Published on July 24, 2020 (Updated on September 21, 2020)

The Little Bit Of Everything Addon (DISCONTINUED)

This add-on is a remake from my old Addon called MoreStuff. I'm remaking it because it didn't work on Xbox and windows 10, plus I couldn't update it because the account that I made it with didn't let me update it, so I had to make a completely new account.

Anyways, hope u enjoy! It adds animals, tools, and foods.


Credit List <3

Structures - MACHINE_BUILDER#2245

Buck model+texture - poe564#5289 and Premium995#0304

Birch leaves texture - FusedBol#9525

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Sadely, I will be discontinuing this add-on. I just feel like I here's enough here for a good addon. Plus, I've been busy making 2 other add-ons at the same time, and I just don't have the time for this one too. 


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The discord server link is not working and same thing with the download :/ can you please update it
amazing! had multiple features I was looking for and helped me save time trying to find separate addons for each!
two questions: what is the point of a fur pick? it looks like its just an overcomplicated iron pick, and how much durability do the new tools you added have? thanks!
The fur is just an upgraded version of the iron pick. Just walk in front of a certain block and boom.i think they have infinite durability. I'm not sure lol
Creator, I might've found a texture thief. The nether chicken in "extra spiced nether" has a very similar texture to the turkey. Did you approve this or something else? I could just be crazy.
Nope nope. Never mind. The dude thought it was royalty free. Sorry of causing a ruckus.
Hey make a sandwich you just need tomato slices and you could make one please!
I know you where gonna do it
Good luck bubbles
Good luck..
I can't open the file
DM me on discord at Bubbles#8806 so I can get a better understanding of the problem
Oh my god dude you have no idea how much time you saved me from searching for an addon like this. YOU'RE A LIFESAVER!! Thanks!! 5 stars!!!!
Thank you for the kind review! If you want to get previews of my soon to come add-on, join my discord server --