More Professions Villagers Add-Ons(Fix Bug & Add)

hello welcome to my another addon this addon is called More Villagers Professions this addon brings better villagers than vanilla villagers and this addon brings 10 new professions for villagers and make them trade according to their profession

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Changelog Add-Ons Fix BUG

  • Add Nature Spawn Villager Beekeper
  • Add Nature Spawn Villager Police
  • Add Nature Spawn Villager Miner
  • Add Nature Spawn Villager Butcher
  • Add Spawn Villager Chef
  • Fix Damage Iron Knife
  • Fix Damage Diamond Knife
  • Fix Texture Villager Chef
  • Fix Texture
  • Fix Animation
  • Fix Model
  • Fix Trade & Add New TradTrade



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This is a cool addon, can you add redstone themed villagers? Honestly feels like something that should be in the vanilla game, thanks!
Why Profession Villager Not Spawn In Peacefull Mode?
Its not working some villagers womt spawn even with the egg in creative mode and have trouble downloading it throught the website
The download link doesn't work!
The mediafire link is dead, will it get updated?
the villagers aren’t spawning for me
I did everything but the villagers are still invisible
also the link is extremely difficult to find and you easily get a virus
the mod is unbalanced please make a more balanced trades
Do you have a direct media fire link I could use? I'm taken to a site that speaks Indian and wants to steal my credit card.
Your add-on was published on 3 sites and covered up the cover with text about mcpedl
Can you add workbenches for them? Also it was kinda weird that you can tame a villager with apples, you should make it diamonds as if you are paying them. I'm guessing this isn't possible because you used an addon maker.
Triplestring79999 June 09, 2023 at 6:51 am
I like now that you can download choose to download whatever your downloading using mcpedl if all the downloads lead to other websites
WTF you
No direct file links, just a link to another site then another site... FO scammer
Problem media file link, use link available