14 new cows, all with unusual characteristics, since above they carry flowers, similar to mushrooms fulfilling a similar role.   

New mushrooms added!!!

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===== Changes in v2 =====

  • The characteristics of some cows were removed.
  • Now the withered pink cow is achieved when a cow has the effect of the withers.
  • Added the 2 new mushroom cows


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This add-on is great! I want to move it to Chinese forums like klpbbs and translate it into Chinese to make it easier for Chinese players to explore this add-on. I will NOT create a separate download link, all links will point to your post - except for the Chinese language file. Do you allow me to do that? I won't do it without your permission
Ragnvald Mathieson June 12, 2022 at 2:04 pm
Is this still working in 1.19?
What Addon did you use cause I see a sword that doesn’t look familiar
It's called elemental swords and it's also mine :)