Published on April 28, 2019 (Updated on July 15, 2019)

More Berries Addon

The More Berries Addon adds new types of berries to MCPE which will give you spectacular powers, such as speed, absorption,invisibility and much more! And it is also possible to create swords with these items!

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This is the final version of the addon

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If you make them farmable make it expensive to get the berries/seeds so it's not op
Please add berry bushes for all of these and make them farmable!
For this to work please turn on experimental gameplay thank you
THIS WORKS AND ITS AWESOME. Maybe try magic Weapons ...
The 1.12+ version allows custom items and crafting recipes so this addon won’t work for iOS users (Because we can’t open apks)
This addon looks cool when the 1.12 comes out though. Keep up the good work!
didn't work
Ciao Ciano sono un tuo grande fan come posso contattarti?
It's not working for me. I have the berries, but I can't mix them with anything. I will be keeping an eye for updates though, this looks promising. If I may offer a suggestion, perhaps make the berries farmable?
Does the strawberry spawns naturally in your world
Nice i like berries
Looks good but crafting doesn’t work
, мне нравится
O ma good I'm gonna make a video about this in YouTube my YouTube channel is kempy craft hope my video get ya more downloads rating this 5 stars love it
Okay, yes, I am on IOS. Meaning I can’t get it just yet. But still: I have a suggestion. So maybe also add NATURAL berries. Not only affect berries. Affect barries we do have, but more natural barries would be cool. So both affect berries and natural berries.
Desearía poder hacer un mod propio pero no se como ;-; y no hay tutoriales en yt de como hacer mods PE