Published on February 20, 2020 (Updated on May 11, 2021)


This mod adds more items such as, effect pets which give you buffs like speed, strength, and resistance. Activate them by eating them, they have unlimited uses. All items can be obtained in survival mode without cheats. This mod also adds more mobs such as monstrosities, sea monstrosities, evil trees, and crabs. All mobs spawn naturally.

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i know how to fix that, if you want to know how, reply to this message
download documents by readle and download the mcaddon, then open in documents(readle) and then you should get a message saying "cannot open file open in another app" press the highlighted purple word "open in another app" and press minecraft, it should work, if you dont see "cannot open file" and you see a white screen, press the thing on the bottom left corner saying "file opened copy" once again, press the purple copy and a pop-upwill apear saying copy to: copy to any file you have and then you should get a message saying "file copied" then click on it and press show, then open the file and it should say cannot open file open in another app and then you jusp press minecraft and it will be successfull then press create new and press create new world activate rescorch packs by going to rescorce on the left and press the wanted pack and press activate, press behavior pack and do the same, name your world (if needed) then turn on experimental features, set the addon by going to the settings icon on the pack icon then adjust and play, it will begin to load, and it will sometimes say loading rescorce packs, you should have finished importing it, (extra) to bypass adfly, if you are on ios and not android, then, ask your mom or dad or brother or sister or cousin or family member to borrow their phone, go to the link and wait 10 seconds, press skip and you should get to a page saying "click allow to continue, NEVER PRESS ALLOW! it is a trojan horse-backdoor virus so never press allow, keep pressing deny, dont click on ads, and you should be good to go, however, viewing this screen on mac or PC, download the extension witch can get you pass it and bypass it, bypass linkvertise by waiting and pressing the continue with ads, if it says anything other than discover interesting articles, close the tab, but, if it is just discover interesting arcticles, press it and press the "x" button, wait 10 seconds and you should be good to go, these problems occur on ios.
Guest-8509040621 May 04, 2020 at 6:12 am
Can u make the mobs dont deal 3 hearts of damage pls
Can you make a download for media fire?
Yes. Crab eye drops from crab could be colored brown to fit the crab. Used to create a crab pet that gives some speed and resistance.
please change the tree its op nd spawns way to much please
this mod is amazing the pets are gof i have a bunch of mods and this completes it
Can i know what mods use?
Before anybody says the pets are a copy. They arent. Pets from the other dude is a entire mod and requires BlockLauncher if im correct. Anybody whos up to date on Minecraft should know blocklauncher doesnt support the version.This was from my experience as it says my version is too far in front of the needed version. So please. Dont say this is a copy. Atleast we can use it
Amazing work on this addon loving it on the Xbox one! My only concern with this addon is the haste pet being infinite use feels kinda op to have unlimited uses to it and a 2 hr timer. Could you please make it one time use and a 10 or 20min timer? Also there’s a bug that lets you craft the haste 3 pet with just 9 haste 2s.
The poop update will be releasing soon
I saw a red enderman but cannot seem to find any info on it on this page. Yes, I had this addon enabled in that world and no, there were no other addons that might've added it.
And a weird glowing bat
Info for those two mobs will be added along with the new update, thanks for your feedback
This is a complete copy of inventory pets but there are less pets and more other mobs. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. GO DOWNLOAD INVENTORY PETS. (sorry but maybe use your own ideas next time). >:(((( This is a 0 star btw.
Inventory pets is a mod not an add-on. This add-on adds other things and the pets are different
The pets were inspired by Inventory pets
the tree is invisible
Your addon is great and it works well with the backpack addon i have used.
Where is the crafting recipes
Isn't it works???(I said to the CREATOR of THIS Add-on)