More Ore Tools V7 [Big Update!]

Tin Update

We came back with a pretty big update as a lot of things got changed and tool and armor codes were written from scratch. In this update there are many improvements and new features, so stay until the end. "More Ore Tools" is an addon which adds more than 175 tools and more than 9 armors with different designs which are made of new minerals that this same addon adds, these new minerals are: Tin ,Bronze, Jade, Ruby, Cobalt, Migtinio, Onyx, Tourmaline and Enderite.


Thanks to SorYPMod, for letting me use the enderite in my addon❕.


To begin with, the addon adds a new crafting table with which we will make the hammers that the addon adds.

What is achieved like this:

Inside this you will find the crafting of all the things added by the addon except some things that I will show later

Hammers 3x3 (New operation)🔨

Hammers function as combat weapons and mining tools

To use them as mining tools, you just have to right click or interact with the block and with the hammer in hand and voila, it will break 3x3 and if you mine downwards it will give you the feather drop effect for 2 seconds. Each one has a different durability.

🤔What's new?

Tin (NEW)

Added "tin" weapons that are not very strong but serve to survive while you reinforce the rest

New Tools


New mineral, has better characteristics than "Onyx".


New Tools

New Interface for the "Hammers Table"(NEW)

Deepslate Variations

Now all new minerals, except "Enderite", will have their deepslate variant


Now the tin will be used to make bronze (similar to real life) and it is obtained in the caves.



8 new apples have been added to the game, each with different effects.

2 of them have special abilities:


By crouching down and eating the apple, you will blast lightning at 5 mobs near you within a 20 block radius.


By crouching down and eating the apple, raise 1 mobs near you in a 22 block radius.

Minerals can now only be broken with a pickaxe added by the addon, it can be broken with others but not at the same speed, that is why when you start your world the addon will automatically give you a "Bronze" pickaxe.

The following weapons were added:

  • Dagger
  • Battleaxe
  • GreatAxe


This weapon has the ability to give you Speed ​​for 60 seconds, you just have to crouch and interact with the item in hand.


This weapon has the ability to break the blocks that a vanilla ax could break, in addition to doing more damage than a sword of the same mineral.

Great Axe

This weapon has the ability to break the blocks that a vanilla ax could break, in addition to doing more damage than a battleaxe of the same mineral.


  • Resistance II, 30 seconds
  • Slowness I, 3 seconds
  • strength II, 30 seconds

Great Sword

This weapon has the ability to break blocks that a vanilla ax could break, as well as dealing more damage than a great ax of the same mineral.


  • Resistance III, 30 seconds
  • Slowness I, 3 seconds
  • Regeneration II, 5 seconds
  • strength II, 30 seconds

Armors 💎

Each one is stronger than the other, and they are more resistant in the order that I will show below.

Bronce (Remastered)

Ruby (Remastered)

Jade (Remastered)

Onyx (Remastered)

Cobalto (Remastered)

Enderite (Remastered)

Migtinio (NEW)


Generation 🌎



The blocks now appear in the inventory and in the "Ores Table", activate all the experimental modes except the "Gametest".

Jade sword

Now when interacting with it it will give you a speed effect 2 for 10 seconds, this action will take up more durability which will make the weapon break faster

Migtinio Sword

Now when interacting with it it will give you a strengh effect 2 for 10 seconds, this action will take up more durability which will make the weapon break faster.

Armor now doesn't look purple when enchanted

Remastering of all the tools and blocks of "Enderite".


The way to make the hammers has been improved, now you must create a custom crafting table, and craft the hammer heads.


Remastering of the ores:



people who download the add-on many times do not read the characteristics and terms to review this add-on. If you are a content creator, please use the MCPEDL link and you cannot leave the DIRECT link or make your own link. If you don't comply, I will take action.

Select version for changelog:



Added "Tin" armor and tools.

Fixed names like bronze, it is now "Bronze".

Added better function to hammers so they don't chip bedrock.

Apples added.

Fixed several generation bugs


Don't be afraid if you get this warning:


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Bug:you Can't smelt all depslate ore in furnace and you can't smelt migtinio depslate ore in blast furnace,please fix it.
The deepslate mine must be cast in the blast furnace and the default in the normal furnace
for spme resone it dident work for me so i guess i dont know haw to use it i saw it in my minecraft but wen i loaded up my world nothing...
Pretty good addon. Your hammer behaviors look surprisingly similar to mine, I bet you're really good at it after stealing my hammer code twice already.. Third times the charm right? Hope this doesn't get taken down like the others. :)
What are you talking about, the code doesn't look like yours, the only thing that is similar is in "minecraft:digger" and that was passed to me by a friend, the rest is different, my hammers work with functions, yours with "run_command" there is nothing similar so don't tell me it's stolen, I've been doing this code for a long time with the help of SoriPop who helped me with some queries but nothing more and I'm not going to change the code once more because I've done it more 4 times so that another creator does not believe that it is similar
I'm watching you -_- don't help other ppl with code from my addon.
El observador facha January 03, 2022 at 8:59 pm
addon god
No me funciona el martillo a partir de la capa -52
en la publicacion dice, que no minan mas abajo de esas capas porque ahi se encuentra la bedrock
Armadura de estaño?
can you make it work for education edition
this is a great add-on. but there are a few complaints where the ore can't be smelted. I have turned on all experiments except gametest. please fix this...

-Google translate
Hammers are too easy to operate by mistake. Can you design it to work after accumulating force?
O realy like this addon but
It's not Compatible with other adon which has a custom crafting table