More Swords Add-on

This Add-on adds new swords in your game. There are 10 super cool swords that you can have in your survival. Each sword varies its attack damage and duration. Here are the crafting recipes and the features of all swords for you to craft in your survival! Use /function more_swords to get every sword at once.

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  • Behavior and resources pack manifest updated to the 1.13 format version.
  • Updated the download link for a new shortener (Linkvertise) so you can safely download the add-on.
  • Added name of swords for the following languages: Español (España), Español (México) and Português (Portugal).
  • Added duration for all swords. Now they are no longer infinite!
  • Max stack size has been changed from all swords to 1.
  • A player now with a sword deals one extra attack damage to add the damage the player has by default.


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Some of these swords are very unbalanced and have super little durability, plus it feels like you added too many swords and like your scrambling.
All the swords dont do the right damage
its perfect like thats really it the only thingwich is not good is that there is different sword with the same atack damage wich is kinda useless
Does NOT WORK with Realms, works on regular non realm worlds though perfectly fine.
Guest-1539478876 May 06, 2020 at 2:56 am
Its because , not all people use a behaviour and texture
does not work at all
GREAT addon! but, how do we REMOVE the durability on the swords or make them higher for realm servers..? they break SO easily and so fast...not good for an adventure/RPG map at all since they will break for players.
Unbreaking 3 / mending, perhaps?
I like the mod, but i would like if some of the swords had like an ability or something so they are not all completely useless. This would make the swords a lot better and make the game more fun.
awesome pack but some people don't know where to go but i got past it. Make sure the website is easier
make the durabilty : 9375 cuz thats how long it takes to mine it its that strong LEL
Can you add that I can enchant the swords with sharpness or knockback?
Unknown Minecrafter December 09, 2019 at 3:28 pm
Amazing and fully functional
Why did I type the command, but I still can't use it.:(
turn on experimental gameplay?
Dodaj kiedyś możliwość enchantowania!!!
Przepraszamy, ale nie jest to możliwe.
Dude it brings me to an ad website
This Developer Sucks November 02, 2019 at 5:33 pm
I Just Keep Entering The Command But It Just Dose Not Do Anything
Make sure you enable experimental gameplay in world settings.
Do /function more_swords
Installed well and works perfectly