Published on January 05, 2022 (Updated on June 05, 2023)

Raiyon's More Crossbows Addon Compatible With Any Other Addon And Realms 1.19+

Are you looking for an addon for 1.19+?

tired of the typical vanilla crossbow?

if so, this addon is for you, adding 8 unique and functional crossbows.           

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-Re made the addon from 0

-Added 8 new crossbows and removed the previous crossbows

-Added 4 arrows that are needed for some crossbows

-Added crossbows with animated textures

-Added Compatibility with minecraft 1.19.83+



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yoo it would be really cool if the crossbows could be enchanted like the normal crossbow
uhhhh wheres the resource pack??
it doesnt even allow me to access the link ;(
Can u make it so that each crossbow needs arrows no matter what projectile they shoot? It's too op if they don't need
I just saw an old slime in one of the screenshots
I like that OG reference
can you combine a bunch of your addons into one addon