Published on June 19, 2020 (Updated on June 19, 2020)

More Bows Addon

This add-on adds 7 new game arcs to the game with which we can fight at a long distance, and best of all, "DO NOT WEAR" so you can have them forever, or until.

Yes As I said, it adds 7 new bows, of the minerals that we already know and of ender pearl, here I will be leaving the damage of each bow:

  • Diamond bow.      Damage: 16
  • Ender bow.            Damage: 6.       Teleports you.
  • Gold bow.              Damage: 11
  • Iron bow.                Damage: 10
  • Lapiz lazuli bow.   Damage: 8
  • Redstone bow.      Damage: 8
  • Emerald bow.        Damage: 14

The ender bow teleports you to where you shoot the arrow, this bow can be used to travel faster to faraway places.

These bows work as if they were a common minecraft bow, the only difference is that these bows, as I already mentioned, do not wear out and do not need arrows in the inventory to be able to use them, this means that it can be very useful when longer have arrows, these bows also do not have an arrows drop, this means that no matter how far they are they must shoot you straight as it will not go down.

The crafting is the same for everyone but in any case they leave the crafting of each one so that they have no doubts.

Gold bow.

Lapiz lazuli bow.

Redstone bow.

Ender bow.

Iron bow.

Emerald bow.

Diamond bow.

If you want to make a video about this addon, you must give me the credits at least in the description leaving this link, thanks.

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  • Bow texture from emerald to brighter green.
  • The arrows speed

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3.75 / 5 (8 votes)
the mod looks good but i cant dowload idk why
it wont let me make any bows so i think you might need to work on the mod
Can you add an explosive bow so when an arrow hits a mob or player or the ground it instantly explodes
Add Netherite Bow pls
Mod does not function at all, The bows are unable to be crafted and not able to be /give to the player as in-game the bows do not exist.
To actually use the addon you need to set it to active both in settings and in the map you want it on, both the pack and behavior.
Muy buen addon pero en la actualidad cuando lo meto en un mundo no funciona, no me salen los crafteos y si lo pongo en modo experimental pero nada si pudieras arreglar ese problema o ver que tiene seria fabuloso pero igualmente buen addon
You make a good addon, but I don't like they work. The arrow shoot by these bows is entity which make them stuck where it was land, you can't even punch them kill it nor get it, this will cause arrow spread in an area hence they are entity it can cause lag. You need to use kill command in order to remove them. So I wish once they land on ground the arrows automatically remove or will be killed.
Insert _how
What I mean; I don't like how they work
I installed this on an Xbox one. I can see it as behavior pack and I am in experimental mode. When I craft the arrows, it will not make them. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
how do i make the fabricator?
How about a netherite bow
If i go past that ad, the site wants to open my calendar. No download link whatsoever..
You‘re not trying to get me a virus, are you? ?
This Is For Ios U Click Subscribe Then Cancel And There U Go (:
Update for 1.16 please
I crafted the diamond bow and didn't worked
i have downloaded this like i download every other add-on (i am on xbox) and have experimental mode on but the bows wont appear in game. Not sure if there is a resource pack im not seeing for this but i activate the behavior pack and the bows are not in the game
i did ex mode and didnt work