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Published on October 13, 2016 (Updated on November 24, 2016)

More Chairs Add-on

Installation Guides

I really appreciate it Sir
The chair is a mob 0-0 like a pig or a piglin FIX IT BROOOOO! ;-;
I want it t be on Education Edition Pweaseeeeeee
How do you download this add on?
press install Guides then press Mods/Add-ons then select what device you're using personally; I'm using a windows 11 but I would pick windows 10
that's if you're going to install the zip file
Why did this come up when I searched pillow? I want a pillow, not a chair.
if you want a pillow, a good alternative is to use a banner on said couch. i believe you out it 1 block under or just apply it directly to the block, which would make it go under the block partially. I have seen it done but don't remember exactly how.
I really like this but the thing is dat u can only play it in java edition I want it to be in education edition
Technically, all the mobs that are replaced by chairs are in mc:ee therefore, you can download it. And it should work
pls update pls every time i load it it says this pack is missing one or more dependics would u like to apply it anyway and when i say yes when i load the world when i spawn a chair it gliches me out of the world
Perfect now i have a chair for my hotel apartment dinning and resturant
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hey the birch chair (skeleton) and acacia chair (stray) dont work as far as I've seen
The reason is because this addon is outdated :/
I cant use it every time i try to grab it and then BOOM!! i cant use it my minecraft crash.
can i contribute custom crafting recipes for this addon? plz reply asap
How do you set your game to max
Add a gaming chair plz or a racer it’s aka