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Published on September 25, 2016 (Updated on October 31, 2016)

More Baby Mobs Addon

This mod adds the possibiliy to find 17 different baby mobs. Some of the new baby mobs inclue a baby creeper and a baby skeleton. You can either find them spawning in your worlds or use spawn eggs to find them.

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Updated: 31 October, 2016

How to find the baby mobs?

There is a 35% chance that a baby mob spawns. You can use spawn eggs to spawn them or find them in the natural world.

If you find a baby mob and want it to grow and become an adult then you can feed them one of the following items.

  • Blaze (grow up: Blaze Rod)
  • Cave Spider (grow up: Spider Eye)
  • Creeper (grow up: Gun Powder)
  • Enderman (grow up: Glowstone Dust)
  • Guardian (grow up: Prismarine Shard)
  • Guardian Elder (grow up: Prismarine Crystals)
  • Skeleton (grow up: Bone)
  • Spider (grow up: Spider Eye)
  • Stray (grow up: Bone)
  • Wither Skeleton (grow up: Coal)
  • Wither Boss (grow up: Coal)
  • Ghast (grow up: Ghast Tear)
  • Iron Golem (grow up: Iron Ingot)
  • Silver Fish (grow up: Clay)
  • Snow Golem (grow up: Snowball)
  • Witch (grow up: Sugar)

For example, to make a baby grow up to become an adult you can feed the baby its mob item which can be found in the list above.


  1. Download behavior .mcpack
  2. Add behavior pack for a world in-game

Do you want a .ZIP file instead? Click here.


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The Site Was Gone!
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Add more babies
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The site doesn't work
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How do I download it??? When I click the link it says the site has been removed!
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Good idea, but the link ads take over the shortified link.
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Oh hello it is me Gabriel again but you can call me Raptor_1 if you want. I am 10 years old now and the update aquatic came so you should add MORE BABY MOBS (get it) because that would be amazing. This is STILL a great addon.
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Gabriel or Rapter_1 DONT reveal personal details on any website, it can cause problems to your safety.
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Gabriel (The Red Dragon) November 08, 2017 at 7:13 am
I forgot, I STILL use this in my most important world. FYI, the Enderdragon is a girl and the red dragon is a boy.? YOU ADDON CREATORS REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO MY COMMENTS! I’m still 9 years old.
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Gabriel (The Red Dragon) November 08, 2017 at 7:06 am
1.1.5 Is out! So now you should make baby parrots.????
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That mean those mobs are tamed when you feed them ?
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I havnt got it yet but it doesn't say that you can tame them and I hope you would do that
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It does work just get drive and follow what you have to do
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1.1.0 is out! So that means...?...add baby vindicators,baby evokers,baby vex,baby evocation fangs,baby endermites,the baby enderdragon,and the baby shulker.I still use this in every world I have ??!
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My ⌨ doesn't seem to work property types incorrect words
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Sorry about the typographical
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You've gotta update this today please
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