More Expensive Tools Addon (950%)

Increase your item's value by up to 4600%

With the official More Expensive Tools Addon (META), you can significantly improve the experience and gameplay of your survival or creative worlds, with more realistic and expensive crafting recipes.

This has another purpose, however. In your creative worlds, you may have made a synthetic survival world. If resources are too easy to acquire in this synthetic survival world,  this is the perfect way to solve this issue. It can also serve as a way to increase the difficulty, the possibilities are up to you!

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we have updated our first ever post 

-this update is a bug fix update. we fixed the bug where you go through walls if you hold a bucket and we fixed the bug where it won't actually replace the crafting recipe. as well as added a zip file option for console and mobile users.


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I dont think hes updating this so just recoded it, added diamond and netherite tools, removed the dumb expensive bucket, makes no sense for the bucket, but yeah, recoded it, added diamond and netherite tools.
FOXESnBOXES#5409 May 13, 2021 at 1:20 pm
lol you need to mine an entire tree just to get a wood hoe
FOXESnBOXES#5409 May 13, 2021 at 1:21 pm
sounds about right
Iron Bucket- 45x more wood than before
He wrote too—Fast.
Do Netherite set. Pure pain

Imagine... you need 2 Netherite Blocks and a Netherite Ingot to make a sword. So, you'll need 19 Netherite Ingots.

That'll be a long mining session in the nether lol
You should make the torch recipe 1 Coal block and the Wood log at the bottom
1 entire flint and steal at the top middle
1 coal block in the very middle
1 stripped log in the bottem middle
then 2 iron nuggets on each side of the coal blocks because why not?
for 1 single torch
heres what it would look like

🔥= flint and steal

tiny dot or "•" = iron nugget

🕋 = coal block

🪑= stripped log

🚫= air/nothing

• 🕋 •

i tryied my best
FOXESnBOXES#5409 May 13, 2021 at 1:28 pm
and to craft flint and steel youll need and anvil and a coal block
FOXESnBOXES#5409 May 13, 2021 at 1:30 pm
and then a nether star would be 4 anvils 4 netherite blocks and a dragon egg LOL
this seems like its really hard