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It’s not working for me. I haven’t encountered a wolf all day. Can some help me? :0
Mobs won't spawn near you and they will despawn when they are too far. Despawning can be prevented. You can also check if the gamerule domobspawning is true.
Great add on but can you create one about llamas
This sucks. I can only apply your add-on if I enable cheats in survival. No bueno.
That rule applies to all addons, sorry.
Why does it say failed to import resource for every add on
Hey look at our names, lol!
I didn't even start this addin yet but it already looks cool!
Links just lead to ads
1.Open the download link in a regular browser (like chrome, safari, firefox etc. Do NOT download through twitter)
2.wait for 5 seconds, click skip ad
3.Another tab will open. Check both of them to see which one is an ad and close it (the tab which says redirecting to a mediafire link is the tab you need to keep)
4.Wait for the tab to redirect and a mediafire page will load up.
5. Click download and you're done.

I hope this helped. I understand that using adfly can be annoying, but I need to make money for providing add-ons for free. I hope you undertsand :)
Can't download from the link given, it just leads to ads and a form to sign up for a music site
It's good that I don't see many innocent chickens getting killed by my brother who plays with me. Anyways, the Cthulhu Boss also has that kind of feature. I'll just give it a four star because it doesn't add some mind blowing mobs with insane attack abilities. If you're reading this, can you please make a Witherzilla Add-On that I can fight? It's just that Minecraft needs a final boss.
Is there a way to do this for ocelots too? I have a SMP world and I want to surprise my Mom with a cat :D
Yes! But I don't know if it fits mcpedl.. I might do it on What do you think, editor?
The wolves is not taameable and when i hit them their faces dont turn angry but they still attck me
I would give this 5 stars but the fact you cant tame them make them angry mobs that really have no use
if you can fix that then i see why not give 5, a quick way to fix this is find some wolves turn off addon tame them then be happy but i dont like leaving my world always
The best! But please fix the bug where you can't tame them beacause now they are just useless and I read the comments and it's not just me having this problem
Nice. But the wolves aren't tamable