Published on April 30, 2020 (Updated on May 18, 2020)

More Slimes Addon (New Bosses!)

I have created this addon just for fun: it adds blue slimes on beaches, that will turn into yellow slimes with a lightning bolt, and red slimes in the hell biome, I will try to make It for 1.16 too. Now you will find Pink Slimes in the taigas that can be tamed with berries (be shifted/crounch), and grey slimes that are trying to fly, and for now only in the creative menù: the water slimes, the oil slimes, the honey ones and the light ones, the mud ones and the three new bosses: the oblivion Slime(black), the ender slime(purple) and the aether slime(aether color)

Actually the slimes have five dimensions:

micro, small, normal, big, enourmous

I hope you will enjoy.

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Added showcase made by Sniper Wiper, thank you so much!



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It is very good addon, but it doesn't work for version 1.16.1, please fix that, thanks !!!
when i put the addon with experimental gameplay and education edition it dosent do anything
Doesn't Need education edition
Additional ideals
7)maybe boss slimes are only enormous.
8)mud slimes can be clicked to obtain by a bucket to obtain mud which can be put in a furnace to obtain mud bricks, slimes hope on mud blocks Which spawn in swamps to turn into mud slimes. Muddy swamp biome?
9)water slimes stay on the bottom of the ocean like drowns they accumulate sea weed and sea pickles, beach slime has a sand block inside it can also spawn in deserts could change the name to sand slime also when sand slime jumps in water turns into water slime through a cleaning process.
10) floating slime islands - has the chance of spawning aether slime also where aether slimes are found, the grey slimes commonly spawn on it has the same hover ability As chickens do, if the grey slimes attack you u float in the air for a short period of time.
11) Slime biome - the place where the oblivion black slime can be found the ultimate final slime boss he will only spawn when all the other bosses are defeated this could change into a slime dimension when they allow people to make dimensions also forgot to mention common slimes are found in the slime biome as well as other variants.

Note: like before keep it up take ur time I know I typed a lot just take my ideas into consideration.
(creator on another account)
Thanks for the suggestion, but I am really busy with simply everything and I don't really know how to code, but I am trying to understand Blockbench. If I will start making serious addons, i will modify this first. Thanks!
Model ideas
1)You should try and add like sea weed and sea pickles on the beach slimes
2)you should attempt to make the boss slime wear a crown that you get after defeating him.
3)honey slime that you can click on with a bottle to give you slime once you do it turns into a normal slime.
3)oil slime if they allow you to add liquids it would be cool if you added oil which gives the player slowness and the oil slime has the same effect. Also take into consideration Ghest- 4560934467’s ideas for the oil slime. 4)Glow slime the inside of the Glow slime is a glow stone block spawns in the nether possible color variants.
5)Hell slime netherrack block could have warts growing on it.
6)try and change the colors for each slime egg also I find it a bit of a task trying to find the right sizes so maybe instead of making it to where ever size is a individual egg it’s just one egg if this is not possible I understand because there are some limits.

Note: keep up the good work and take ur time.
The second one (additional ideals) fixed some of the ideas from this one.
Guest-1927059311 May 22, 2020 at 2:26 am
Good idea. Make the slimes split. Some slimes are too fast and others too slow. Make them drop xp. Finally make a slime that you can tame, like the ones that ride on your head on pc with a heart inside.
Guest-6194221017 May 26, 2020 at 4:56 am
the pinks are tameable
Whenever I try to extract the add-on it gets stuck at 32%
Guest-2147087685 May 22, 2020 at 6:04 am
Guest-7497056508 May 19, 2020 at 3:01 pm
Test comment
Guest-7995826195 May 19, 2020 at 2:02 am
I have a question

Do slimes spawn naturally or do we have to spawn them because they didn't spawn naturally in my worlds?
Only some of them spawn naturally
this is great. can you add throwable slimeballs with effects? you know? like the red slimeball if you throw it it will set the mob it hits to fire.
Guest-3150259396 May 17, 2020 at 4:56 pm
Worst add-on this is for kids non sense add-on bruhhhh
It' bee-utifull
Herobrine Clare(it’s me):
Can I share it with Minecraft China Edition? It will be downloaded there in the form of emeralds.
In order to prevent a few people to send malicious bad comments or irrelevant content
(emeralds are freely available, and people can get emeralds for free every day)
(I am the creator) No, don't do this
Guest-1485253000 May 10, 2020 at 1:15 pm
You should add one and it's a boss
Guest-5767286537 May 10, 2020 at 1:09 pm
I opened the world and it crashed
Hey Its That All Slime Are Hostile Mob????
Yes.They all do the same damage, but they have different hearts.