Published on November 11, 2020 (Updated on November 14, 2020)

More Oak Log Colors (+115 New Blocks)

Hello everyone!! Have you ever imagined having a great variety of colors to decorate medieval cities or other constructions? With this addon you can do all that because it adds 115 new colors for the oak log block.

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All blocks now show their respective colors when creating a minimap.

Bugs with some textures were fixed.

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Can you do it with leaves?
+Your add ons Are wonderfull I really like it ??
Sorry forget to rating ?
Can you make 115 colors of Stone Bricks , Nether Wart , Iron , Gold , Diamond or Emerald?
i love it a bunch but could you update the links of the older ones and also could you make leaves, grass, wool, chests, and birch logs pls i know its a lot but i and many others would love it a lot!
Very good! Could you do it but with Smooth Stone or with Tierra please?
Really Good addon
Perfect for my JW map