Published on November 16, 2020 (Updated on October 03, 2021)

Smooth Stone Colors Addon (Stairs & Slabs Update +345 New Blocks)

Are you tired of not having the colors you want to decorate cities or other constructions? Today I bring you the update of the smooth stone addon with new added textures and slabs with stairs of all colors. I hope you enjoy it.

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All textures were updated.

Slabs and stairs were added.

Download link was changed.


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I know it says it is supported up to MC Version 1.17.11, I am just curious as to what is preventing it from working with Version 1.17.30 - 1.17.32 ?
pls make vertical slabs available not exclusive to patreon
once youre finished making all the other blocks can you put them in a single pack
Thank you very much for listening to my suggestion! Could you make 115 Dirt colors pls?
Of course. But I have other suggestions from other people. I will upload an addon every two days.