Published on September 26, 2016 (Updated on November 12, 2018)

Moonscape Low G and Earthrise [Custom Terrain]

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Lets chat crate a spyship with pick planets
Creator please lets chat
At what Y (height) level is the highest block? I wanted to know that because I want to build a big base :D
A couple of the 'hilly' areas around the edge of the build sit at 73 blocks high, but most of the lower cratered areas are between 61 and 65 blocks high. Obviously the surrounding walls are quite a bit higher than the highest parts of the terrain.
How do you get into the world im new so I dont know ; (
If you're in the room with the beds, furnaces and chests in it, walk out the door and turn RIGHT. You'll see a set of double doors, open them, walk along the corridor, climb the stairs and you'll be in the custom terrain.
Map is very good but you must add slowness too for the gravity. Trust me i tested it.
I add a spaceship mod to it.
@Wizard of game (and anybody else who wants to include the effect)

/effect @a jump_boost 10000 2 true

This works for me.
That command won't give the effect forever, but you can do /effect @s jump_boost 999999 2 true

It gives you Jump Boost III for 277,7775 hours.
AgentCPUO and Salutations.
I am not as good at commands and redstone as you give me credit for. The only reason I was able to include slow falling was because Davi told me the exact command to do so. I have since looked for commands for jump boost and found a couple of different command sets, but neither appear to work.
This may be too much to ask, but could you redo this whole thing on an old style world? That way you could fill the whole area. P.S /effect give @a jump_boost 10000 2 true.
Hi Wizard of game, I *did* consider doing just that, however, the amount of landscaping required before I even started to lay the stone blocks for the 'moonscape' put me right off the idea.
Ps...Thanks for the command suggestion, a small amount of tweaking/rewording at the start and it works.
I cant load map cuz it says its saved in a newer version
That happens when you are not running the latest playstore version of the app. You'll need to stop using illegal apk versions and get the playstore version if you want to play this map.
Bravo, but can you give players a jump boost effect too? Cause last Time I checked you Can also jump higher on da moooon!
Minor suggestions. You added the Slow Falling effect, which is great. But what about adding a Jump Boost effect as well? Lower gravity also means being able to jump higher. Also, maybe make the command block a repeating command block not only set to maybe a 10-15 sec effect, but the ability to turn it off if we want. Just set the repeating command block to redstone needed and hook it up to a lever.
Couldn’t you add some meteors inside some of the caters and maybe change the ground to end Stone?
I placed nearly Eighty Thousand blocks by hand to create this build and it was started before End blocks were included in the game. I'm sorry but I have NO intention of re-creating this build in End Stone. Craters are created when meteors, meteorites or other space rocks impact the ground at a high speed that is high enough to destroy them on impact so it is unlikely that you'd find boulders in the craters.
does the creator of this map creates a texture pack for this map?
MCPESpace. I don't intend to do anything else to this map. I created it for other players to use it as they wanted. What did you want to see in this texture?
does the creator of this map creates now the texture pack?
Maybe my subscribers will like a fake working spaceship video....