Published on January 16, 2016

More Furniture Mod

broken link
cool now my dog has somewhere better to live
Help. I have an obsession. This is the 34th furniture mod I've downloaded.
Omg this mod is working like i must be very thankful cause this mod just came out from 2016 even i have a dog house to and i have a pet dog hes very cute meet willy my dog
this is a Addon/mod from 2016, the developer of it abandoned it. it would be great if it was updated but until then this was the mod people came to in 2016
Come on people , this is from 2016
I don't understand why it needs block launcher cuz I'm poor and I can't afford block launcher Pro to acces all the versions cuz I'm too lazy to download MCPE 1.12 or 1.13
The link doesn't work
Please make a Windows 10 version
Doest it work even if i have no blocklauncher?
Why do you have to put your phone number and email and stuff in it
This is so cunfusing for the last time i download a mod it has a supported vertion and now theres no supported vertion