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Published on December 22, 2018 (Updated on February 16, 2019)

More Phantom Add-on

This add-on adds more Phantom mobs to Minecraft. They are similar to the ordinary Phantom in that sense that they only spawn during the night and are extremely hostile. They attack players and friendly mobs by diving down at them and trying to cause damage with their claws.

Creator: Abhishek_kumarTwitter Account

How does it work?

The Eagle Of The Sky will only spawn during nightime. If you don’t want to wait for the moon to rise then you can spawn one by using the spawn egg. It’s also possible to use the /summon command to spawn an Eagle. Phantom Spawning Biome List!
  1. Ice Phantom: Spawn in Ice Plain.
  2. Desert Phantom: Spawn in Desert.
  3. Swamp Phantom: Spawn in Swamp.
  4. Mesa Phantom: Spawn in Mesa
  5. Tiga Phantom : Spawn in Tiga


  • 4 New Phantom [ice, desert, mesa, swamp,Tiga]
  • Phantom sounds added
  • Specific spawning AI every phantom spawn in specific biomes

Terms of Use

  • You may:
    • Record this Addon for youtube.
    • Use this for a advanced survival series/world.
    • Use this just for fun lol
  • You may not:
    • Upload this to any other site without my approval.
    • Use the files provided in this addon and combine them with you own pack.
    • Use the files in a modified apk version of “minecraft”.
  • Alter my download links in any way, shape, or form.

Select version for changelog:

  1. Added New Phantom Tiga Phantom Spawn In Tiga Biome.
  2. Add-on Compatible now with 1.9 & 1.10 Beta.
  3. Bug Fixes Too.
  4. Crash Fixed in 1.9.
  5. Texture fixed.


  1. Apply the packs for a world
  2. Enable Experimental Gameplay in the world settings
  3. Create the world

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3 / 5 (13 votes)
anonymous shadow 048 May 05, 2021 at 10:29 am
takes me to some shitty add place with cars. giveus the actual link please :)
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It just takes me to this stupid ad. WHERE THE HECK IS THE REAL DOWNLOAD??!
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i can't get it and phantom is my fav mob ;-;
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Does this addon work with the new default pack?
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Pls add more phantoms like savanah phantom, plains phantom, jungle phantom, ender phantom, water phantom that will swim like a shark towards you and nether phantom witch acts similar to a ghast and please update to 1.12
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Does it work on a Mac?
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The supported formats of mcpedl include iOS, android, and windows 10
Sorry, Java is not included
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I got the downloads but when I spawn it I can't see them. Pls help!
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Ninja Knight - MineCraft January 18, 2019 at 1:51 pm
I Attempted To Download Then It Took Me To This Stupid Virus VPN Page, I Knew It Wasn’t Real So I Got To The Real Download Link, Installed It Into My World And It Didn’t Work, Would It Work If I Relaunched The Game?
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The page starts to load and then goes blank. I’ve tried to reload it multiple times and it’s still not working
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I have no doubt the addon is nice but the download link is broken. There is no way to get it becasue it sends me to this vpn virus thing. I tried multiple times
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The link is gone! Why are you providing us the '' link?! This sucks. You should give us the mediafire link where we can download the addon.
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Why Eagle Of the sky?
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